How Blonde are You?

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Being blonde is not just the color of your hair, it is way more a lifestyle than it is a hair color. Take this quiz and see just how beautifully blonde you are.

Do you dye your hair blonde?

Do people think you are hot?

Do people ever tell you that you should be a model?

Which of these chick flicks is your favorite?

How hot is Paris Hilton?

Did you ever want to be a cheerleader?

Were you popular in school?

What is your favorite Pizza chain?

What is your favorite color?

Are people jealous of you?

Are you nice to people less fortunate than you?

Does your dad give you a lot of nice presents?

Do you like the beach?

What is the difference between "blonde" and "blond"?

Have you ever said "Blondes do it better"?

What do you think of emoticons?

Do people ask is your hair color is real?

Do people ever think you are a dumb blonde?

What do you think of people that dye their hair blonde?

How often do you say "like?"

Can you even?

Which are you more likely to say?

Do people ask you if you are from California?

Do you surf?

You just bought a huge mansion in Beverly Hills. In your house, everything is painted blue, what color is you bathroom door?

How motivated are you to work and make money?

What is your favorite dog?

Out of all your friends, are you the hottest?

Have you ever been called "Barbie?"

Does Miley Cyrus look good blonde?

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