How 1970s Are You?

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Have you ever wondered how much other eras influence your modern actions? Let's find out if the '70s have influenced you or if you are from a completely different time!

Which Bee Gees song do you like most?

Which horror film from the 1970s do you like most?

Which punk band do you know the most about?

Which '70s fashion trend would you rock?

Have you ever been to a disco?

Which Abba song do you like best?

Which '70s car would you drive now?

Which '70s actress do you find the most beautiful?

Which character from "That '70s Show" is your best friend most like?

Would you ever go to a roller derby match?

How do you listen to music most often?

Which '70s slang phrase do you like most?

Would you ever wear hot pants?

Which original "Star Wars" character do you like most?

Which '70s high school clique would you have belonged in?

Which '70s actor do you respect most?

Which '70s rock band would you like to revisit?

Which '70s cocktail would you like to try?

What do you remember most from the '70s?

Which '70s toy would you like to see brought back?

Which '70s sitcom is your life most like?

Which '70s home decor color do you still like?

Which '70s child actor do you know the most about?

Were you alive during the '70s?

Which KISS member do you like most?

Which '70s cartoon should they remake?

Which "The Flintstones" character are you most like?

Which '70s singer do you think had the most talent?

Would your friends say you are modern?

What do you think teens did for fun in the '70s?

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