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Test your knowledge of the Crane men and their friends.

‘Frasier’ takes place in what US city?

Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America.


Who is Frasier’s foul-mouthed producer?

Roz Doyle is played by Peri Gilpin, who also played D.B. Russell’s (played by Ted Danson) wife on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Frasier’s uptight brother, Niles, is played by?

Following in Kelsey’s footsteps, David voiced characters on “The Simpsons.”


When Frasier answers a call at the station, he says hello and then says_______?

Frasier’s catchphrase is considered one of TV Guide’s top 60 TV catchphrases of all time.


After Frasier’s cranky father moves in, what does dad have delivered to the apartment?

The wooden bench recliner patent issued in 1928 led to the founding of La-Z-Boy.


What were the call letters of Frasier's radio show?

KACL comes from Angell, Casey and Lee, the three co-creators of the show. The K is a standard letter to begin the stations west of the Mississippi.


What must Frasier have in the morning to be at his best?

Experts say to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein.


Who is the brash show host that Frasier has such a problem with at the radio station?

Bulldog is the host of Gonzo Sports Show, KACL's highest-rated show.


What is the name of the coffee shop that’s in almost every episode?

The real-life Elliott Bay Cafe – the Seattle-area coffee shop is the inspiration for the fictional Cafe Nervosa.


Who is Niles much talked about but never seen on camera wife?

Maris made two onscreen “appearances” as a shadow in “Voyage of the Damned” and covered in bandages in “Rooms with a View”.


Other than “Frasier” and “Cheers”, what show did the character Frasier Crane appear?

Lilith is the only other character to appear on all three shows.


Who does Niles have a crush on?

Daphne Moon is played by Jane Leeves who went on to play Joy Scroggs in “Hot in Cleveland”.


Other than being spunky, what is Daphne’s unique skill?

Psychics earn anywhere between $10/hr all the way to $1200/hr depending on their popularity and celebrity status.


How long did Kelsey Grammer play Frasier Crane?

From his first appearance in 1984 on Cheers to the series finale of Frasier in 2004.


What is the title of Frasier’s theme song?

When writing the song, it was necessary to stay away from words about psychiatry, radio shows, the name "Frasier", and anything else directly indicating aspects of the show.


What does Roz’s mom do for a living?

Brad Schimel (R) is the current Attorney General of Wisconsin.


Who did not guest star as one of Frasier’s callers?

Mel Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, and moved at 12 years old to Sydney, Australia with his parents.


Who else played the same live-action character for 20 years?

James Arness played Marshal Dillon for twenty years on Gunsmoke.


Who does Martin have a relationship with via telescope?

Martin and Irene first “meet” when he is looking at her apartment with his new telescope as she is looking into Frasier’s apartment with hers.


How many time is Niles married during the series?

Maris Crane is first, followed by a short marriage to Melinda "Mel" Karnofsky and ending with Daphne Moon!


When Daphne was 12, she starred in what English TV show?

It’s a show about "ethnically diverse" 12-year-olds in a private girls boarding school.


Who does Frasier date that is the spitting image of his mother, Hester?

Mia is a children’s book author who everyone but Frasier realizes she looks like Hester.


Other than Daphne, who did the creators add to Frasier that was not part of Frasier’s backstory on Cheers?

Frasier told his friends at Cheers that he was an only child. The creators were so impressed by David Hyde Pierce that they talked NBC into creating the character.


Martin is a retired _______?

The average annual salary of a homicide detective is $79, 030 USD.


When Daphne goes to get married, Frasier and Martin think it’s a good idea to pay for Daphne’s wedding flowers. There’s a mishap as Frasier is telling Daphne the news. What does Daphne think Frasier is paying for?

The bride’s family paying for the whole wedding morphed from the bride’s family giving the husband a dowry to help support the new family.


What kind of dog is Eddie?

Eddie is played by Moose until 2000 and then Moose’s son Enzo until 2004.


We watch Niles lust and then fall hopelessly in love with Daphne throughout the series. Who accidently opens their big mouth and tells Daphne?

Frasier opens his mouth when he is high on painkillers for a sore back. He has no clue he tells Nile’s secret.


Martin takes Frasier and Niles to _______, a restaurant that cuts off their fancy ties because they have a casual dress code?

Customers choose their cut of steak from a meat cart that is wheeled up to the customer’s table.


Who does Daphne win at a charity bachelor’s auction?

Daphne and Bulldog get stuck in traffic. When Daphne taunts another driver, Bulldog gets pulled from the back of the limo.


When Frasier takes a leave of absence and Niles fills in on his show for a week. What is Nile’s catchphrase?

Niles first comes up with the catchphrase when he fills in for a flu-ridden Frasier in “Frasier Crane’s Day Off”.


Who is the negative force that gives Daphne a horrible headache and causes her to lose the feeling in her arm?

Lilith is played by Bebe Neuwirth and besides Frasier, the only other Cheers character to become a recurring character on Frasier.


What is Frasier’s condo number?

Elliott Bay Towers is the name of the condo building where #1901 resides.


What is the name of Roz’s child?

Alice arrives as a newborn in the fifth season episode “Life of the Party”.


How many Emmy’s did the show ‘Frasier’ grab during its time on-air?

‘Frasier’ is considered to be one of the most successful spin-off series in television history.


In the series finale, Frasier gives a farewell speech. Which famous poet does he quote?

The farewell speech is from “Ulysses."


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