How Cray-Cray Are You?

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Sanity is an idea as young as modern mental hygiene, or as the kids say these days "momenhi". No, that last bit is obviously made up, but then, so is every term we use to describe the inner workings of the mind. Since the early endeavors of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, personality disorders, neuroses and other maladies of the mind made the leap from "imbalances of the humours" and "demonic possession" to medical conditions. This required new terms! Maybe back in the days of Jung, "id" "ego" and "superego" were all hip terms, like "PWN" or "FOMO."

Today, we have physicians to diagnose the specifics of mental problems, but for the rest of us, the shorthand remains. Words like "lunatic" used to be de rigueur when colorfully describing insanity. The term came from the suggestion that bouts of mental illness came about due to the phases of the moon ("luna"). Today, that's too many syllables, as is "crazy." Rather, we use shorthand for the shorthand. Cray, or if we reference someone truly nuts, cray-cray.

Our standards for what constitutes crazy have also changed significantly. Now, some behaviors are considered eccentric, but would have been deemed crazy just 10 years ago. Conversely, other acts which would have been fine a decade ago are today considered completely nuts! Are you cray-cray? Time to take this quiz and find out!

What would you wear every day if no one at work cared what clothes you wore?

What time would you turn up to a party scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.?

You really like someone, but haven't told them. What medium should you use to let them know?

With how many people do you share your streaming passwords?

If you want to get in touch with someone who is the object of your affections, how many times should you call them if you don't hear back?

What time should you turn up to a job interview?

How do you secure your online identity?

What kind of party should you throw for someone's stag or hen night?

What do you ask of your friends when you have a milestone birthday coming up?

What's your idea of an adventurous vacation plan?

What would you love to do the most if you went to Hawaii on vaction?

Which of these jobs sounds like something you'd really enjoy?

When someone you like gets into an argument with you, how do you handle it?

How would you angle for a promotion at work?

How many AAA batteries do you have in your house, awaiting use right now?

How long ago did the oldest expired food in your fridge expire?

If a new friend offered you food and you had no idea what it was or where it came from, how would you respond?

How long would you keep the box from an appliance purchase?

How many of the private details of your romantic relationships make it to social media?

How readily do you get into political arguments on social media?

What gift would you bring to a party host if you were a guest?

If you wanted to bring someone to a wedding, but your invitation did not include a plus one, what would you do?

If your doctor told you to take up an active sport for your health, which one would you want to try?

How do you keep track of all your passwords?

How do you go about trying to get a raise?

How much do you go into detail about your health when talking with friends at a party?

Which of these kinds of entertainment would you most want to take part in?

Have you ever tried meditating to stay calm?

What should you wear to a job interview?

What TV helps you relax in the evening?

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