Go Camping and We'll Guess What National Park You Are

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Camping. What other word has more drastically different meanings, depending on whom you talk to? For some, going camping entails nothing more than a backpack, a canteen and a walking stick. Hardcore campers enjoy the experience of actually roughing it, testing their endurance against the elements and reveling in their status as just another animal in the wilderness. 

Others go to the woods with their top-of-the-line ice chest, brimming with beverages and gourmet food to cook over a fire, surrounded by friends kicking back in camp chairs. Camping can mean playing music under the stars, socializing in the pure, clean air of the mountains, away from the distractions of city life. 

For yet others, camping means rolling up in a fully outfitted RV, arriving in a scenic location with all the comforts of home ready at hand. A family can experience the beauty of the wild without ever having to use a public restroom. This brand of camping focuses on the amenities offered by many of our national parks, including pools, playgrounds, and shuttles to and from the trail. 

Then, of course, we have to make room for the glampers: those glamorous campers who enjoy the camping vibe and kitschy camp decor, arranged in safari tents outfitted with king size beds, air conditioning, WiFi and a hot tub nearby. 

What counts as camping in your book? Answer these questions about your camping habits and we’ll tell you which park fits your camping vibe! 

When you’re eating under the stars, what is the perfect camping meal?

How do you like your wildlife?

What is the purpose of hiking on a camping trip?

In your camping group, who sets up the sleeping arrangements?

In what event could you imagine yourself getting lost on a camping trip?

What would a swimming excursion look like on one of your camping trips?

How would you describe a normal trip to the camp bathroom?

What’s your preferred fire building method?

What, in your opinion, is a perfect scenic view?

Who is the best camping partner?

On a camping trip, what kind of shelter are you most likely to make?

If you are a coffee drinker, how do you make it while camping?

What is one item you would never camp without?

How do you prefer to relax at the end of a camping day?

Is there any kind of storytelling that takes place on a typical camping trip?

How do you stay warm at night if you camp in cooler climates?

What is a camping deal-breaker for you?

What is the primary joy of camping, in your book?

What is the most dangerous experience you’ve had while camping?

What amount of padding is crucial for you to be able to sleep?

What do you do when a storm hits your campground?

How and how often do you typically clean yourself when you’re camping?

What do you use to wash the camp dishes?

What fear plagues you on camping trips?

When you are camping, how long does your food typically stay good?

Why do you think national parks are necessary?

What is the ideal distance you prefer your camp to be from civilization?

What survival tool do you need to bring to feel secure while camping?

How do you keep track of where you are on a hiking trip away from camp?

When you get back to civilization, what is the first thing you do?

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