How Addicted to Disney Are You?

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Disney. It may have been created almost a century ago, but business is better than ever. With new movies, theme park additions and characters every year, Disney is known the world over. With millions of dollars in movie and theme park ticket sales in many different countries, people seem to love everything Disney. The question is, just how much do you love it!

Do you have Disney t-shirts of every single Disney princess in existence? Do you know most of the words to every single Disney song? How many times have you been to Disney World?  And how many times have you taken a picture with Cinderella? You see, Disney fans, like most things in life, exist on a spectrum. So are you average? If a Disney movie is on you may change the channel, but you might watch it if you're bored. Or are you a fan? You really like Disney and you've seen most of the movies. Maybe you're a devotee? You can sing all the songs from Moana and you've probably had a birthday cake, or five, with a Disney character. Or maybe you're a junkie. There's not one thing about Disney that you don't know and you probably have a shrine dedicated to your favorite characters at home. 

Do you think we can tell which one you are? Take this quiz o find out. 

How many Disney movies do you think you've seen?

Who's the worst Disney villain of all time?

Who or what was Quasimodo?

Who's your favorite OG Disney character?

Do you prefer animated or live action Disney films?

Which live action Disney film is the best?

If you had to make a list of Disney characters, how many do you think you'd be able to name?

How Disney character shirts do you have at home?

Can you recite all the words to any Disney movie or movies?

How many Disney songs do you know all the words to?

Which of these Disney songs is the most iconic?

Which recent Disney movie is the best?

How many times have you been to a Disney park?

If you got to stay at a Disney park for free, which one would you visit?

Which treat would you stand in line for at the park?

If you had to go on a Disney cruise, which country would you be most excited to visit?

Which feature on the ship would you frequent the most?

Do you watch the Disney channel?

Which former Disney TV show did you enjoy watching the most?

Which Disney Channel Original Movie could you watch again?

What do you think of people who hate Disney?

How much are you willing to spend on a limited edition Disney shirt?

Which cheesy Disney item would you buy?

Who was the first Disney princess?

What was the first thing Aladdin wished for?

How long have you been a Disney fan?

Do you think there's an age where people should stop loving all things Disney?

Which of the following characters is not a member of the fab five?

How in touch are you with your inner child?

How did Disney all start?

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