Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Biggest Fear

By: Zoe Samuel
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Fear is a prehistoric instinct that kept human beings alive, and occasionally acting strangely, since the dawn of humanity. Fear was an evolutionary development intended to warn creatures about potential danger and to keep them from it. Like pain, fear isn't something most creatures can control, and indeed "bravery" is not an absence of fear, but rather the strength of will to act when fear is present.

Some fears are rational. If one has been in a motor vehicle accident, or taken a bad spill playing a sport, or cut oneself while cooking, a rational fear of the source of the injury makes perfect sense. This kind of fear is exactly what evolution gave us to keep us alive: a healthy fear of very real dangers.

On the other hand, there are fears that are irrational. These fears are something of a mystery, believed to be inspired by subconscious interactions with the world of our childhoods. While rational fears may include fire, sharp objects, and falls from great heights, irrational fears include fears of windowless rooms, fears of leather and fears of foreign languages.

What fear, and more interestingly what kind of fear, is the great terror that keeps you up at night? We've got the tools to find out! Try our quiz!

Would you rather be attacked by a vicious dog, or be forced to eat a friendly dog?

Would you rather be misdiagnosed with a terrible disease and spend a decade worrying about it, or be correctly diagnosed with a treatable but embarrassing disease that lasts a month?

Would you rather have to drive a tiny, uncomfortable car to work every day for a year or drive an actual clown car full of clowns to work once?

Would you rather lose your phone or have it stolen?

Would you rather sit on something too hard or too soft?

Would you rather wear a horrific outfit on the decisive date with your true love, or on national television, and on YouTube in perpetuity?

Would you rather work a job you hated for four years or spend four years finding the right one?

Would you rather be famous for a skill you can take credit for, or a talent you are born with?

Would you rather live without any technology for a year but then always have the latest gadgets for free for life, or always have the last generation of gadgets for life, but only pay half-price?

Would you rather reach into your wallet at a critical moment and find your money and credit cards are missing, or they're there but covered in something disgusting?

Would you rather accidentally board a safe flight to the other side of the world, or fly directly to where you want to go, but have a terrifying landing?

Would you rather survive being attacked by zombies or survive being attacked by wolves?

Would you rather have to cross a burning desert without any water, or in bare feet?

Would you rather lose your job in a bad economy, or lose your house in a natural disaster?

Would you rather live in a Stephen King novel or an H.P. Lovecraft short story?

Would you rather have magic powers that make life easier, or a gadget that does the same stuff just as easily?

Would you rather lose a cherished loved one, or find out they've been lying to you about something important your whole life?

Would you rather be homeless for a year or let all your friends believe you to be some kind of terrible racist?

Would you rather have a really cute puppy for free or go on a lovely month-long vacation for free?

Would you rather lose your hearing in one ear forever or lose your mobile signal for five years?

Would you rather get a newspaper from the future, or the answer to a mystery from the past?

Would you rather own today's finest clothes but be unable to replace them for a decade, or not be allowed any nice clothes, but have whatever middling clothes you want for a decade?

Would you rather have a brother or a sister?

Would you rather be famous or rich?

Would you rather every holiday be Halloween, with people dressed in scary costumes, or every holiday be Christmas, where you're expected to spend a lot of money?

Would you rather shoulder a financial burden for ten years, or keep a terrible secret for life?

Would you rather work in a circus or a slaughterhouse?

Would you rather lose your health or your friends?

Would you rather have a comfortable life but never achieve your dreams, or an uncomfortable life but one day achieve your dreams?

Would you rather know your deepest fear and live in fear of it, or not know it and have it jump out at you one day?

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