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You had us at "Ditto." Relive the love that will last forever with our swoon-worthy 'Ghost' quiz!

The film Ghost, a romantic fantasy thriller, was released in which year:

Ghost, was the highest-grossing film of 1990.


In which American city does the movie Ghost take place?

At the beginning of the movie, Sam and Molly live together in Manhattan.


What is the name of Sam’s friend and co-worker at the bank?

Carl is played by actor Tony Goldwyn, most recently known for his role as President on the TV Series “Scandal”.


When Molly would say, “I love you” to Sam, he would reply:

The word “ditto” comes from the Latin “dictus”, which means: having been said.


Sam takes Oda Mae Brown to the bank to close out the account holding $4 million. Which name does he instruct her to sign the check as?

By mistake, Oda Mae Brown starts signing the wrong name and Sam stops her in her tracks!


After leaving the bank with the $4 million, Sam takes Oda Mae to donate the money to…

This comical scene shows Oda Mae truly struggling to hand over the check. The nuns were raising money for a homeless shelter.


Which song by the Righteous Brothers was recorded in 1965 but reappeared on the Billboard charts in 1990 after playing in the film Ghost?

This song has become one of the most-recorded songs of the 20th century!


What are Sam and Molly doing during the scene when Unchained Melody is playing in the movie?

They are sitting together at the wheel, their hands are intertwined with the clay in this romantic and memorable scene!


In the subway station, Sam learns from another ghost that if you concentrate, you can touch things in real life. What does he successfully move after concentrating?

The word for soda was originally applied when sodium carbonate was contained in water – although now it is carbonic acid that is forced under pressure.


To prove that he is present as a ghost, which object does Sam pick up move across the room in front of Molly?

To Molly, the penny appears to be floating in the air because she can’t see Sam!


Ted the Subway ghost gets angry at Sam, pushing him and yelling at him to, “____________!”

Sam fights back and tells Ted that he wants to learn how to move things in real life. Ted gives in and successfully teaches him to dig deep down in his soul and concentrate.


Sam taunts Carl when he is alone at the office by:

Sam typed “murderer” and “Sam” and it scared Carl!


What did Oda Mae Brown do for a living?

Oda Mae’s gift for connecting with the dead ran in her family. Her mother had it, and her mother’s mother had it, though Oda Mae never wanted it!


When Oda Mae connects a woman named Ortisha with her late husband Orlando, he asks what Ortisha did to her hair. She responds:

Sam barges in and interrupts this session, leaving the woman wondering where Orlando went, and Oda Mae breathless.


At the bank, Sam instructs Oda Mae to say she has a transaction to make. Mistakenly however, Oda Mae tells the clerk she has a __________ to make.

Oda Mae Brown was played by actress Whoppi Goldberg.


When Carl visits Molly in a panic following Sam’s death, he complains of a stomach ache and asks for:

When Molly goes looking for the medicine, Carl snoops around, trying to find Sam’s address book.


What does Sam tell Molly about the love inside of you when you die?

This marked a point in the movie where the threat (Carl) to Molly was gone, and Sam can be at peace with his death.


How did Sam die in the movie?

He was mugged on the street with Molly and was shot by accident.


Which actor played Sam Wheat in the movie Ghost?

He was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his role in Ghost, but did not win.


Ghost was nominated for 5 different Academy Awards. How many of them actually won?

Whoopi Goldberg won for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Bruce Joel Rubin won for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.


Following the shoot, Patrick Swayze referred to the pottery scene as “the __________ thing he has ever done on film.”

And he looked very sexy doing it too!


Who comes to take the bodies of Willie and Carl at the moment of their deaths?

The horrible sounds that the dark shadows make are really sound effects of babies crying played at a slow speed backwards!


What is the name of the song that Sam sang incessantly to Oda Mae until she agreed to help him?

Part of the lyrics say, “She wouldn’t have a Willie or a Sam…” reflecting Willie who killed Sam in the movie.


Patrick Swayze died in 2009. How did he die?

Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009.


At the end of the movie, what does Molly hear one last time?

Ghost had a running time of 2h 7min and was rated PG-13.


Before the role was offered to Patrick Swayze, which famous actor turned down the opportunity to play Sam Wheat in Ghost?

In an interview with the New York Times in 1996, he called himself a “knucklehead” for having said no to the role!


Upon winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Ghost, Whoopi Goldberg credited who or what for her win?

Swayze is said to have pleaded with the director to cast Goldberg in the role of Oda Mae Brown.


Why did Carl need Sam’s address book?

Little did he know Sam was working with Oda Mae to withdraw the money and donate it!


When Molly tells Carl about Oda Mae Brown, where does Sam go in a panic?

This is where Sam, following as a ghost, learns that Carl and Willie were working together and Carl had a hand in his death.


As a ghost, Sam heads back to the Subway to locate the Subway Ghost Ted. How does he find him?

Ted gets angry and territorial with him but then warms up to Sam.


What is the color of the suit and hat that Oda Mae Brown wears to the bank?

She goes to the bank posing as a woman named Rita Miller per Sam’s instructions.


What does Sam write in the bathroom mirror fog to scare and terrorize Willie?

They are in Oda Mae’s bathroom when this happens, but she is hiding.


Who says, “Have a nice life, have a nice death, goodbye!”

She was annoyed by them and just wanted the drama with them to be over!


What does Ted break in the subway station?

Vincent Schiavelli, who played Ted, died in 2005 from lung cancer.


Who does Oda Mae Brown ask to see at the bank?

Lyle was played by actor Bruce Jarchow.


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