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From cars that were just too ugly to ones that didn't function correctly, many vehicles just haven't made the cut over the years. How many of these vehicle fails do you remember?

Which car was sold at a very inexpensive price at the cost of safety?

The Ford Pinto debuted in 1970 and was sold for just $2,000. However, with this low price came sacrifices in quality and safety. Those involved in rear-impact accidents often found the car engulfed in flames, and the company chose to pay settlement fees rather than recall the vehicles and fix the problem. Once this plan was exposed, the company was forced to recall the cars. The car went out of production in 1980.


Which vehicle appeared as a time machine in "Back to the Future?"

The DeLorean, named after it's creator, at first captured attention with its unique door design. However, drivers soon found that the car took a long time to get to speed and, in general, looked cooler than it drove.


Which gas-guzzling vehicle created quite a buzz when it was released as a "sequel" to the first model?

The Hummer H2 was released, despite a developing reputation for Hummers being environmentally unfriendly and generally all-around impractical vehicles. It was discontinued in 2009.


Which vehicle from 1970 had the same name as a monster movie?

The AMC Gremlin was a subcompact car designed to compete with the other car company vehicles, but it's definitely one of the ugliest cars ever made. The one thing the car did have going for it was its speed; it was faster than other subcompact cars, but it was still felt cheap to drivers.


Which car was named after its maker's son?

Despite its namesake, the Ford Edsel was only manufactured for two years and was not a success. Multiple factors contributed to this, such as a high sticker price and an economic downtown. The Edsel is synonymous with failure.


Which Ford vehicle was produced with only black interior and exterior?

Ford produced the Lincoln Blackwood as a luxury pickup with a pinstripe down the side. However, the vehicle came with only black for the interior and exterior, and it didn't even have four-wheel-drive. It only had one model in 2002, and when all the Blackwoods were finally sold, Ford didn't make any more.


What vehicle driven by Walter White in "Breaking Bad" was deemed to be pure ugly?

The Pontiac Aztek was a crossover vehicle that was deemed as pure ugly, despite its innovative interior design and driveability. Drivers could get several unique features, but none of this was enough to distract buyers from the general ugliness of the vehicle. Some have even referred to it as a BUV - butt-ugly vehicle.


Which tiny car has a smart name?

The Scion iQ is a tiny car, but perhaps America wasn't ready for something that compact. Whether the company was ahead of its time in creating it, or it simply is not a good idea, sales were not great when the car first debuted.


Which 1956 vehicle had a custom-sized turntable in the dashboard?

The Dodge Custom Royal had a retractable turntable in the dashboard, but it was such a custom piece that special long-playing records had to be produced at a very expensive cost. Drivers didn't much take to the new feature. Instead of "don't text and drive," the phrase might have been "don't flip and drive."


Hanns Trippel developed a vehicle that could travel by land or sea. What was it called?

The Amphicar debuted in 1961 and was advertised as being able to travel by land or sea, but its slow speed in the water, and the fact that it wasn't always watertight, didn't help sales. Still, some vehicles with a similar inspiration exist today, but mainly as tourist experiences.


Which Mercedes-Benz model did not fit the Mercedes-Benz typical look and feel?

The Mercedes-Benz C230 Hatchback tried to appeal to the masses, but the staple of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is that they aren't attainable for the masses. The Hatchback and the Mercedes-Benz image just didn't jive.


Which Cadillac released in the last 1990s had an ad campaign featuring Cindy Crawford?

The Cadillac Catera, manufactured from 1997-2001, was meant to be a sportier version of a Cadillac. However, problems like premature tire wear and complete engine failure weren't typical to the Cadillac brand. The car eventually faded into obscurity.


Which Jaguar got the reputation for being the "Poor Man's Jaguar?"

The Jaguar X-Type was a small car designed to compete with BMW's entry-level sales. Though the car had several editions, it just couldn't seem to obtain the same high level of class as its fellow Jaguar elites.


Which Subaru model was designed well and had advanced features but didn't sell well?

By all accounts, the Subaru SVX should have been a hit. It was well-designed, had a flat six engine, and cool features. Unfortunately, it came out during a recession and missed the best years of Japan's economy.


Which vehicle had driver and passenger doors that were different lengths?

The 1978 AMC Pacer was definitely not the cool car the kids wanted to drive. In fact, the passenger's side door was four inches longer than the driver's side door, which made absolutely no sense. The car disappeared after just five years.


What 1971 motor oil-guzzling vehicle was a dud even on a test run?

The Chevy Vega had an aluminum engine that sucked up motor oil like crazy, and the car actually fell apart on a test run. Probably not a good sign!


Which German car had just three wheels?

The 1955 BMW Isetta had just three wheels. 'Nuff said. Actually, there's more. The car only had one door, which was in the front of the vehicle, making it very inconvenient for many parking situations.


Which little 1976 Chevy didn't have much power or might on the road?

The Chevy Chevette had a 51 horsepower engine and a four-speed manual transmission, but it didn't offer much else to entice the public. In addition, it didn't seem to be a very robust car and was loud when it ran.


Which vehicle sold well until it was banned on highways in the late 1960s?

The King Midget Model III was an odd name for a car which was extremely unique. Customers could order it and assemble all of it themselves, except the engine! The car actually sold well until the government banned it from highways in the late 1960s for safety reasons.


What 1949 car was advertised as America's first post-war sports car?

The Crosley Hotshot, released in 1949, weighed an incredible 1,100 lbs but was rather short and not very roomy. It could only drive up to 50 miles per hour. Vroom vroom? I think not.


What vehicle had eight wheels?

The Overland OctoAuto was developed by Milton Reeves in the early days of the auto industry. His thought was that eight wheels would provide a smoother ride than four wheels, but that proved not to be the case. Reeves didn't receive a single order for his design. He later developed a vehicle with six wheels that also went nowhere. However, he did invent the car muffler, so he has something to be proud of!


Which vehicle had the claim of the world's smallest car?

The Peel Trident wasn't the only car that had three wheels, but that didn't make it any better. The vehicle was just over four feet in length, causing some people to call it the smallest car in the world. Its roof was made of Plexiglas, so drivers would get extremely hot in the sun, and it barely held one person. Needless to say, not a success.


Which 1917 V-8 could only manage 36 horsepower?

Since the 1917 Chevrolet Series D could only reach 36 horsepower, General Motors didn't continue to try to push it on the public. They killed it and didn't produce another Chevy V-8 for 37 years.


Which vehicle had an uplifting name but not uplifting sales?

The Ford Aspire was an egg-shaped vehicle that boasted dual airbags but not much else. The car never really made the dent Ford hoped it would.


Which Ford vehicle had a serious safety issue with its Firestone tires?

The Ford Explorer suffered most of its issues due to Firestone tire malfunctions. During the 1990s, it was not uncommon to see an accident involving one of these vehicles.


Which luxury car brand produced the Mondial 8 in the 1980s?

The Ferrari Mondial 8 was produced for only two years, from 1980 to 1982. Technically, it wasn't a failure, but as the poor man's way into a Ferrari, it's got a label that some Ferrari owners would prefer not to be associated with. Plus, the design was rather dated.


Which 1980s Maserati was not super successful?

Though the mechanics of the car were initially attractive to buyers, the Maserati Biturbo found its owners in the body shop more often than on the road. Today, they are typically found in junkyards.


Which vehicle soured public opinion toward diesel-run cars?

The Oldsmobile Delta 88 Diesel suffered from issues such as smoking and unreliability. It had a big engine but not much to show for it, and Americans didn't really want domestic diesel vehicles.


Which Mercury vehicle was unnecessarily heavy?

The Mercury Bobcat was compared to the Ford Pinto, but the difference was that it was much heavier than the Pinto for no apparent reason. The car wasn't great to begin with, and the extra weight didn't make it any better.


Which Saturn vehicle from 2003 was a disaster from day one?

The Saturn Ion was a bit of a dud from day one. It was a generally uninteresting vehicle, and a massive recall due to faulty ignition switches didn't help matters.


Which gull-winged failure was produced from 1974-1976?

The Bricklin SV1 looked similar to a Corvette, except it had gull wing doors. The body was made of fiberglass, and the car suffered from numerous problems. Inadequate breaks and a leaking rear hatch were just two of them. Needless to say, only a handful were ever built.


Which 1960s vehicle had an engine in the back and was cooled by air instead of water?

The Chevrolet Corvair was produced in the 1960s and was certainly innovative, with an engine in the back instead of the front. However, the heavy weight in the back of the car made it difficult for some drivers to maintain control, and other complicated features, like its heating system, caused even more issues. The car finally met its match when a book was written deeming it unsafe.


Which failed flying car had two gas gauges that resulted in a crash?

Only two of these car-planes were ever built, mostly because of a major design flaw. With two fuel tanks, one for the car and one for the plane, there were two fuel gauges. When a pilot misread one of the gauges and thought he had a full tank of airplane fuel but didn't, he crashed and died. The project was cancelled.


Which pick-up truck/SUV crossover barely managed to make a dent in sales?

The GMC Envoy XUV was manufactured from 2003-2005 and was, in theory, a good idea. Other pick-up truck/SUV crossovers had been successful, The Envoy's retractable roof, that allowed you to haul all kinds of things but also fit the family in the vehicle when needed, seemed like a great idea. However, terrible fuel mileage, lackluster interior, and a high price sealed the Envoy XUV's doom.


Which Chrysler vehicle was intended to be sporty and suave but instead showed nothing original?

The Chrysler Crossfire was manufactured from 2004-2008 and was intended to be a sporty car. It did accomplish this, but there was nothing remotely unique about it that would convince drivers to purchase the Crossfire over another sporty vehicle. In addition. some would say that the Crossfire name was negative, indicating a negative event where the car might go berserk at any moment.


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