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Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand... but first take this quiz and see if you're a real Firefly fan!

Inara’s profession is known colloquially as:

Inara was played by the actress Morena Baccarin, who recently appeared in the Deadpool movie, and currently stars in The Flash in the role of Gideon.

What is the chronologically last episode of the series?

“Objects in Space” is the last episode before the film.

What is the name of the town that adores Jayne Cobb?

“The Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne.”

Upon viewing Inara’s new client in episode 10, “War Stories”, what laconic utterance does Jayne make?

He’ll be in his bunk.

The show’s titular Firefly class vessel is named after:

The Battle of Serenity Valley was considered to be the decisive battle in the Unification War.

What is the vessel the grants medical care to Book called?

The ship’s name is The Magellan.

What is the name of the antique laser pistol the gang attempts to steal in “Trash”?

It was named after John Lasseter, a talented friend and collaborator of Joss Whedon.

What was the slang name for the workers in the episode “Jaynestown”?

Mudder was a nickname for the workers on Higgins' Moon, who worked in the "mud," the wet ceramic used by "Boss" Higgins to create parts and items from.

What do Mal and Zoe label themselves in the climactic scene of the episode “Safe”?

“Big Damn Heroes.” “Ain’t we just?”

What is Zoe’s first comment about their new pilot, Wash?

Here’s to Wash and Zoe! They had an eternal love that even Joss Whedon couldn’t 100 percent kill.

In “Ariel”, what weapon does River use on a shocked Jayne?

She attacks his t-shirt, almost killing him.

What is the villain of “War Stories” named?

Adelai Niska was one of the most dangerous enemies of Malcolm Reynolds and his crew. He was the leader of a criminal syndicate that dealt in murder, extortion, robbery, and drug dealing .

Who is the actor who played Bester in the “Out of Gas” episode?

Dax Griffin most recently appeared in the movie "Ant-Man".

What is the name of the “psychotic dictator” and “warrior poet” who inspires the torture sequence in “War Stories”?

According to Derrial Book, Shan Yu "...fancied himself quite the warrior poet. Wrote volumes on war, torture, the limits of human endurance."

The crew will frequently sound off in this language:

They will frequently yell or use expletives in Chinese.

In “Our Mrs. Reynolds”, how does Saffron infiltrate Serenity?

Saffron was portrayed by the actress Christina Hendricks, who later became famous in the role of Joan on Mad Men.

Who are the inhabitants of the “special hell” to which Book threatens Mal?

Child molesters and people who talk at the theater are the worst!

In the Firefly pilot episode, where does Mal casually remark that he’d like to rule?

He’d like to be King of all Londinium.

In “War Stories”, why is Wash jealous of Mal?

Wash is jealous of Mal’s friendship with Wash’s wife, Zoe.

With what fruit-borne explosives were Mal and Zoe experienced?

During the war, Alliance forces would booby-trap apples; the term for them was Griswald Grenades.

The first episode of Firefly premiered on this day:

Firefly premiered on Fox on September 20, 2002 and ran for just 11 episodes. Three of the fourteen total episodes went unaired in the original broadcasts by FOX.

In “War Stories”, with what does the antagonist gift Zoe?

Niska gives the ear to try to shake Zoe’s resolve.

Which actual spacecraft did a DVD of Firefly ride on first?

An astronaut brought Firefly with him aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

This Doogie Howser alum auditioned for the role of Mal:

Neil Patrick-Harris didn’t get the part, but he did work with Joss in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long- blog.

What kind of firearm is Zoe packing?

Zoë's signature weapon is a Winchester Model 1892 carbine cut down to pistol length known as the "Mare's Leg". The piece is similar to the one popularized by Steve McQueen in the western TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive.

What is the name of the bounty hunter dispatched after River?

Jubal Early shares his name with the Confederate Civil War General Jubal Anderson Early.

What was the name of the villainous government in Firefly?

The villainous government is formally known as The Union of Allied Planets.

The 12th episode of Firefly, “The Message”, didn’t air during its first run. When did it air?

"The Message" is the second of three episodes (Trash, The Message and Heart of Gold) that were not broadcast in the original 2002 Fox run.

What was Mal’s surprised battle cry in “Heart of Gold”?

Inara’s stealthy approach causes Mal to emit a surprised “Bwhh!”, which he attempts to cover up for by terming it a “battle cry”.

What animal is Jubal Early accidentally compared with?

He thinks he is being asked if he is a lion.

What is Simon’s pet name for River?

Mei-Mei, which is simply “little sister”.

What part of River’s brain has been surgically modified?

Her amygdala was modified by Alliance surgeons.

Philosophically, how did Mal change after the Battle of Serenity Valley?

Mal lost his religious faith.

What organization does River Tam display a violent aversion to?

River is triggered by any image of the Blue Sun logo.

Who wrote the episodes “Trash” and “War Stories”?

Jose Molina is currently co-executive producer of "Agent Carter."

Which episode of Firefly was actually created as a replacement for the original pilot?

The Train Job was created to replace the pilot.

What is the name of Niska’s ill-fated lieutenant in “The Train Job”?

His name is, or rather was, Crow.

What is the name of the medicine the crew end up accidentally stealing?

They steal Pescaline D, a cure for a muscular degenerative disorder. Oops.

When they first meet him, from where does Book say he hails?

The Shephard claims to come from Southdown Abbey.

Who has the last line in the final episode, "Objects in Space"?

The show ends on Jubal Early, tumbling helplessly through space, who says, "Well... Here I am."

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