How Canadian Are You?

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Coffee, donuts, and ending sentences with a good ole, "eh," isn't all there is to be Canadian. Take this quiz to see how Canadian you are. You might be surprised...or, you might not. Let's see.

How do you enjoy your coffee?

Which is your favorite type of donut?

What can't you live without?

What are Moose Tracks?

Which animal best represents who you are?

Which scent will cause an instant drool factor in your mouth?

Which is your favorite Canadian sport?

Someone runs into you and spills their coffee all over you. How do you respond?

What is your opinion of snow?

Five donuts and four people. What do you do?

Which of these Canadian celebrities would you like to hang out with?

Which is your favorite thing about Canadian geography?

Which is your favorite weekend beverage?

What are your thoughts on Canadian culture?

How do you protect your face in the winter?

Which of these activities are you likely to do this year?

Which is your favorite coffee shop?

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Which is your favorite movie with cold weather?

Which are you most likely to do?

It's the weekend and you want to go to a concert. Which do you choose?

What do you put on your Kraft dinner?

Which would you like to do?

What do you wear outside when it's less than 15 degrees out.

How would your friends describe your personality?

Your car breaks down, how do you get to work?

How do you get your milk?

What is your opinion of health care?

What is your impression of Americans?

How do you normally dress?

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