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Do you know Fonzie's first name or the name of the diner where Richie and his friends hang out? Could you tell Potsie from Ralph without a second thought? Any idea what a Chachi is? If you know the answers to these questions, take our quiz to prove your "Happy Days" IQ!

Let's face it -- America faced some major social and cultural shifts in the '60s and '70s. Between the struggles of the civil rights movement, the changing attitudes towards women, and the horrors of the Vietnam War, the country was desperately seeking a sense of balance and normalcy by the time the early '70s rolled around. 

In movies and television, this search for stability led to a rise in nostalgic '50s throwback productions. The TV special Love, American Style and the film "American Graffiti" which were both set in the '50s and aired in the early '70s, were hugely popular. It was also right around this time that a musical named "Grease" made its stage debut. 

With a country craving more classic Americana, the timing was just right for a '50s-inspired TV show when "Happy Days" premiered in 1974. The show was a huge hit, running for 11 seasons and making a mega-star out of Henry Winkler -- who played a greaser with a heart of gold named Fonzie. The series also produced several spin-offs, including "Laverne and Shirley," "Mork and Mindy" and "Joanie Loves Chachi."

Think you remember almost every one of the show's 255 episodes? Take our quiz to show your stuff!

What is the name of the local hangout where most of the cast can often be found?

The jingle goes: "Come to Arnold's Drive-In for real good food and music". Did you know that it was originally called "Arthur's Drive-In" instead?


What type of store did the Cunninghams run?

Potsie worked at Cunningham Hardware and eventually became assistant manager.


What is the name of the high school which Richie, Potsie, and Ralph attended?

Milwaukee's Washington High School provided the inspiration for the exteriors of the fictional Jefferson.


Who is the actor that played Charles "Chachi" Arcola?

Chachi Fonzie's younger cousin and he first appeared on "Happy Days" in season 5, beginning in 1977. He's in love with Joanie Cunningham and together they get their own spin-off series, "Joanie and Chachi."


What is the name of the actress who played Joanie Cunningham?

Fonzie affectionately refers to her as "Shortcake" and looks after her like her big brother Richie does. At the end of the series, she and Fonzie's cousin Chachi get married.


What is Arnold's real name?

The often-perplexed restaurant owner Arnold was played by actor Pat Morita, who is also well-known for his role as Mr. Miyagi in the 'Karate Kid" movie series. He also appeared in such popular series as "Sanford and Son" (1972) and "M*A*S*H" (1972). Morita played "Arnold" for season 3 (1975-1976) and then from season 11 until the finale (1982- 1984).


Where was "Happy Days" set?

Since it was meant to showcase an ideal, down home life in the mid-1950s in the Midwest, they opted for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


What is Marion Cunningham's profession?

Mrs. Cunningham sometimes gets tired of being at home, such as in "Marion Rebels," when she gets into an argument with Howard and briefly gets a job as a waitress at Arnold's.


Who plays the "cool guy" on the show?

Did you know Fonzie was initially a minor character? He became hugely popular and was then made a series regular. His coolness gave him special powers, such as making machinery (Arnold's jukebox and other vending machines, electric lights, and car engines) function by pounding on them with his fist, or getting the attention of girls by snapping his fingers.


When Ron Howard left "Happy Days" to pursue his directing career, how was Richie written out of the show?

Richie enlists in the U.S. Army and is stationed in Greenland in season 8. He marries his girlfriend, Lori Beth, by phone, while Fonzie stands in for him during the ceremony.


When Richie and his friends stage an unauthorized version of "Hamlet" in episode #26, "A Star is Bored," who plays the title role of Hamlet?

They put on the play in an effort to collect money for baseball uniforms.


Who was the only one allowed to use Fonzie's real first name, Arthur?

Marion Ross played Mrs.Cunningham, the lovely, continuously upbeat and iconic All-American mom. The copper-haired actress named her country-style home in California's San Fernando Valley the "Happy Days Farm."


What happened in the season 5 opener that spawned the phrase "jumping the shark," in reference to TV shows dropping in quality?

In this episode, Richie, Fonzie, and others visit Los Angeles, where a water-skiing Fonzie answers a challenge to his bravery by wearing swim trunks and his trademark leather jacket, and jumping over a shark in a shark tank. The stunt was created as a way to showcase Winkler's real-life water ski skills, but the scene was criticized as betraying Fonzie's character development and turning too far from the show's tradition of family experiences against a backdrop of 1950s nostalgia.


What's the name of the Fonz's dog?

In season 4, episode 23 "Spunky Come Home" Ralph and Potsie accidentally let Fonzie's new dog escape out of an open gate, and the little boy who finds the pup gets blamed for stealing her.


What is the name of the actor who plays Potsie?

Williams was born Anson William Heimlich in Los Angeles, California. His father, Haskell, legally changed the original spelling of their family name to "Heimlick", unlike Williams' second cousin, Dr. Henry Heimlich, namesake of the Heimlich maneuver for treating choking victims.


What is the name of Howard and Marion's nephew, a teacher and basketball coach at Jefferson High School?

The character of Roger, played by actor Ted McGinley, helped fill the void left by the departure of Richie Cunningham. McGinley is best known for his roles as Jefferson D'Arcy on the television sitcom "Married with Children" and Charley Shanowski on the sitcom "Hope & Faith." He was also a regular on "Dynasty" and "The Love Boat."


Which character is known for sighing "Yeeep, yep, yep, yep, yep" when he was disappointed or when things did not go his way?

From seasons 4 to 9 (1976–82), Al was the owner/cook of the drive-in, after Arnold gets married in season 3. Al later marries Chachi's mother Louisa, thereby becoming Chachi's stepfather and Fonzie's uncle. Molinaro left "Happy Days" in 1982 to take his "Al" character to "Joanie Loves Chachi," but returned as Al in three later episodes of "Happy Days."


Which of the following was NOT a spin-off of "Happy Days"?

"Happy Days," itself a spin-off from "Love, American Style," resulted in 7 different spin-off series, including two that were animated: "Laverne & Shirley," "Blansky's Beauties," "Mork & Mindy," "Out of the Blue," "Joanie Loves Chachi," "The Fonz" and the "Happy Days Gang" (animated) and "Laverne & Shirley with Special Guest Star the Fonz" (animated).


Who was roommates with Potsie for a period of time?

In one episode in which they were feuding, they divided the apartment with white tape and assigned each other one side of the room. Ralph was known for saying "I still got it!" after delivering one of his jokes. He left with Richie after the 1979–80 season to join the Army but returned as a guest star in the final season.


How many fan letters did Scott Baio receive per week?

The character of Chachi, named after a street where the show's creator Garry Marshall once lived, was expanded to be recurring after a hugely positive fan response. His early catchphrase "Wa, wa, wa!" became popular with teenage girls, but the fashion trend they tried to start by having Chachi tie a bandana around his pant leg did not catch on.


What is the name of the Fonz's nemesis who tries, unsuccessfully, to frame him or run him out of town?

Officer Kirk was played by actor Ed Peck. He was known for his work on "Bullitt" (1968), "The Last Unicorn" (1982) and "Heaven Can Wait" (1978). He passed away in September 1992 in Los Angeles, California.


In what year was "Happy Days" first broadcast?

In the series premier, "All the Way," Potsie fixes Richie up with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl with a "reputation" around town. Richie doesn't get far with her but leads Fonzie and the others to believe he did. This episode was written by Rob Reiner, Philip Mishkin, and Garry Marshall.


In Episode #34, "Get a Job," Richie and the gang do repair work for a young divorcee. What dinner does Richie miss out on in order to eat dinner with her?

The title is from the 1957 song "Get a Job," recorded by The Silhouettes in October 1957. It reached the No.1 spot on the Billboard pop and R&B singles charts in February 1958. The beautiful divorcee, Dorothy, was played by actress Leslie Charleson, known for her roles on "General Hospital" (1963), "Port Charles" (1997) and "The Day of the Dolphin" (1973).


What social justice issue does "Happy Days" explore in the episode "The Best Man" when Howard is asked to take part in a wedding?

In this episode, the show explores both sides of 1950's racial intolerance after Howard Cunningham is asked to be best man at the wedding of a black, former army buddy.


How did Warren get the nickname "Potsie"?

The origin of Warren Weber's nickname "Potsie" was revealed in season 1, episode 6. He was asked, "Potsie Weber? What kind of name is this?" He replied, "They call me Potsie because when I was a young boy I used to like to make things with clay, and one day my mother called me Potsie."


What happens when Fonzie attempts a televised motorcycle jump over a record 14 garbage cans in the parking lot of Arnold's Drive-In?

Fonzie is successful in his motorcycle jump, but as he crashes into Arnold's chicken stand, he hurts his knee. After surgery to repair torn cartilage, he's extremely self-conscious about his condition and secludes himself on the Cunningham's sofa. It takes Richie's best efforts to get "Fearless Fonzarelli" walking again.


How many total episodes of "Happy Days" have aired?

The 255 "Happy Days" episodes originally aired on ABC between 1974 and 1984. The finale, "Fonzie's Spots" aired on September 27, 1984.


What was the name of the garage where Fonzie worked?

The Fonz held several jobs over the course of the series, including part owner of Arnold's, owner of a car repair garage, mechanic, mechanic shop teacher at Jefferson High School, and guidance counselor and Dean of Boys at George S. Patton Vocational High School.


In episode #33, "The Howdy Doody Show," how much money does Life Magazine offer Richie for his picture of Clarabelle the Clown without make-up?

"Say, kids, what time is it? It's Howdy Doody time!" These lines were heard at the beginning of "The Howdy Doody Show," which aired from 1947-1960. Originally called "Puppet Playhouse Theater," the series laid the groundwork for future children's programming and was the first program to air 5 times a week on a regular basis.


How does the audience first meet Lori Beth in the season 5 episode "Hard Cover"?

While this episode introduces Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth Allen, Richie's girlfriend and future wife, Goodfriend had previously appeared in an earlier episode as a different character, Kim, coincidentally also a girlfriend of Richie.


Who does Richie dance with while performing "The Deadly Dares" to try to join the Demons club?

In their endless quests to attract girls, Richie and Potsie go through an initiation process called "The Deadly Dares" to join the Demons club. They have to fulfill six dares to earn their Demons jackets, with the grand climax of Richie dancing with Fonzie. After completing the dares, Richie and Potsie regret their actions and both refuse a Demons jacket.


What is the next line in the "Happy Days" theme song after, "Hello sunshine, goodbye rain"?

Although season 1 of the show used a new version of "Rock Around the Clock," starting in season 3 "Happy Days" became the theme song. It was written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox.


In addition to Fonzie, who is the only other character to appear in every "Happy Days" episode?

The Fonz and Mr. Cunningham appeared in all 255 episodes in the series. Interesting tidbit: Tom Bosley, the actor who played Howard, originated the role of Belle's father, Maurice, in the Broadway production of the Disney musical "Beauty and the Beast."


In the episode "Three on a Porch," where do Richie, Ralph, and Potsie claim to be from while they're on vacation and trying to impress girls?

Richie and company rent a cottage at Lake Whitehead for a week's vacation and pretend to be Tunisian to impress girls.


In episode #12, "In the Name of Love", what song does Cindy Shellenberger always hear when she falls in love?

In this episode, both Potsie and Richie want to date Cindy Shellenberger. Cindy doesn't hear "My Prayer" when Richie asks her to go steady, so she turns him down.


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