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Saturday morning television lives on Nickelodeon. If you're a fan of "Green Acres" from way back or from Nickelodeon reruns, take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Just for fun, do you remember the name of Fred and Doris Ziffel's son? If you said Arnold Ziffel, you're right. But do you remember that Arnold was a pig? That was just one of the many charms of Hooterville.

Green Acres was a '60s sitcom that ran for six seasons and a total of 170 episodes. In this classic treat, attorney Oliver Wendell Douglas (played by Eddie Albert) moves to the country to become a farmer and get away from the big city. His wife, Lisa, played by Eva Gabor, isn't quite as thrilled with the move. The show is all about the hilarious struggles that Oliver and Lisa face in Hooterville (hey, remember how Lisa pronounced "Hooterville"? Hilarious!).

What we want to know is, why, if Oliver wanted to move to a more simple life, is he always so extremely annoyed by the lack of big-city savvy displayed by the residents of Hooterville. Ok, we'll refrain from picking apart the show and just enjoy the funny memories.

How well do you think you'll do on this quiz. Let's get started to find out.

One character we all loved was the pig. What was his name?

Arnold Ziffel was the family pet of Fred and Doris Ziffel – he was treated like the son they never had.

Last one: What types of situations did Arnold find himself in throughout the series?

All of the above and many more, including Arnold hiring Oliver to represent him in court.

Who portrays the erudite New York City attorney, who is acting on his dream to be a farmer?

Eddie Albert portrays the Quixotic yet short-fused Oliver.

Which city did Oliver and Lisa Douglas move from?

New York City

What was Lisa’s upbringing like?

Lisa grew up pampered in a wealthy Hungarian family, never doing any household chores.

What did Lisa do in WWII?

Lisa grew up pampered in a wealthy Hungarian family, never doing any household chores.

Where do Oliver and Lisa live in Hooterville?

The old Haney place.

What was the name of the town that Oliver and Lisa moved to?

The series was set in a small town called Hooterville

The opening sequence ends with Oliver and Lisa striking a pose in a parody of what painting?

Oliver and Lisa strike a pose in parody of Grant Wood's 1930 painting, “American Gothic”.

Which of these lyrics of the Green Acres’ theme song is NOT correct?

The only lyric NOT in the theme song is B.

When would the townspeople make fun of Oliver?

When he would do farming chores dressed in a three-piece suit.

Lisa’s domestic ignorance is fodder for reoccurring gags, which one of these is NOT true?

Although the toast she made may have been burnt, she did not continue to toast them.

Lisa’s hotcakes (pronounced “hotscakes”) were inedible, so tough that Oliver does what?

The answer is all of the above.

Her sandwiches include such epicurean delights as what?

Liverwurst and jelly sandwich. Yuck!

Another favorite character is Eb Dawson. What does Eb do in Hooterville?

Eb Dawson is the naive, wide-eyed, yet smart-mouthed young farmhand to the Douglases.

Who is Mr. Haney?

The right answer is the salesman who sold the farm to Oliver.

Who are Fred and Doris Ziffel?

The parents of Arnold, the pig.

The Monroe brothers were carpenters known for not getting the job done correctly. What were some of the projects they were known for?

All of the above. These unexpected sight gags made the show extra humorous.

What was so unusual about the Monroe brothers, Alf and Ralph?

Ralph is actually a woman but Alf explains they will not get jobs if people knew that his sister is a woman.

What does Sam Drucker do for Hooterville?

The answer is all of the above, including volunteer fireman, constable and printer.

Hank Kimball is the county’s agricultural agent. What makes this character so fun to watch?

The correct answer “A”.

Eleanor Audley played a reoccurring role in Green Acres, what character did she play?

Eleanor Audley played Oliver’s disapproving mother, Eunice Douglas.

When did the series air?

The series was first broadcast on CBS, from September 15, 1965, to April 27, 1971.

Following his success of The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction, CBS offered producer Paul Henning another half-hour on the schedule, what was unusual about this request?

In a very unusual move there was no pilot required when CBS requested Paul Henning to produce another show.

What was Green Acres based on?

Green Acres was based on a 1950 radio series, “Granby's Green Acres”. The radio series was about a big-city family who moved to the country, written by Jay Sommers (Producer of Green Acres).

What were the proposed titles for the show?

The correct answer is A and B.

Characters from Green Acres were also part of what other TV show?

The correct answer is Petticoat Junction.

Sponsors pressured CBS to have more urban-themed shows to attract a younger audience. Nearly all rural-themed shows were cancelled to provide the needed timeslots. This part of television history is known as what?

The correct answer is “Rural Purge”. Pat Buttram said of the purge, "CBS cancelled everything with a tree – including Lassie.”

Which of these shows were cancelled during the “Rural Purge”?

The correct answer is all of the above. The purge also happened for the same reason at ABC and NBC.

How many years did Green Acres make it into the Top 20 television shows?

Green Acres was in the Top 20 for four out of the six years it aired.

Arnold was so popular the show developed what around this animal actor?

A two-part episode entitled, “A Star Named Arnold is Born” was so popular it was ranked #59 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.

What activities could Arnold do?

All of the above, however they trained several pigs to play Arnold to make it appear one pig could do all those activities.

We’re hogging this quiz to reminisce about Arnold … what other activities could Arnold do?

All of the above, including sending away for various mail-order products.

Who portrays Lisa Douglas, Oliver’s glamorous Hungarian wife?

Eva Gabor portrayed the wife who is dragged to a ramshackle farm from an upscale Manhattan penthouse apartment and from the city life she adores.

Oliver and Lisa are both veterans of WWII, what did Oliver do in the war?

The correct answer is Oliver was a USAAF flier.

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