Go on an Adventure and We’ll Tell You If You Find the Pot of Gold

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

Known for their cleverly crafted shenanigans, leprechauns will do almost anything to keep you from finding their pots of gold! We have it on good authority that there's been a special batch hidden out there for you to find, but you'll have to outsmart our tiny friends to get the job done. Do you have the luck of the Irish, or will you be sent back to square one? 

Imagine having a dream so powerful and so all-consuming that you have to follow it! Imagine waking up with a leprechaun in your ear telling you to go find your pot of gold. Are you up for the magical adventure that awaits, or would you simply go back to bed thinking that you might have had one too many green beers last night?

Well, if you want the pot of gold, you're going to have to make some choices. Try to remember that leprechauns tend to reward those with good hearts, but don't let the hobgoblins know that you're looking for a leprechaun's gold or you might run into peril. To find your pot of gold, you're going to have to be smart, and you're going to have to outwit one of the world's most legendary fairies. Do you think you can do it? 

You're eating Lucky Charms and you hear an Irish voice. What is it saying?

You see a leprechaun out of the corner of your eye. What do you think?

You see a tiny door you've never noticed before - do you open it?

You decide to follow a rainbow you see out the window, how do you do it?

A voice tells you to board a plane to Ireland. Which city do you choose?

A leprechaun appears and offers you a clue about where to find his gold, but you must give him a small token. What do you give him?

Something sparkly catches your eye, what is it?

You cannot stop thinking about the pot of gold - where do you think it might be hidden?

You decide to pick up a good luck charm to increase your odds of finding the gold. Which one to you get?

This adventure has made you hungry. What are you going to eat?

You run into a friend that wants to know what you are doing. What do you tell them?

You hear the leprechaun in your ear. What is he saying?

Maybe the gold is hidden under a nearby table. What do you see under there?

You get caught in a downpour. What do you do until it passes?

You decide to build a leprechaun trap. What do you use as bait?

The leprechaun asks you to do a jig - do you?

You find yourself inside an Irish restaurant, and you decide to look for the gold. Where do you start?

As a good faith effort, a leprechaun gives you a wish. What is it?

Your search leads you to a locked gate. How do you get inside?

Something tells you that you are looking in the wrong place. How do you handle it?

You hear some Irish music playing down the street. Do you follow the sound?

You think that maybe wearing something green will increase your odds of finding the gold. What do you put on?

You get the urge to have your shoes cobbled - how do you find a cobbler?

You wake up in a St. Patrick's Day parade - what costume are you wearing?

Your boss calls to let you know that you've had a green package delivered. What do think is in it?

You decide to ask another type of fairy for advice. Which kind do you ask?

You caught a leprechaun in your trap. What do you do with him?

A leprechaun wants to know your best trait. What do you tell him?

You want to understand leprechauns so you decide to go sightseeing in their homeland. Where do you go?

You open a random door, what do you see inside?

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