Go Shopping for a Romantic Night in and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With

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If you have a special someone in your life, you might have engaged in several activities on a romantic night in with them. Such an evening goes beyond sexual pleasures, though, as games, food and rhetorical conversations may also be of interest to some couples. When it comes to these types of romantic settings, it's important to think about what you need to shop for. For example, you can think about the kinds of decorations that you may need to set a romantic tone.

If you're on a budget, you don't necessarily need a huge and expensive shopping list to impress that special someone. After all, as long as you put in at least some effort when it comes to cooking or gift ideas, your date is sure to love you back. And if you're stuck on a gift idea, remember that a sweet poem from the heart may be more valuable than any kind of purchased gift. Tell your loved one how you feel with some rhymed phrases, genuine emotions and feelings and pretty drawings. Even if you're not a good writer or artist, your loved one will still appreciate the thought. Tell us more about how you would impress a loved one on a romantic night in, and we'll tell you how many sexual partners you've had in the past!

A romantic night in calls for which of these fun movie genres?

Which of these sweet treats will you bake to impress that special someone?

What kind of candle scent will set the mood for a romantic evening?

Are you going to buy any lingerie to set a sultry vibe?

Pick one of these classic board games to show off your strategic skills.

Which of these fragrant flower petals will you sprinkle on your bed?

What is the best kind of lighting that will set a romantic mood?

Besides that special someone, what else are you going to cuddle with?

Are you going to purchase any alcoholic beverages to impress your date?

DIY arts and crafts projects are always a fun activity to do on a romantic night in. Which of these DIY projects will you and your date create?

You want to surprise your date with a special gift. Which of these would make a great present?

Chocolate-covered fruits are fun to make and fun to indulge in! Which of these fruits tastes yummy in chocolate?

Your date is really into video games, which means it's time for you to purchase which of these multiplayer games?

How are you going to keep your date warm if the house becomes chilly?

Will you and your date order some takeout or cook a meal at home?

What are you going to purchase to make stargazing more romantic?

You want to write a love letter to that special someone. What kind of stationery are you going to buy?

A romantic night in may call for a sultry massage. Which of these will you use to give a great massage?

Which of these aphrodisiac foods will you buy to heighten the sexual mood?

What is the tastiest kind of chocolate to feed to that special someone?

Let's say that you and your date want to cook a meal together. Which of these comforting dishes will you two create?

How are you going to make yourself smell good to turn your date on?

Will you and your date be sharing a meal indoors or outside under the stars?

How will you set the dinner table to take the romance up a notch?

Which of these glasswares will make the romantic evening a little more fancy?

A romantic bubble bath calls for which of these scented bath products?

What kind of theme will you be trying to convey for the romantic night in?

Romantic lights are a perfect way to set the mood. Which of the following will light up your night?

You're going to buy a box of candy for that special someone, but the real question is ... what's inside it?

A bouquet of flowers will look the prettiest in which of these flower vases?

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