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Christmas is a great time to catch up on classic movies. How much do you remember about the 1998 holiday favorite, I'll Be Home for Christmas? Test yourself on these facts from the film and see if you can beat this quiz!

Who is the main character?

Jake is the main character. He also goes by the nickname, JT. He is a college student at Palisades College in Los Angeles.


Why doesn't Jake want to go home for the holiday?

Jake doesn't like his stepmom. He admits this towards the end of the movie.


Who is Jake's girlfriend?

Allie is played by Jessica Biel! This was one of her first big roles. She plays an honest and wholesome character in the film.


What does Jake do with his plane tickets?

He trades them in for a week in Cabo San Lucas with his girlfriend. She is definitely not on board with the idea and becomes annoyed with Jake.


What is Jake promised by his father if he makes it home for Christmas?

His dad really wants the family to be together so he promises Jake the 1957 red Porsche convertible. Jake is crazy about the idea and pictures himself driving in it with Allie.


Where do Jake's parents live?

Jake's parents live in New York, which is where Jake's girlfriend Allie wants to go for the holidays. She wants a white Christmas with her family, not a warm holiday in Mexico.


Why doesn’t Jake give his girlfriend Allie a ride?

Some jocks from school decide to kidnap Jake and leave him in the desert in a Santa suit! Jake has no phone, no wallet, and no ID!


Who does Allie ride with instead?

Eddie is one of the guys who leaves jake behind in the desert. He does this because he wants to be with Allie and she is dating Jake. Eddie asks her why he is not eligible to date her, on multiple occasions.


What does Jake's sign say when he first hitchhikes?

The sign originally states, “North Pole or bust.” Jake then changes it to, “reindeer on strike.” He sits outside for hours, waiting for someone in rain and darkness.


Where does Jake finally find a place to sleep?

In the next town Jake wanders into, he crawls into a sleigh for the night after walking for hours. A fireman wakes him up and tells him he needs to go.


While hitchhiking the second round, Jake almost gets hit by what?

The van driver is trying to eat a burger while driving and drops it.  While looking for his food on the floor, he veers through multiple lanes.  Jake tries to run once he notices the van, but he gets hit!


While on the road trip, Allie sings what song?

Doctor Jones is a song by the group, Aqua. As Allie and Eddie ride in the car she is singing proudly to the radio. This is one of the occasions Eddie asks why she is dating JT instead of him.


What does Jake say to Allie when she is sad?

“Not even the rain has such small hands.”  The quote is by E.E. Cummings. Allie tells Eddie that such sentimental things like that are why she loves Jake.


Why does the van Jake is riding in get pulled over?

After Jake joins the guy who hit him in the van, the two hit the road. Before long, they get pulled over by a cop. The driver gets nervous because he has stolen goods in the back of the van.


What does Jake tell the cop who pulls them over?

Jake lies and says he is rushing to get to the children's hospital to distribute toys.  It is convenient that the back is full of gifts and products! The cop escorts them there.


What role does the van driver take on as a cover?

He has a change of heart and wants to stop stealing.  Jake inspires him to go back home, which unfortunately ruins his hopes of getting a ride.


What is the name of the little boy at the children's hospital?

The little boy's name is Esteban.  Jake tries to give him a vacuum cleaner.  The kid turns it down and tells Jake he really wants to go home to be with his family.


What is the name of the cop's wife?

The cop has cheated on her and asks Jake to help him win her back.  The two visit Marjorie at the restaurant where she works and the cop serenades her.


In return for Jake's help, what does the cop promise to give Jake?

Jake asks the cop for a bus ticket to New York.  Jake talks to Marjorie and convinces her to get back with her husband, then the cop follows through and buys him a ticket!


What does Jake find on the bus?

In the donation box there is a liver!  It is a ploy. Jake finds a piece of meat and puts it in a cooler on ice, and says it needs to be delivered to a little girl in Alderbrook. This is his over-the-top way of getting where he needs to be!


What activity does Jake participate in, along his way?

There are hundreds of Santas running in the marathon, all dressed in their suits.  The length of the race is 1 kilometer, and the winner gets a prize!


Eddie says he is gonna give Jake a ride after what event?

Allie chews both of the boys out. Eddie offers to give JT a ride, because he feels bad. Then Eddie changes his mind because he doesn’t want jake to be cooler than him once he gets the Porsche.


How does Jake finish in the marathon?

Jake wins the race! He even drops his hat toward the end, forcing him to go back. It comes down to him and one other man, but Jake is able to push forward.


What does Jake see after he finishes the race?

He sees Eddie in the back of a police car! Eddie pleads with Jake to meet him at the station because the cops are trying to arrest him. Seems like bad karma has gotten to Eddie, and Jake decides not to help.


Who does Jake beat in the race?

Jake beats an unidentified Santa who turns out to actually be the town mayor! His name is Wilson. The taxi driver points out that the mayor wins every year.


Why does Jake make the taxi turn around?

He feels guilty for keeping the money.  He won the money in the race that Mayor Wilson normally donates to low-income families who can't afford holiday dinner.


What family member chips in to help Jake?

Jake's sister buys a plane ticket for him to pick up. He uses a secret password to claim the ticket.  However, he cannot get on the flight without ID! Oops.


By what time does Jake need to be home?

In order to win the Porsche, according to his dad's rules, Jake must be home by 6 pm for dinner. The family really wants him home for the holiday and has dinner already. They begin to think he will not show up.


What time does Jake make it home?

Jake makes it home with two minutes to spare, but decides he doesn't want the Porsche after all. In the grand scheme of things, it is no longer important to him. Instead, he stands outside, watching his family eat Christmas Eve dinner through the window.


From what city does Jake try to fly with his sister's ticket?

Jake's sister arranges for an airline ticket for Jake from Madison, Wisconsin. However, the airline refuses to allow Jake to board the aircraft because he has no ID. Jake decides to hide away in a dog kennel on a cargo aircraft!


When Jake finally catches up with Allie, what does he see?

Allie lets Jake into the room. Eddie walks out of the shower in only a towel and Jake assumes he has slept with Allie. However, nothing actually happened between the two.


How does Allie find out about the car?

Jake and Allie make up until Jake blurts out that Eddie prevented him from getting home by 6 pm. Upset that Jake cares more about the car than her, Allie storms onto the bus and takes Jake's seat.


How much money does Jake win in the Santa Marathon?

Jake decides to enter a Santa Claus race for a chance to win a $1,000 prize, so he can buy an airline ticket to New York. Instead, Jake donates the money hesitantly after the race.


What is Jake offered when he is late for the dinner?

He is offered the Porsche anyway. However, JT turns it down. He doesn't feel like he deserves it anymore.


What event happens during the closing scene?

There is a parade on the block. The Wilkinsons and Allie get in the sleigh just as the parade arrives and join the festivities. They are all happy being together for Christmas.


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