Go Shopping at Urban Outfitters and We'll Guess How Hipster You Are!

By: Isadora Teich
Image: Eva-Katalin/E+/Getty Images

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Do you love avocados, rolled cuffs, and collecting records? Then you might just be a hipster! Hipsters are known for having a very particular set of things they like and going after a certain kind of look. While a lot of people can't exactly describe what a hipster is in words, we all know exactly what things fit into that category when we see it. Whether it's a love of thrifting, obscure music, succulents, biking, or letterpress. We all know when something is hipster-approved. 

Urban Outfitters is a store known for trying to profit heavily off of this aesthetic, with clothing, housewares, and all kinds of items meant to appeal to hipsters on every level. They only want the coolest, trendiest, and most hip styles and products. Sometimes they hit the nail on the head and sometimes they can go a little overboard and have even gotten into trouble in the past for selling racist or culturally appropriative items. Regardless, Urban Outfitters is a massively popular brand. They are the go-to place for many people for clothing, accessories, housewares, and more.  

Take a huge Urban Outfitters shopping trip and we will guess just how hipster you really are! 

Of these item types, which would you be most likely to buy from UO?

Which color record player would you most want?

Which UO bathmat do you need?

What kind of top would you be most likely to buy?

Of these furniture items, which would you be most likely to buy from UO?

Would you buy art prints from Urban Outfitters?

If you had to have only shoes from one brand, which would you choose?

Of these home items, which do you feel like you would need most?

Pick a UO planter the would suit your style best:

Which lifestyle item speaks to you most?

Would you buy skincare from UO?

Of these over the top UO home decor pieces, which do you feel most drawn to?

Which on-trend women's clothing item appeals to you most?

Which type of trendy bottom would you rather buy?

Which type of jacket do you like best?

Which super on trend Urban Outfitters item appeals to you most based on the name?

Of these trendy items, which would you be less likely to purchase?

Which men's item would you most like to have?

Pick a trendy accessory:

Which would you rather have in your room?

What material do you like best for a bookshelf?

Which hipster home item speaks to you most based on the name?

How likely are you to buy UO's Cactus Grow Kit?

Of these string lights, which speaks to you most?

Which design detail do you like best?

What would you be most likely to buy from UO?

Which brand of sweatshirt would you rather buy?

Which beauty product from UO appeals to you most based on the name?

What type of dresses do you like best?

Of these men's coats, which do you most want based on the name?

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