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Have mercy! Do you remember the name of Uncle Jesse's band or the full name of oldest daughter D.J. Tanner? If you can remember the answer to these types of questions, you just might have the "Full House" mastery to ace this quiz!

There's no question that the story of a widowed dad raising his three daughters with the help of his best buddies was a huge hit with significant staying power. We laughed. We cried. We knew the Tanners like they were our own family. Remember how Becky told Uncle Jesse they were having kids? Can you recall what Danny's original occupation was? If these are ringing a bell, you might just be the "Full House" super fan we're looking for.

"Full House" was such a hit with fans that, decades after the first episode aired, the show got a reboot on Netflix. Known as "Fuller House," this revival of the series features oldest daughter D.J. struggling to raise her three sons in her childhood home after the death of her husband. Of course, her family and friends are always willing to lend a hand.

Think you know everything there is to know about this beloved series? Take our "Full House" quiz to find out!

What's the name of the actor who played Jesse Katsopolis?

Jesse Katsopolis was portrayed by John Stamos. Early on, the character’s last name was Cochran but was later changed to Katsopolis. Soap opera fans might remember Stamos as Blackie Parrish from "General Hospital" in the early 1980s.


What does Pam Tanner give to her daughter Stephanie on the day she brings home newborn Michelle?

Mr. Bear is a stuffed toy given to Stephanie by her mom on a very special day. Stephanie is really bonded to Mr. Bear, and the beloved stuffed toy makes a return in the "Fuller House" reboot.


Which band is slated to appear on Danny's talk show in season two?

Danny is elated when The Beach Boys are slated to appear on his talk show. Did you know? In real life, John Stamos has occasionally played percussion in concert with The Beach Boys. In 1988, he appeared in their video, "Kokomo."


Who has two broken arms after a motorcycle crash in the episode, "Cutting It Close"?

Stephanie is playing the pretend game of "hairdresser" when she accidentally cuts a chunk of Jesse's hair off, forcing him to go to his professional hairdresser. Jesse crashes his motorcycle, causing Stephanie to think she might be a jinx.


What is the name of Danny's mother and the girls' grandmother?

Claire Tanner was the one who was there for Danny in the first few months after Danny's wife Pam died. The character is played by Alice Hirson, and she appears in only a couple episodes of “Full House.”


How many performers shared the role of Michelle?

Michelle Tanner is the youngest Tanner daughter on "Full House." She was portrayed by twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This character coined the phrase, “You got it, dude!”


A lost, and very pregnant, Golden Retriever named Minnie is discovered in the Tanner’s backyard. What do the girls name the puppy that Danny reluctantly lets them keep?

Minnie is the Tanner family dog matriarch, serving as mother to Comet. The adorable Golden Retriever tradition would continue in 2016's "Fuller House" with the addition of Max's dog Cosmo.


What is the name of D.J.’s best friend and next door neighbor?

Kimmy’s character was a recurring guest star early on, and she soon became part of the main cast. A best friend for life to D.J., Kimmy becomes a true part of the Tanner family in "Fuller House."


How many daughters does Danny Tanner have?

Most people know Bob Saget from his eight seasons on "Full House" as Danny Tanner, but that wasn't his only stint as a TV dad. Saget also provided the narration on "How I Met Your Mother" from 2005 to 2014.


Who are the two co-hosts of “Wake Up, San Francisco”?

"Wake Up, San Francisco" is the morning talk show hosted Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson. Later on, it is also produced by Rebecca. Danny had a hard time with this and, as a result, quit the show in the episode, "The Producer."


What is the name of the first episode of season three, when the family heads to Hawaii?

Danny takes the Tanners and his co-host Rebecca Donaldson to Hawaii. Once there, Danny causes trouble by being his usual controlling self and scheduling all the family activities on his Clipboard of Fun.


When Becky goes into labor, what costume is Jesse wearing?

Becky goes into labor and is admitted into the hospital alongside Jesse who is also wheeled into the hospital due to his appendicitis. This was part two of the season five episode, "Happy Birthday, Babies."


In which sport did Michelle accidentally score a winning point for the opposing team?

In episode three of season seven, “Wrong-Way Tanner,” Michelle feels terrible after scoring for the opposing team. Her teammates are really angry, which makes Michelle believe she will never play soccer again.


Who is entering second grade in the episode "Back to School Blues" in season three?

In this episode, D.J. is starting junior high, and Stephanie is starting second grade. Stephanie is known for her perky personality and humorous catchphrases like "Pin a rose on your nose" and "How rude!"


Why does Stephanie decide in “Honey, I Broke the House” to run away to Mexico?

In this March 1990 episode, Stephanie gets into Joey's car and backs up, crashing into the Tanner kitchen. The episode title is a reference to the 1989 comedy, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."


How did Michelle get hurt in the two-part series finale, “Michelle Rides Again”?

While riding her horse, Michelle suffers a head injury and some memory loss. Later on, she undergoes an out-of-body experience, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen get to share the screen together.


What is the name of the "Full House" theme song?

The "Full House" theme song was written by Bennett Salvay and Jesse Frederick. Carly Rae Jepsen did a version for the "Fuller House" reboot on Netflix. You’ll remember her from 2012’s “Call Me Maybe.”


What famous sitcom character made a cameo on "Full House" in season four.

In the season four episode, "Stephanie Gets Framed," Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White) helps Stephanie adjust to wearing glasses. His advice? Get them laughing with you rather than at you.


What invention does Jesse almost make it big with?

In season seven's "The Prying Game," Jesse's homemade face shield is almost a big seller for the Tanner family. That is, until they take it on the air and are threatened with a lawsuit.


Who is the creator of “Full House”?

Born in Inglewood, California, Jeff Franklin has worked as a writer, producer and director for more than 25 years. In addition to "Full House," he was also the creator and executive producer for "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" (1992).


Who has a circus-themed birthday party in the episode, "The Greatest Birthday on Earth"?

The guys plan a circus birthday party for Michelle, but Jesse, Stephanie and Michelle are accidentally locked in a service garage. Jesse does some clever improvising, and he and Stephanie throw a makeshift "circus" party for Michelle within the station's grimy garage.


Who has a chance to appear on “Star Search”?

This episode opens with the family watching an old videotape of Joey. On the tape, Joey gives himself a deadline of 10 years to be a successful comedian, and the end of the 10-year deadline is quickly approaching. Danny surprises Joey with a chance to appear on "Star Search." Joey tries his best, but he doesn't win.


Which real-life rock star appears in one "Full House" episode?

In the season seven episode, "Too Little Richard Too Late," Joey is running for PTA president of Michelle's school in order to keep the art program going. The iconic rock and roll star performs at a rally for Joey.


What is the name of Jesse's scheming cousin?

In season seven's "Kissing Cousins," Jesse's conniving cousin visits from Greece and causes nothing but trouble for the Tanner family. He looks an awful lot like actor John Stamos; however, he sports a big, dark mustache.


What word does Stephanie get wrong in the spelling bee?

In season five, Danny helps Stephanie prepare for the spelling bee by teaching her mnemonic phrases to help her remember the spelling of different words. Remember this one? "Double the C, double the S and you will always have success."


What do the guys decide to do on a day of male bonding in the first season?

The episode "Sea Cruise" was directed by Tom Trbovich, a veteran television director whose credits include "Laverne & Shirley," "Newhart" and "Dinosaurs." However, this was the director's only episode of "Full House."


What is the name of the first woman Danny dates after his wife Pam's death?

Karen Kopins plays Linda Stratton, the hive mother of the Honeybee troop that Stephanie is a member of. Kopins is also known for her performances in "Once Bitten" (1985), "Creator" (1985), "Jake Speed" (1986) and "Troop Beverly Hills" (1989).


What is the name of Jesse's club?

Plenty of headaches ensue when Jesse tries to renovate the dilapidated venue. John Tracy, who directed episodes six and seven in season seven, certainly knew his way around '90s television comedy. He also directed a great deal of "Family Matters" and "Step by Step" episodes.


Which was an old nickname for Jesse?

In episode nine of season three, Jesse gets a visit from his old friend Pete (played by Scott Baio of "Joanie Loves Chachi" fame). A videotape shows Jesse doing some dangerous stunts on a rooftop with his motorcycle. Jesse must decide if he's still that same guy.


Who got a new car as a birthday present in the episode, “The Big Three-O”?

In episode 11 of season one, Danny is nervous about turning 30. He says he does not want any surprises, but the gang throws a party for him anyway. Also, his car gets totally ruined.


What was the name of the very first episode of "Full House"?

“Our Very First Show” is the premiere episode of the "Full House" series, which aired for the first time in 1987. For reference, the Olsen twins were born shortly before on June 13, 1986.


Who decides to be one of the guys in the episode, "Just One of the Guys"?

Cousin Steve is visiting in this episode and would rather hang out with the guys than the girls. The character was played by Kirk Cameron (of "Growing Pains" fame) and is Candace Cameron Bure's real-life brother.


What business is Jesse's dad in?

In the third episode of the second season, Jesse lets his dad know that he is quitting the family extermination business. His dad doesn't take the news well. Fun fact: Jesse's father's name is Nick, and one of the Katsopolis twins will be named Nicky.


Which animal saved Jesse's life while Jesse was on his way home from a gig?

In this first season episode, "The Return of Grandma," Uncle Jesse brings home a turtle. Then, the fellas have to get the house cleaned because their mothers are dropping by announced. (Whatever happened to predictability?)


What happens in the two-part episode, “The Seven-Month Itch”?

After Jesse starts feeling the house is a little too full, Danny and Joey discover a note from him stating that he has left to be on his own for a while. He does not know when (or if) he will be back.


What is the name of the burro Joey meets during the series finale?

If anybody can appreciate a pack animal named after one of the most famous television personalities of all time, it's Joey Gladstone. The burro's name is a play on the name of American comedian Milton Berle.


How many seasons did “Full House” run?

From 1987 to 1995, we shared all the group hugs and cat calls with the Tanner family. Thank goodness our old familiar friends are waiting just around the bend on the "Fuller House" reboot.


Which actor was replaced after only one episode?

Actor John Posey is credited with playing Danny Tanner in the unaired pilot of "Full House." He also has appeared in only one episode of the following shows as well: "Seinfeld," "Cheers", "ER" and "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper."


What is the nickname of Jesse's hockey nemesis?

Joey laces up and goes back out on the ice for a chance to beat his arch rival, Stonewall Binkley, a goalie with red brick painted on his mask. Meanwhile, Jesse needs a lot of coaching on skating.


Who played the boxer Danny interviews in season one's "Knock Yourself Out"?

Ernie Hudson played Reggie "The Sandman" Martin in this 1987 episode. The 1980s were a busy decade for Hudson, as he would play Winston Zeddemore in "Ghostbusters" (1984) and "Ghostbusters II" (1989).


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