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Ready to hop in and take this quiz for a spin? It's time to see if you can tell your GMCs from your Fords and your Fords from your GMCs! We're heading across the good ol' US of A with this Ford or GMC picture quiz!

It may be hard to believe, but both Fords and GMCs have been around for more than a century! Ford was founded in 1903, while General Motors Company came just five years later in 1908. Though GMC has been through a few name changes over the years, a Ford is a Ford is a Ford! But no matter what, these two brands have built some of America's top-selling vehicles, particularly trucks and SUVs. Do you drive one? Surely you know someone who does! 

Because they are so widely seen, we're sure you'll have an eye for the top-sellers in this quiz ... but are you car-buff enough to recognize some of the models that were only around for one year? Only the wisest American car enthusiast will be up for this challenge. Think that's you?

It's time to gas up, load in, and head to the great state of Michigan. From Detroit to Dearborn, it's time to see if you know ... is it a Ford? or is it a GMC?!

The Thunderbird entered production for the 1955 model year as a sporty two-seat convertible. It was not marketed as a sports car, rather an upscale model known as the "personal luxury car."

The 1941 Ford was produced for the model years 1941 - 1948. It came available in eight different body styles from 2-door coupe to 4-door station wagon!

The Ford Tempo was also called the Ford Ghia, Ford Topaz and Mercury Topaz. It was designed by Jack Telnack and was built on the Ford CE14 platform.

The all-new GMC Canyon was introduced on January 12, 2014. It has a front grille design that closely resembles its full-size sibling, the GMC Sierra. Its counterpart in the Chevy lineup is the Colorado.

Carroll Hall Shelby was born on January 11, 1923 in Leesburg, Texas. He is best known for his involvement with the AC Cobra and Mustang, which was later known as Ford's Shelby Mustang.

The Ford Mondeo is now in its fourth generation. While it is still called the Mondeo in New Caledonia, it is known as the Ford Fusion in North America.

The Ford Super Duty is distinguished from the F-150 by its separate bodywork. The Super Duty trucks utilize a distinct chassis from the F-150 with heavier-duty chassis and suspension components to allow for higher payload and towing capacities.

The GMC Motorhome was manufactured by GM Truck and Coach Division between the years of 1972 and 1978. It was classified as a recreational vehicle and came equipped with a 7.5L Rocket V8 engine!

The Ford Scorpio was an executive car produced by Ford Europe from 1985 to 1998. It succeeded the Ford Granada and preceded the Ford Mondeo.

The Ford Parklane was produced by Ford for just one year in 1956. It was based on the Ford Ranch Wagon but had all the fittings of the Fairlane.

Following the Model T, the Ford Model A was the second big success of the Ford Motor Company. It was in production from 1927 - 1931 and was assembled all across the United States as well as across the world.

The Ford Ranger followed the Ford Courier. It was available from 1983 - 2011 and guess what? Ford announced the return of the Ranger to the 2019 model year! They're baaaack!

The Ford LTD was available as a full-size car from 1964 - 1982. It slimmed down slightly to a mid-size vehicle from 1982 - 1986. Following its run, Ford introduced the Crown Victoria to take over the full-size model, and the Taurus as the new mid-size model.

General Motors began production on the Terrain back in 2009. It is built on the Theta platform and is likened mostly to the Chevrolet Equinox.

Did you know that the Ford Fusion is manufactured at Ford's Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly plant along with its rebadged variant the Lincoln MKZ? This assembly plant is located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

The Ford Granada was manufactured by Ford Europe. The first-generation model was produced from 1972 to 1976 at their German factory in Cologne and at their British factory in Dagenham.

The GMC Yukon is an identical match to the Chevrolet Tahoe, both of which have been in production since the 1990s. The name Yukon refers to the Yukon territory of northern Canada.

The Ford Ka is now in its third generation. Its first and second generations were city cars, while now it has moved to a subcompact classification. It is offered around the world in Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina and Europe.

The Ford Kuga went on sale in the first half of 2008, and was built at Ford's plant in Saarlouis, Germany. It came available with 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic and 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmissions.

The GMC Chevette was manufactured from 1992 to 1995 by General Motors do Brasil specifically for the Argentinian market. General Motors do Brasil is the largest subsidiary of General Motors in South America and the largest operation outside the United States.

The Ford Mustang was designed by John Najjar, Philip T. Clark, and Joe Oros. Its first model year was 1965 and is now in its sixth generation.

The GMC Van had a long production run from 1964 - 1995. It spanned three generations include multiple updates. It was generally in competition with the Ford E-Series and the Dodge Ram Van.

The Ford P68 is also remembered as the Ford 3L GT or F3L. It was a sports prototype racing car model designed by Len Bailey and introduced in March 1968.

The GMC Syclone was a high-performance version of the GMC Sonoma pickup truck. About 2,995 were produced in 1995. Afterward, GMC launched the Typhoon SUV which took its place.

Deep down, the GMC Safari was really a Chevrolet Astro. It was manufactured by GM from 1985 - 2005, assembled at the Baltimore Assembly, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Did you know that the Model R is also known as the Model N? It was designed by Henry Ford himself and produced between the years of 1906 - 1908.

There were approximately 4,697 GMC Typhoons produced between the years of 1991 - 1993. It was a 2-door mid-sized SUV with a 4-speed 4L60 automatic transmission.

Did you know that the Ford Pinto was the first subcompact developed by Ford in North America? It was available in a two-door sedan, three-door hatchback, and three-door station wagon body style, and was also the first mass-produced American car with rack and pinion steering.

Did you know that the Ford Torino was produced by Ford between 1968 - 1976. It is named after the city of Turin, Italy which is considered "the Italian Detroit"!

The Ford Focus became available in 1998 and followed the Ford Escort and Ford Laser. It comes in six different body styles, though all stay within the compact car classification.

The Ford Galaxie is a full-sized car that was built in the United States by Ford for model years 1959 to 1974. Its predecessor was the Ford Fairlane, and it was followed by the Ford LTD.

GMC Brigadier was a heavy-duty, Class 7-8 truck that was assembled by the GMC Truck and Coach Division of General Motors. It was manufactured for the model years 1978 - 1988 and had a wheelbase of 139 - 218 inches.

The Ford GT40 is a high-performance endurance racing car based on the British Lola Mk6. Only 105 of these vehicles were produced from 1964 - 1969.

The Model T is also known as the Tin Lizzie or Leaping Lena. It was produced from 1908 to 1927 and was succeeded by the Model A.

The Ford Ranchero, built between 1957 and 1979, was unlike any other pickup truck. It was adapted from a two-door station wagon platform and integrated the cab and cargo bed into the body.

The GMC Acadia was originally manufactured as a full-size crossover SUV from 2007 - 2016. Since 2017, GMC has been manufacturing it as a mid-size crossover SUV. All versions include a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Did you know Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903? Its current headquarters are located in Dearborn, Michigan though it manufactures cars all over the world!

The GMC Caballero was produced between 1978 - 1987. Prior to that it was known as the GMC Spirit for the model years 1971 - 1977. It was classified as a coupe utility pickup.

With a wheelbase of 84 inches, the Model N weighed about 800 pounds. The car sold for $500 and was considered affordable by the times.

Did you know that the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado are mechanically identical? Despite this, they do have some trim and add-on option variations. For the luxury options, GMC offers the "Denali" while Chevy offers the "High Country."

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