How Basic Are You?

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When it comes to being basic, you either are or you aren't, but even with that said, some of us are totally more basic than others. How basic are you?

Do you watch The Bachelor?

How much do you use Pinterest?

Which dog would you pick?

Are you into Michael Kors?

Do you have money, but complain about being broke?

Are you into Jennifer Lawrence?

Which guy from Jersey Shore do you prefer?

When was the last time you went to spin class?

Do you like planning weddings?

Where do you get your smoothies?

What would you choose to wear?

How often do you go to brunch?

What do you drink with brunch?

How often do you go to Target?

What do you use most?

Do you ever take photos of your food?

Do you have a selfie stick?

Do you like "Gilmore Girls?"

Are you into Lululemon?

What would you eat?

Where would you shop?

Do you use filters on your social media photos?

Do you like the Kardashians?

Which movie would you pick?

How hot is Ryan Gosling?

Who was your favorite on The Hills?

Are you super into country music?

Where do you get your coffee?

Want a pumpkin spice latte?

Uggs. Yes or no?

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