How Do You Compare to the Average Millennial?

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From the demise of fabric softener to the craze for charcoal, millennials have been making headlines for a while as their desires and habits shape the new world we live in. The entire generation has been massively affected by the economic recession, causing their spending habits to shut down unnecessary industries and create new and useful products. 

While most well-known for their love of avocados, millennials are the hardest working generation. They are great at planning for financial stability, putting off marriage and children until much later than previous generations. Despite the headlines about their new and crazy trends, there are many positive things about the millennial generation that are not getting much media attention.

While millennials are defined as the generation born from 1982 to 2004, there are a lot of reasons you would identify with this hardworking generation. From their unique sense of style to their love of a good bargain, millennials have had a huge impact on culture and society. With their influence on technology and modern design, you probably enjoy at least a few of the byproducts of this generational phenomenon. 

Whether you buy charcoal soft serve or refuse to read books online, this quiz will show you how millennial you really are! 

What kind of phone case do you have?

What region of the United States do you dream of living in?

Which unconventional food trend did you go bananas for?

How do you find a place to stay in an unfamiliar city?

What kind of a property do you dream of owning?

Which adorable dog would you rather adopt?

Which junk food do you crave from your childhood?

Who sang the soundtrack of your teen-age years?

Which absurd invention would you rather buy?

Which device do you use to check your email everyday?

Which hipster coffee would you rather enjoy?

What is the longest amount of time you have gone without a job?

Which ice cream flavor are you craving right now?

Which holiday do you love to celebrate?

Where is your favorite place around town to meet up with friends?

How do you like listening to your music on a walk?

Which item is your favorite treat from the grocery store?

Which meal is your favorite to help you stretch your paycheck?

Which romantic concert would you buy tickets to for your and your significant other?

What is your favorite gym class to attend?

What kind of insurance have you skipped to save money?

Which drive-thru stand would you love to own?

Who do you turn to when you need advice?

Which American city would best fit your energy and lifestyle?

Which winter sport gets you outside to enjoy the snow?

Have you ever become a regular somewhere?

How would you react if your waiter left your drink off your check?

Which fizzy drink do you stock your fridge with?

What age were you when you got your first job?

Which mascot best represents your generation?

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