Ford or Chevy: Can You Identify The Makes of These Vehicles?

By: Kennita Leon
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Usually, when we do the Battle of the Car Brands quizzes, we pit brands from different nations against each other. Not because it makes it easier for you to guess the correct answer, but also because the countries are competing with each other. In the rare cases where we do take two brands from the same country, like Toyota versus Honda from Japan or Audi versus BMW from Germany, it makes for not only a more interesting quiz but a more challenging one. So, do you pay enough attention to what's going on in the U.S. (car-wise) to tell us which of these vehicles are Ford and which are Chevy?

Both Ford and Chevy are headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. But while Ford is its own stand-alone brand, Chevy is a division of the General Motors Company. Both automakers have more than 100 years in the business, but where Ford sells automobiles, Chevy does not. We can already tell that this one is going to be difficult, so are you ready? 

If you want to test your knowledge and see whether you're one of those one out of 24 people who know the difference between Ford and Chevy vehicles, let's get started! Will you do the U.S. of A. proud or will you be kicked out in shame? 

The wagon version of the Ford Model 40, which was fitted with a V8 engine, was introduced on February 9, 1933.

The 1954 Ford Mainline is an American automobile which was available in sedan, coupe and station wagon body styles.

This model, which featured chrome-style accents, fiberglass, and full wheel covers, was Chevrolet's very first high-style pickup truck.

The Black Widow is a model of the Chevrolet 150 which was frequently used in the NASCAR series cup during which a total of 59 races were won.

The 1959 model year for this automobile was manufactured and sold by Edsel as a full-size, four-door station wagon.

The 1962 Galaxie 500 Club Victoria was launched in 1961.

This 1963 coupe was the very first model to be introduced during the second generation of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car.

The 1963 Ford 300, which was replaced by the Ford Custom series in 1964, was the only model to be built given that production lasted only one year.

This vehicle was produced during the first of four model generations of a line of full-size pickup trucks.

This small automobile, which was available as a two-door coupe or a four-door sedan, was introduced at the beginning of the third generation.

The vehicle was released in 1970 for the 1971 model year, which also marked the beginning of the third generation.

This four-door station wagon was the second model to be manufactured during the sixth generation of the Ford Country Squire.

Launched in North America, this vehicle was one of the first models to be released during the second generation.

The 1973 Ford Capri was a mid-size sports car with a fastback coupe body style and an FR layout.

This compact car, which was available in a two/four-door sedan body style was produced and marketed throughout the Americas, specifically North America and Brazil.

Production for the Chevrolet Cosworth Vega began with the 1975 model and came to an end one year later.

This multi-purpose vehicle was manufactured during the first model generation and was available as a roadster, station wagon, or pickup.

The 1976 model, of which there were three body styles available, was the last model of the Ford Gran Torino to be produced.

The 1979 version of this front-engine, rear-drive subcompact car received several modifications, including square headlights and a large chrome grille with the company's emblem.

This hatchback, which was also available as a sporty x-11, was released in April 1979 for the 1980 model year.

The 1980s model for the Ford E-Series underwent a number of modifications throughout the course of its production.

The 1981 Ford Durango was classified as a compact car with a two-door utility coupe/pickup truck body style.

This small family car was sold in several countries, including Europe, North America, New Zealand, Australia, Israel and Japan.

The 1982 version, which made its first appearance in 1981, was the first S-series pickup to be released.

Also marketed as the GMC Safari, the 1985 version of the Chevrolet Astro was the first model to be released during its first generation.

The 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity, which was available as a sedan, coupe, and station wagon, was one of the models to be produced during the only generation of this mid-size car.

The 1987 model of the Chevy Corsica was a small car which was available as a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback.

This modified car featured a coupe body style which was fitted with a Callaway twin turbo engine.

The Chevy Sprint, a series of supermini cars, ended its first generation with the introduction of the 1988 model.

This small automobile has a two-door coupe body style with a transverse front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout.

This model, which was based on previous Probe concept vehicles, was the first Ford Probe to be officially launched for sale.

The Ford Crown Victoria, a full-size four-door sedan, was launched in March 1991 for the 1992 model year.

The Ford Contour, alongside the Mercury Mystique, was a model of the Ford Mondeo which was introduced as a successor to the Ford Tempo.

The 1996 model marked the end of seven years of production for this line of three-door transverse front-engine, front-wheel drive minivans.

The 1997 Chevy Venture, which was available in a three or four-door body style, was the first model to be introduced in this series of minivans.

This full-size four-door SUV was introduced in 1999 for the 2000 model year as a replacement for the Centurion Classic.

This four-door pickup truck was introduced in February 2000 for the 2001 model year of the first generation.

Launched in 2001, this mid-size, four-door SUV was the first model to be manufactured for the first generation of the Chevy Trailblazer.

This subcompact car, which was marketed under several names, was the last model of the first generation to be manufactured.

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