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"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is one of the beloved cornerstones of American animation. But popular as it is, many people probably still don't know some interesting facts about this famous cartoon film. If you want to know more about this Disney classic, take the quiz.

What magical object did the Wicked Queen have?

The Wicked Queen had a magic mirror, which she could talk to. She would use it mostly to ask questions about herself, and how she related to others.


Why was Snow White called Snow White?

Snow White was described as having skin as white as snow. Apparently, even though Snow White was beautiful in all aspects, her complexion and skin tone were particularly unique.


What was Snow White's original wish in the movie?

Snow White's wish was for a prince to come and take her away. Given her situation, it's no wonder that she wanted a fairytale ending.


How did Snow White find the dwarfs' house in the woods?

Snow White's friendliness to animals was the key. The animals led her to the dwarfs' cabin in the woods, so she could find a safe place.


How did the dwarfs entertain Snow White, once she was accepted as a member of their family?

The dwarfs entertained Snow White with a lot of music and fooling around. No doubt, her presence gave them a lot of happiness and joy.


Which of the dwarfs didn’t have speaking lines?

Dopey was the odd man out for the dwarfs. Not only did he have no facial hair, he also had no speaking parts.


What was one request from Snow White with which the dwarfs had issues?

The dwarfs had an issue with cleaning up. In particular, Grumpy really didn’t like it. Doc probably had the least resistance to cleaning up nice for Snow White.


What was the dwarfs' day jobs?

The Seven Dwarfs were miners. It's a nod to how dwarfs are usually portrayed in fantasy stories.


Which dwarf inspected his work like a medical expert?

Doc was the dwarf who always inspected everything coming out of the mines. He always wore glasses, which was also why he was nicknamed Doc.


What was Snow White's idea of domestic ”auditioning" to stay with the dwarfs?

When Snow White found the dwarfs' house, she decided that one way to convince them to let her stay was to do housework. It's no surprise since the Wicked Queen had forced her to be a servant.


Why did the Wicked Queen hate Snow White in the first place?

The Wicked Queen had a thing for being the fairest in the land. She was told, however, that Snow White was more beautiful. You can imagine the green eye of envy after that.


What weapon does the Wicked Queen use on Snow White?

The Wicked Queen decides to kill Snow White using a poisoned apple.


What does Snow White do while doing her chores?

“Whistle while you work” is Snow White’s commanding gentle reminder to the animals helping her with the chores. Makes working pleasant, indeed!


For what were the dwarfs mining?

The dwarfs were mining for gems. In the movie, they were shown as jewels.


Why did Snow White like a particular well in the castle's yard?

Snow White explained it to the animals in the yard: it was a wishing well. Snow White's situation made her have lots of wishes. It's no wonder she liked the wishing well so much.


What did the well do that Snow White liked?​

The wishing well didn’t need coins or offerings. A person would simply say his or her wish into the well, and if one's voice echoed back, then that meant the wish would be granted.


How did the Prince first meet Snow White?

While Snow White was singing about her wish to find a prince, the Prince was passing by on a horse. Her singing attracted him enough for him to go over a wall to see who would be making such a wish.


What did the Wicked Queen make Snow White wear in the beginning?

The Wicked Queen was so prissy that she made Snow White wear servant's clothes. They were little more than rags, and very drab.


Mirror, mirror on the wall: What was the Wicked Queen's famous question for her magic mirror?

The Wicked Queen was so obsessed with beauty that she wanted to be the most beautiful. Given that her big question was "Who is the fairest of them all," it's no surprise that any answer that isn't "you are, my queen" would have meant she would do something to make sure she was the fairest in all the land.


What was the final straw when it came to the Wicked Queen wanting Snow White permanently out of the castle?

It's the classic story set-up. As Snow White is being courted by the prince, who else would look out the window but the Wicked Queen? The movie's sequence of events shows that this was probably the last straw, as the Wicked Queen wanted a permanent solution to being second-best in beauty.


To fix her problem of not being the fairest of them all, which of the Wicked Queen’s employees does she call to provide a solution?

One of the persons under the Wicked Queen’s employ is a huntsman. He is always ready and pleased to serve.


What was the Wicked Queen's mission for the huntsman?

The Wicked Queen ordered the huntsman to kill Snow White while he took her out to supposedly pick some wildflowers. Oh, the things people do for beauty and power!


What did the Wicked Queen need as proof that Snow White had been killed?

The Wicked Queen wasn't one for half-measures. Her required proof of Snow White's death was to have her heart cut out and put in a box.


What did the huntsman do to cover up that he could not do as ordered?

The huntsman could not kill Snow White. However, he had to have proof that she was dead. He switched a pig's heart in place of Snow White's, as proof that he had completed the assignment.


What did the huntsman do instead of completing his mission?

The huntsman simply could not kill Snow White. So he told her to run away, as fast as she could. In his mind, at least she would have a chance, rather than being killed by the Wicked Queen.


When she was first left in the woods, what did Snow White experience?

Snow White was being attacked and scared by the forest. This being an animated movie, the forest was animated by dark magic.


Who was the pianist among the dwarfs?

Grumpy is the least cooperative dwarf when it comes to welcoming Snow White. And yet in the entertainment scene, he's the one who's playing the mix between a pipe organ and a piano. Grumpy sure knows how to play happy music!


How does Snow White finally break through Grumpy's grumpiness?

Grumpy is still acting like his usual surly self until Snow White decides to kiss him on the head before he goes off to the mines with the other dwarfs. You can see his face visibly relax, and he smiles after she does this.


How did the dwarfs realize that Snow White was in danger?

The animals knew that the Wicked Queen was about to poison Snow White, so they went off to find the dwarfs and drag them back to the house. It was only after Sleepy said that the Queen might be trying to kill Snow White that they all realized what the animals were trying to do.


What was the apple effect for which the Wicked Queen was hoping?

The Wicked Queen used a spell that caused the Sleeping Death. Technically, Snow White wouldn't be really dead, just in a very deep, death-like sleep.


What was the antidote to the poison that the Wicked Queen used on Snow White?

Per the book of nasty spells and potions, the only antidote to the poison the Wicked Queen cooked up was a kiss. And it had to be True Love's First Kiss. Talk about being very specific!


What was Snow White's saving heroes name?

The Prince's name is never said outright. But since Snow White said he was charming, the name has stuck ever since.


Where did the dwarfs put Snow White when they thought she was dead?

The dwarfs were so overcome by grief and with Snow White's beauty, that they didn’t bury her, as the Wicked Queen was expecting. Instead, they put her in a glass coffin, out in plain sight.


How did the Wicked Queen plan on getting close enough to Snow White to poison her?

The Wicked Queen's idea was to disguise herself magically as an old woman. After that, she would stroll by the woods, offering Snow White a freebie from the things she was selling.


How did the Wicked Queen die?

The Wicked Queen fell off a cliff after poisoning Snow White. She was being chased by the dwarfs in a storm, and while trying to kill all of them with a boulder, lightning struck near her, making her fall off the cliff.​


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