Go Shopping at Cabela's and We'll Tell You What Kind of Rifle You Are!

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

If you've ever wanted to be a rifle, your dreams are about to come true! Let's go shopping at Cabela's and pick up everything you need for a big hunt, camping trip, or man-cave decorating. The items would find on your receipt will help us to take aim at the type of rifle you are! There's no spending limit, so make sure to grab all the things you've been wanting to stock up on! 

If you are the outdoorsy type, Cabela's might as well be heaven. With every type of sporting, hunting, fishing, and camouflaging-your-child gear you could ever hope to see, it's nearly impossible not to lose a member of the family down one aisle or another. Fill up a truckload of gear and we're sure we'll be able to tell if you are a Winchester, a Ruger, or a futuristic rifle designed with precision and plasma ammunition. 

After you've been through every nook and cranny of Cabela's, we're confident that your choices will give your inner rifle way. You might think you are an automatic weapon, but will your Cabela's purchases reflect your thoughts? Don't forget the necessities and make sure to get yourself an outdoor throne! You might need it when you find out what kind of rifle you are!

Which pre-Black Friday deal will you jump on?

What archery essential would you buy?

What dog training supplies do you buy?

What trap or snare do you buy?

What fixed blade knife you buy?

What folding knife would you buy?

What multitool would you buy?

What axe would you buy?

What shovel would you buy?

What kind of saw would you buy?

What blade sharpener would you buy?

What charging equipment will you bring?

What shooting glasses would you buy?

What metal detector would you buy?

What gold prospecting gear do you see as a prospect you like?

What weather radio do you want for a rainy day?

What snowmobile accessory is your accessory?

What fishing hat covers your needs?

What cold weather hat do you use to keep cosy?

What insulated hunting gloves fit you like a glove?

What camo bib and overalls is your overall favorite?

What slippers do you slip into?

What hunting boots are you hunting for?

What fishing waders wade their way into your heart?

What firearm light lights your fire?

Which tent makes your pitching plans?

Which camping toilet is your game of thrones?

Which fire pit makes your pit stop?

Which day pack makes your day?

Which duffel has it in the bag?

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