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The 1991 adventure-fantasy film, Hook, marked its 25th-anniversary release in 2016. This timeless film is loved by the young and the young at heart. Do you remember fun facts and trivia about the film? Take this quiz and find out!

This prolific American filmmaker, known for directing many sci-fi films during his early career, also likes directing fantasy adventure films like Hook. Who is this director?

It was reported that Steven Spielberg was committed to directing "Hook" as early as the 1980s. However, he got busy with other projects, and it was hard at first to find a studio that would back up the film's unique story.


"Hook" is a retelling of what classic tale?

"Hook" is actually an interesting retelling of the classic story of "Peter Pan." This film explores beyond the original concept of the boy who never grows up.


So what happens to Peter Pan in this film, which makes it a unique retelling of his story?

Author J.M. Barrie’s original character of Peter Pan is that of a playful boy who doesn’t grow up. In Spielberg’s version, Peter Pan grows up and becomes a full-fledged adult, with problems and responsibilities.


Which popular American comedic actor portrayed the grown-up Peter Pan?

Much-loved comedic actor Robin Williams, who could also do dramatic film roles, starred as the adult Peter Pan in this film. Sadly, he died before the 25th anniversary of the film was celebrated.


Since the film is called "Hook," what is the title referring to, in relation to Peter Pan’s story?

"Hook" revolves around the story of Peter Pan, even though its title bears the name of his arch-nemesis. This enemy is no other than the bad guy named Hook.


The pirate character Hook has a rank attached to his name. Which rank is this?

Peter Pan’s nemesis is known as Captain Hook. Leading a ship full of pirates earns him that rank.


Which award-winning Hollywood actor portrayed Hook?

Dustin Hoffman plays the flamboyant but irate Captain Hook. He has played memorable roles in other films, such as "Tootsie," "Rain Man" and "The Graduate."


Before Peter Pan grew up, he always visited which non-magical female friend?

The original Wendy Darling character, created by Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, was from London. She was also a teenager when she first met Peter, but, of course, she had to grow up and grow old, which shocked Peter eventually.


Which famous Hollywood actress portrayed the teenage Wendy?

Gwyneth Paltrow was still a newbie when she played Wendy in "Hook." But she eventually matured as a dramatic actress—and sometimes a comedic one, too—who eventually won acting awards.


British actress Maggie Smith portrayed Peter's non-magical friend Wendy as an old woman. But which magical character is she better known for?

Maggie Smith is a longtime actress on stage, TV and film, but younger viewers probably know her more as Prof. Minerva McGonagall in the "Harry Potter" film series. She also appeared in the popular TV series, "Downton Abbey."


When Peter Pan grew up, he married Wendy’s grandchild, Moira, and had a family. How many children do they have?

Who would have thought that the boy who didn’t want to grow up would end up having children of his own? Peter and his wife Moira’s children are named Jack and Maggie.


Peter Pan, now known as Peter Banning as an adult, holds what job?

Peter is a workaholic lawyer, working for a big corporation. He deals with company mergers and acquisition procedures.


Because Peter Pan became such a busy adult, he always misses watching his son Jack play what sport?

Peter’s son Jack is a baseball player on a little league team. But his dad sometimes doesn’t have the time to watch him play the game.


Although Wendy Darling is British, where do the Bannings live?

Peter Banning settled in America, with his wife, Moira. They reside in California.


The Bannings travel to what city, to visit their grandma Wendy?

Wendy has always lived in their house in London. This is where the boy who didn’t grow up always visited her.


In London, Peter meets an elderly man named Tootles living in Wendy’s house. Tootles always mentions that he is looking for what items, that he has lost?

Tootles seems like a gentle old man who assists Wendy with her household needs. But he always complains that he has “lost his marbles,” which Peter Banning finds weird and a bit funny.


Even in London, Peter is so busy with his work that he is always shown using what?

In 1991, it was still uncommon for ordinary folks to have a cell phone. That’s why it was a big deal when Peter brought one to be in touch with his work mates, instead of being in touch with his family.


When details of his previous life suddenly dawn on Peter, it is revealed that the elder Tootles is a former member of which youthful gang?

The Lost Boys was the name of Peter Pan’s good ol’ gang, back when he was still young. Tootles still remembers being a Lost Boy, but Peter doesn’t anymore.


In London, Peter’s children suddenly disappear. What caused their disappearance?

Tootles informs Peter that Captain Hook is back. Apparently, Hook abducted Peter’s children to lure him back for revenge.


Which famous British singer made a cameo as a police inspector, investigating the abduction of Peter Banning’s children?

Phil Collins had a great career as a solo artist and as a member of the band Genesis. He’s the voice behind the hits “Against All Odds,” “Sussudio” and “Another Day in Paradise."


Peter refuses to believe that he was Peter Pan when he was a boy, but the appearance of which small fairy starts to change his mind?

Tinker Bell is the diminutive flying fairy from Peter Pan’s world. She is always happy and playful.


Which “pretty woman” portrayed Tinker Bell in Hook?

The very tall Julia Roberts played the diminutive Tinker Bell in "Hook." Thanks to special effects and computer animation, this acting magic became possible.


Tinker Bell informs Peter that his children were taken by Captain Hook to which magical place?

Tinker Bell tries to fill in the gaps in Peter’s memory about Captain Hook and their rivalry back in Neverland. Since Peter cut off Hook’s hand, the villain had always wanted revenge.


Tinker Bell accompanies Peter to Neverland via what method of travel?

The diminutive Tinker Bell uses fairy dust to magically transport the adult Peter back to Neverland. This flying style, without the use of any contraption, terrifies the adult.


In Neverland, Peter encounters the Lost Boys for the first time. They are now led by which rebellious-looking teenager?

Rufio is the bad-boy leader of the Lost Boys, who took over when Peter left Neverland. He was played by Dante Basco.


It was rumored that which Star Wars actress made a cameo in Hook?

This special cameo by "Star Wars" actress, Carrie Fisher, can reportedly be seen during the scene where Tinker Bell sprays fairy dust and accidentally sprinkled on two kissing lovers on a bridge, and Fisher happens to be one of those lovers. Rumor or not, what’s true is that Fisher acted as a script doctor and made technical revisions on the screenplay of "Hook," something she did in Hollywood once in a while. Fisher passed away in 2016.


The critically acclaimed American actress Glenn Close actually made a confirmed cameo in Hook, playing what?.

An unusual cameo in "Hook" was by Glenn Close, a fierce female actress who played the role of the pirate that Captain Hook accuses of not being loyal to him. That disloyal male pirate ended up being locked up inside a big wooden chest they called “boo box."


What is the favorite catchphrase of the Lost Boys?

The Lost Boys, when being rowdy or courageous, always shout “Bangarang!” While it sounds like a fictitious term, the word bangarang can be found in Jamaican slang lingo, as it means disturbance, trouble or mischief — something the boys always experience!


Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys try to train the adult Peter to regain which crucial element of his youth?

Being a logic-driven adult caused Peter to lose not only his memories of childhood, but also his imagination and creativity. The boys and Tinker Bell try to help him get this aspect back, at all costs.


Peter first tests his imagination when he and the Lost Boys are doing what?

Logical adult Peter doesn’t see any food for dinner at the long table, but the boys seem to be eating something. When Peter started pretending as well, his imagination comes back — along with the “sudden” appearance of scrumptious food on the table.


While teaching him how to fly, Tinker Bell advises Peter to think of what?

Thinking happy thoughts was the only way young Peter Pan could fly. Now only if adult Peter could find a happy thought, or learn how to be happy again...


The adult Peter eventually learns how to fly, as he discovers that which detail of his adult life is his happy thought?

Peter had to search very hard to find that one happy moment in his adult life. And when he remembered the birth of his first child, Jack, that gave him enormous happiness -- enough of a memory to make him fly.


Which "unique creature” also tried to help Peter regain his childhood memories, by teasing him and running away from him?

During his childhood, Peter Pan’s shadow was as mischievous as he, even detaching from Peter and running away from him. The mischievous shadow came back to show the adult Peter what he previously lost, aside from his own shadow.


When Peter Banning finally realizes he is Peter Pan, he flies and arrives wearing his original clothes in what color?

The young Peter Pan always wore green-colored clothes. Therefore, the adult Peter, after regaining his lost memory and identity, dresses in similar garb.


In their final duel, Peter is able to defeat Hook. But what creature eventually kills Hook after their sword fight?

When Peter and Hook had a duel a long time ago, Peter severed his opponent’s hand and threw it at the crocodile, who devoured it. It seems like now, the croc will devour more than a hand from Hook!


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