Go Apartment Hunting and We'll Guess How Adult You Are

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When it's time to get your first apartment, or switch apartments, there's a lot on the to-do list. But that to-do list is going to be different for everyone depending on what they're looking for. With all of the resources out there to find apartments in your desired area, finding an actual apartment isn't the hard part. The hard part is finding one in your budget, with the number of bedrooms you want, the kitchen size you need, and the outdoor space you desire. 

The hunting process doesn't have to be a headache, though. This is a great moment in your life and should be a fun experience. If you're moving in with a significant other, what a journey for your relationship it will be. If you're flying solo, you literally get to picture the space filled with all of just your stuff, and you don't have to share with anyone. Usually, an apartment complex will have a few different options all within one property, so that can really help narrow down your search. If you find a complex or area you love, hopefully they'll have something that fit your needs. Want to go apartment hunting? Take this quiz to do just that, and we'll guess how adult you are!

How are you deciding a budget for your new apartment?

Who are you taking with your to check out places?

Do you need to look at a bunch of places before making a decision?

What feeling do you want to get when you walk into your potential apartment?

What floor do you want to live on?

Will you have a realtor helping you with your search?

Do you want more than one bedroom?

About how many bathrooms is ideal?

Is a big kitchen important to you?

Did you think about all of the upfront costs like renter's insurance and security deposit?

Have you taken stock of all of the apartment stuff you already have and what you'll need?

How much have you budgeted for new furnishings?

Are you moving far away from home?

What do you think will be the deciding factor for you when choosing an apartment?

Have you ever read a legal document like a lease before?

If you walk into an apartment and see carpet, are you disappointed?

What if the bathroom had pink tile?

Are you worried about neighbors?

What is one special request you have for whatever apartment you move into?

Is this apartment a long-term thing, or just for the next year?

If you need a roommate, are you going with someone you already know or taking out an ad?

Would you rather spend a little more for a prime location or get more space in an off-the-beaten-path place?

If you found a place you really liked, how many times would you look at it before signing a lease?

Are you in a hurry to move?

Do you need a certain color scheme to already be the apartment before you move in?

Do you pay attention to practical things like outlets and water pressure when apartment hunting?

When you find the place you like and are all set to move, are you hiring movers?

Do you care if the apartment is managed by a big management group?

Are you looking for space to have a garden or be able to have plants outside?

What is one thing you absolutely will not stand for in an apartment?

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