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Do you remember the special pact these four boys made? Take this quiz to relive their comical senior year. Let's see how well you remember Jim, Stiffler, and his Mom...

In which year was the premiere of American Pie?

American Pie was written by Adam Herz and directed by brothers Paul and Chris Weitz.


American Pie is a story about ______ best friends.

The five best friends attend East Great Falls High.


The five best friends are Jim, Kevin, Oz, Finch and ______.

Although Stifler antagonizes all of them, they are still good friends.


Where is East Great Falls High located?

The five friends are in their senior year of high school.


What is Jim's last name?

Jim Levenstein is awkward and nerdy, and so is his dad!


Which actor plays the role of Jim?

Jason Biggs gained his first recognition when he played the role of Pete Wendell on As The World Turns.


What is Chris Ostreicher's nickname in American Pie?

Chris Ostreicher was portrayed by actor Chris Klein.


What sport does Oz play in high school?

Chris Klein was born Frederick Christopher Klein on March 14, 1979.


Who is Kevin's girlfriend?

Vicky's full name in the movie was Victoria Lathum.


Which actress plays the role of Vicky?

Tara Reid was born on November 8, 1975.


Who is the most sophisticated of the nerdy friends?

Finch's first name is Paul. He likes to drink mochaccinos.


What is Stifler's first name?

Steve Stifler is a big jock who likes to throw parties.


At the start of the movie, who is the only one who has already lost his virginity?

Stifler brags about this fact to his 4 'virgin' friends.


Which famous actor plays the role of Jim's dad?

Eugene Levy's character name in American Pie was Noah Levenstein.


What does Oz do in an attempt to find a girlfriend?

He succeeds in meeting a girl from the choir.


What is the name of Oz's girlfriend from the choir?

Heather and Oz perform a duet together in the choir competition.


Which famous actress plays the role of Oz's girlfriend Heather?

Mena Suvari was born in Newport, RI on February 13, 1979.


Oz tells Jim that third base feels like ________.

So of course, Jim decides to practice on a pie but he gets caught!


Who catches Jim practicing having sex with an apple pie?

Together, they plan to keep it a secret from his mother!


"This one time at ________..."

Jim befriends a girl who attended band camp.


What is the name of Jim's band camp geek friend?

Michelle Flaherty's role was minor but ended up being popular among viewers.


Who is Vicky's best friend?

Jessica is portrayed by actress Natasha Lyonne.


Who pays Jessica to spread rumors around school that he is amazing in bed?

Finch pays her $200 in hopes that her rumors will increase his chances of finding a girl.


Four of the boys make a pact to lose their virginities before their...

Kevin leads the charge and proposes the pact with the boys.


What is the name of the exchange student who asks to study history with Jim?

Nadia is from Slovakia and wants help studying for their history exam.


Stifler's mom is a ______.

MILF stands for "Mom I'd Like to F**k!"


Jim's dad says that ______ are safer than a tube sock.

Jim's dad was so embarrassing when dishing out advice to his curious son.


Who said, "Say my name, bitch!"?

Michelle took Jim's virginity but not before she made him say her name!


What object does Jim dance with in front of Nadia?

Finch, watching over the internet, says, "Tell me he did not just get out the chair!"


Who goes home every day to use the his home toilet?

FInch is paranoid about the cleanliness of the school restrooms!


Who puts a laxative in Finch's mochaccino?

This forces Finch to panic and runs into the girls' bathroom by mistake!


Even though he was dateless for the prom, who does Finch end up having sex with on prom night?

Stifler's mom was played by actress Jennifer Coolidge.


What is Chuck's self-appointed nickname?

Chuck Sherman lied to the boys about having sex before they all did!


What is the American Pie theme song?

Laid by James was a popular song from 1993.


What was the name of the 2nd American Pie film that came out 2 years later?

American Pie 2 came out in 2001 and continued the story of the boys after their first year of college.


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