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"Power Rangers" is a multi-generational kids' show that captured pop-culture fascination. With the 2017 movie, the show made the big leap into the modern hero movie league. Take the quiz and find out more about the "Power Rangers!"

Some great sci-fi and superhero movies were taken from stories, comic books, and even TV shows from other countries. From which Asian country did the "Power Rangers" originally come?

The "Power Rangers" are actually taken from a Japanese series of TV shows known as the "Super Sentai" franchise. It's always about people who turn into a costumed super-team.


Traditionally, you form teams when you have a goal, and that's the same idea behind Power Rangers. What special object do they have to defend?

The Power Rangers, in the movie, are assigned to protect pieces of the Zeo Crystal.


Ranger 1: He's the leader, and can be either hotheaded ​or go in without planning. Because of his temper, he is the fiery ranger. Jason, the charismatic prankster, is this Ranger in the movie. What is his color?

The Red Ranger is the traditional leader of the Power Rangers. Although it's downplayed a bit in the movie, the Red Ranger is usually the most impulsive.


Ranger 2: He's the cool and calculating one, and in some versions, he's the guns and gadgets guy. He's the Red Ranger's best friend. In the movie, he's Billy Cranston, the nerdy outsider. Which color is this member of the team?

The Blue Ranger is the best bud of the Red Ranger. In the movie, he's the first one to make his armor appear. The Blue and Red are always a bro-pair.


Ranger 3: He's the outsider and brave one among the Rangers, and usually doesn’t agree with the Red Ranger. In the movie, Zack Taylor is this Ranger, the rebellious but caring guy. Which dark Ranger does he turn into?

The Black Ranger is the rebel and daring Ranger. This is sometimes a problem, since he can get into more trouble than the others.


True or false: The Power Rangers are all boys.

False: The Power Rangers are not all boys. There are females in there, and they're just as powerful as the boys.


Ranger 4: This Ranger is the athletic action girl. In the movie, she is Trini Kwan. Which brightly colored Ranger does she turn into?

The Yellow Ranger is the strong girl, and the one who is "one of the guys." Trini is the perfect Yellow girl for the team.


Ranger 5: She's the popular girl. You can rely on her to never give up. This Ranger is usually the opposite of the Yellow Ranger. Which fashionably colored Ranger does Kimberly Hart turn into?

The Pink Ranger is the girly-girl of the group and usually very stubborn. She's also very smart, relying not on strength, but skill.


The Power Rangers are a super-powered group, and each Ranger has abilities beyond humans. They power up using small alien crystals in their signature colors. What do the movie characters call them?​

In the "Power Rangers" movie, they all have alien crystals that make them superhuman. They are called coins, or power coins. It's implied that the crystals choose the people with whom they stay.


The new Power Rangers are a very young team, in more ways than one. How old are these new Rangers?

The Power Rangers are young and idealistic. It's no surprise, they're all teenagers in high school.


How did the troublesome team members of the Power Rangers meet up?

Three of the Power Rangers team, Jason, Billy, and Kimberly, did all sorts of things that involved the school. They were put in detention, and that's how they first met.


Two of the Power Rangers met up with the others outside of school. Where did they first see the rest of the team?

Two of the other Power Ranger members first meet up with the others in the abandoned mining area outside of town. They had their own reasons for being there.


The abandoned mine is probably where many people in town used to be employed. What did they mine there?

The abandoned mine was where people used to mine for gold. It's no surprise the town was built because of the mine.


In a way, the Power Rangers are a classic cross-section of school types. What does Jason, the impulsive, hunky joker, classify as?

Jason was a member of the football team. He isn't anymore, and that's a major part of his life issues.


Kimberly looks like your classic cool girl on campus. She's probably one of the coolest ​since she's a member of the ...

Kimberly was part of the school's cheerleading team. Most of her friends also seem to come from the team.


Trini Kwan, the Ranger girl they met in the mine area, usually goes there to relax and clear her head. What form of exercise does she do to get her good vibes going?

Trini Kwan is a Yoga enthusiast. She goes to the mine because it's a peaceful place to practice it.


When we meet Billy Cranston in detention, bullies love picking on his fussiness when he's doing something. Later, he explains to Jason that he's in the "spectrum." What does that mean?

Billy has problems understanding how people react and do things. That's because he's autistic; his brain is wired differently.


Trini Kwan, one of the Power Rangers, can be considered as a "Rainbow Ranger." Why is that?

Trini Kwan questions her sexual orientation. It's quite an issue for her.


Zack is bilingual. What does "bilingual" mean?

Zack Taylor is bilingual, meaning he can speak in another language. It's an important skill because it helps his family problems.​


Knowing two languages is an important skill since it can also make you think differently. What widely-used foreign language does Zack speak, other than English?

The other language that Zach speaks is Chinese. It's no surprise, given his character's background.


When we first meet Zordon, he wasn't yet the face-in-the-wall teacher. What was Zordon's team position at the beginning of the movie?

Zordon is the original Red Ranger who landed on Earth. It's no wonder he's trying to get the Power Rangers ready for battle.


Zordon has changed a lot over the years, as he's become a face in the wall. What ultimately happened to him?

Zordon was killed protecting earth from danger. He was a real hero.


Rita Repulsa was one of the original Power Rangers who came to Earth. What's the big twist in her story?

Rita Repulsa was one of the original Power Ranger team, but she went full villain. Seems like being a Ranger doesn’t prevent you from being nasty.


The technology the Power Rangers have comes from an advanced alien culture. How did they revive Zordon in the movie?

Zordon training the Power Rangers is a copy of his mind. It was taken shortly after his sacrifice and saved into the alien ship's memory.


Rita was a Ranger ​and a good one at that. What was her weakness?

From the looks of it, Rita decided she had enough of being a Ranger. If she had more power, why not rule the universe?


The Power Rangers team always comes color-coded. What Ranger color was originally assigned to Rita?

Rita was the original Green Ranger in the film. She was, from the looks of it, one of the more powerful original Rangers.


The Power Rangers are all powerful in their own way, with their own special skills and mindsets. What's the life lesson the movie teaches us?

The Power Rangers are all about coming together as a team. And this applies as friends, too.


The Zeo crystal is important for all life on Earth. In the movie, what is implied that might happen if the Zeo crystal is taken from Earth?

The movie implies that the Zeo crystal is needed to keep life going on a planet. Without it, all life on Earth would die.


The Power Rangers have vehicles called Zords, which copy the top animals on a planet. Since the original Ranger Team landed during prehistoric times, what did their vehicles copy?

The Zords are robot-like vehicles for the Power Rangers. Since the Rangers landed millions of years ago, when dinosaurs and big mammals were around, that's what they copied.


Dinosaurs are among the most terrifying land animals ever. The Red Ranger Zord took on the form of a Tyrannosaur, one of the nastiest dinosaurs that ever lived. What made it look so scary?

Tyrannosaurs are known for having a big mouth full of sharp teeth. One bite, and you're breakfast.


The Blue Ranger had a dinosaur-like Zord, too. In his case it was the triceratops. The head was both a shield and a sword. If the wide skull was the shield, what were the spiky swords?

Triceratops protected the rest of their body with the wide skull. And they usually had two horns coming out of their head, along with a third short one across the nose.


Pink Ranger had a Zord in the form of a pterodactyl, a lightweight dinosaur. What was this Zord's unique ability?

Pink Ranger's Zord is the only one that can fly. It provides air support and attack for the others.


Black Ranger's weird-looking Zord is a Mastodon, a prehistoric form of a big modern-day animal. What is this animal?

The Black Ranger's Mastodon Zord is like an elephant on steroids. It's no surprise that one of the Zords copied this living tank.


Yellow Ranger had a Zord vehicle that copied the saber-toothed tiger. Given the name, what pair of its teeth were like long, curved swords?

Saber-toothed tigers were deadly hunters, using the long upper fangs, or canine teeth, to skewer their victims or pierce their necks. That makes this tiger definitely Zord-worthy.


All of the Zords combined into a Mega Zord at the end of the movie. What master species of Earth did it copy?

The Mega Zord took on the shape of a man. It became a giant robot man.


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