How 1990s Are You?

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If Pearl Jam and Nirvana are your kind of bands, and you can remember sagging your pants, wearing overalls in a unique way, and getting a few piercings in alternative locations, there's a good chance the '90s had a major influence on your life. Let's find out how '90s are you!

Have you ever had a "Ring Pop" or a "Push Pop"?

Which movie do you like the most?

How into Pokémon were you?

Do you still have any "Beanie Babies"?

Did you have a Rachel haircut?

Which TV show do you like the most?

Did you ever bleach your hair?

Have you ever played a game called "Pogs?"

Which male athlete do you admire the most?

Did you own a pair of Reebok Pumps?

Were you ever really into boy bands?

Did you have any piercings?

Which song do you like the most?

Have you ever gone rollerblading?

How often did you say, "Whasuuup"?

Have you ever gone to an oxygen bar?

Which band do you like the most?

Did you ever sag your pants so that you could see your underwear?

Did you own a pair of overalls?

Did you own a fanny pack?

Did you own a "Tickle Me Elmo"?

How into the Spice Girls were you?

Did you use Napster?

Did you own a Furby?

Can you still dance "The Macarena?"

Did you own an SUV?

Were you into the grunge scene?

Which phrase are you most likely to use?

Did you own a Giga Pet or Tamagotchi?

Do you have any tattoos?

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