Go Shopping at Hot Topic and We’ll Guess Which Emo Singer Matches Your Personality

Ian Fortey

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Did you know that Hot Topic has been around since the 1980s? It's always had a serious music-theme to how it presented itself and the merch it sold, even if the styles evolved considerably during that time.  

For instance, when they first showed up on the scene, Hot Topic was pretty dark and into nu-metal with a vengeance. It was only in later years that they shifted focus to hardcore, geek culture, scene and, of course, emo music and fashion. Basically, they've always been on the fringe of what was considered "normal." Not extreme by any means, but not the Gap, either. Hot Topic was there to appeal to people who felt a little different and wanted to express that in a way they felt looked cool and fun and a bit unique. And also people who liked "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and a lot of the color black.

Do you think your Hot Topic tastes reveal anything about who you are as a person? What if we told you we could match your personality up with an emo singer based on nothing more than what you'd buy on a Hot Topic trip? Sound crazy? Well, why not grab a shopping basket and see?

Would you ever hit up Hot Topic to buy a toy?

Is there an area of pop culture you're most interested in at Hot Topic?

What one word could describe the specific look and feel you try to get from the stuff you buy at Hot Topic?

If you were in the market for a necklace, which of these would you be most likely to buy?

You need to keep toasty in the winter. What would you be most likely to buy to stave off the cold?

Hot Topic has literally over 10,000 tees for sale. Which of these colors would you narrow it down to?

A lot of the tees at Hot Topic are retro music-themed. Which of these is your favorite '80s music tee?

Hot Topic has some unique fashion categories. Which one would draw your attention first?

There are four categories of bottoms at Hot Topic. Which one would you get on top of first?

Cosplay is a whole category of items at Hot Topic. If you were going to cosplay, which of these would attract you the most?

If you needed a new pair of shoes, what kind would you be most likely to get?

There's something for pretty much every musical taste at Hot Topic, except maybe Country. Which of their categories would you peruse?

Which of these best-selling pop culture belts is the one for you?

If you like kimonos, Hot Topic has you covered. Which one sounds most like your style?

Which anime are you most likely to want to buy some gear to represent?

If anime isn't your animation of choice, what other cartoon merch would you pick?

A beanie is going to keep your head warm and Hot Topic sells a ton of them. Which of these is your favorite?

There are socks as far as the eye can see at Hot Topic. What do your feet crave?

You need to carry all your loot home in something. Which of these best-selling backpacks would you pick?

What kind of jewelry are you most likely to pick up on a trip to Hot Topic?

Which of these four best-selling watches do you feel like you could be using to tell time?

Hate getting rained on? Which of these Hot Topic umbrellas would you get?

You can outfit your house too at Hot Topic, not just your body. What do you need in your kitchen?

Your bed needs a comforter! Which of these would you choose?

You can't forget the bathroom, can you? What bathroom accessory will really bring your house to the next level?

A little art makes any room more complete. Which one of these Hot Topic best sellers would you choose?

Sometimes you need that perfect accessory to finish a look. What extra item does Hot Topic have that's perfect for you?

May as well pick up an accessory for your car while you're here. What sounds good?

What are you going to pick up to help your desk look perfect?

If you could only shop for one kind of thing at Hot Topic, what would it be?

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