Find Out if You're the Leader of the Pack When it Comes to Recognizing Large Dog Breeds!

By: Jody Mabry
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Large dog breeds perform multiple jobs from saving lives to protecting the home and herd. As a dog lover you've probably seen them around, but do you think you can name all of these large dog breeds from an image? Take this quiz to see if you really are the leader of the pack!

The Afghan Hound is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, dating back to the pre-Christian era - at least two millennia ago. It's also considered one of the most exotically beautiful dogs with an attractive silky coat of fur, and loving slim face. Even at first sight, anyone would realize how lucky they are to be in the presence of an amazing breed.

The Komondor is a Hungarian breed still used today as a flock guard and herding dog. Considered one of the friendliest dogs, don't let its playful smile and mop of hair fool you, they are also very loyal and will stick up for family and friends at the first sign of danger.

The Kuvasz is another flock-guard dog from Hungary. They need plenty of space to run and can be difficult to train due to their extreme need for independence. Still, Kuvaszs are incredibly loyal to their owners and friends and considered extremely affectionate dogs. However, they aren't trusting of strangers and may act either bold or wait patiently in watch.

While many dogs may look royal, the Akita actually has royal roots. The breed was used as a guard dog for Japanese royal and noble families. This loyal and fearless dog is also an excellent tracker, used in Japan to track wild boar, bears and deer. They are obedient and often playfully funny.

The Irish Wolfhound is an ancient breed, which lore has it was brought to Ireland around 7000 BC. They are powerful and huge, and originally trained as both guard dogs and for battle, where they would pull horsemen from their horses. For much of its existence, the Wolfhound was considered a dog so highly looked up to that it could only be owned by nobility.

The Alaskan Malamute is considered one of the oldest dog breeds to have maintained or not seen a significant change in its original appearance. They are typically a cold-weather breed with both strength and stamina. While they are hard-working animals, if they are not tasked with work, they can quickly become bored and difficult to control.

Irish Setter's are definitely sports dogs. They have a curiosity and inquisitiveness that is reminiscent of toddlers. Yet, they have a natural instinct as hunting dogs, especially with birds. With a fine mahogany coat and playful personality, they are beloved family pets.

Labrador Retrievers are the #1 dog in America. They act as both a companion family pet as well as a good hunting dog. However, many people don't realize that one of their first jobs was working with cold-weather fishermen in the North Atlantic where they would haul nets, gather rope and perform other activities.

A huge and attractive breed, the Anatolian Shepherd was first bred in Turkey as a herding guard dog. They were bred to the same color-coat and size of the herd they were protecting in order to easily hide within the herd and surprise unsuspecting predators.

Greyhounds have a gentle personality and make great family pets. However, it is their speed that is most admired. They were originally used as hunting dogs for quick and agile smaller animals such as foxes and rabbits. They have become a popular dog-racing breed due to their ability to reach nearly 45 mph.

The Leonberger is a friendly and loyal companion, however incredibly intimidating with a deep and booming bark. The dog was created by mixing a Newfie, Longhaired Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees so there is no surprise the breed turned out so huge.

Belgian Malinois are excellent protection dogs often working with police and security details. Originally bred as herding dogs, it is their train-ability, size and intelligence that makes them such a great addition to police forces throughout the world.

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog, commonly referred to as the "Swissy," is an excellent family pet. While they were originally an all-variety type of working dog, they now enjoy more time as athletes and family friends.

Mastiffs were once ancient fighting dogs. They were aggressive, loyal and talked about in ancient poems and literature. Now they are obedient and friendly family pets. Like the much smaller Bulldog, Mastiffs are commonly known as excessive droolers. So be prepared to get wet.

The Belgian Sheepdog was a herding dog by nature. They are attentive, protective and loyal to their owners. While they are still used as herding animals, they have also become working dogs in a variety of industries, the most common as police dogs.

The Great Pyrenees is certainly great. She has a lively white coat and is both the most affectionate and protective dog you will find. From people to inanimate objects, the Great Pyrenees is a born protector.

Like all Mastiff breeds, the Neopolitan Mastiff descends from a line of war dogs that were potentially one of the most ferocious that has ever existed. However, today they are gentle and loving animals. The Neopolitan Mastiff was first bred in Southern Italy as a guard dog. They are still used as such, but mostly as a family's guard dog pet.

The Belgian Tervuren is one of four Belgian sheepdogs. Due to its intelligence and athleticism, it is considered the top of the four. While still used for herding sheep, the dog has grown to be a great family pet as long as it gets plenty of exercise and attention.

Considering its size, the Great Dane is one of the most friendly and affectionate dogs you will find. They are gentle with children and lore has it are great at detecting ghosts - no wonder Scooby Doo was a Great Dane.

The Newfoundland was originally a working dog who was bred to help fishermen haul nets and gather firewood in Newfoundland. They are equally capable on land as in the water, making them still a great working breed. They are gentle and have a sweet temperament. On top of that, they are very responsive - perhaps they can teach your teenager a thing or two.

The Berger Picard, while a highly energetic and intelligent dog, is adaptable in both the country and the city. This scruffy fellow is rare, yet popular with owners and Hollywood alike where it has begun to find a place in movies - "Daniel and the Superdogs," "Because of Winn-Dixie," and "Are We Done Yet?"

The Goldendoodle is a cross-breed of two very popular dog breeds - the Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Due to its unique look and playfulness, this "designer" dog is steadily growing in popularity.

The Old English Sheepdog spends its days as a friendly family pet. However, in its earlier days, it was a "drover" used to help drive herds of cattle and sheep to the market. This easy-going dog is a favorite for its long and shaggy hair as well as its competition-friendly disposition.

Like many Mountain Dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog is versatile with an ability to perform several tasks. It was originally bred for herding, cart-pulling and guarding. Due to its obedient nature and trainability, the Bernese has also become a great family pet.

Goldador is a mixed breed dog. They have a beautiful coat and are one of the most socially personable dogs you will find. In addition to being great with children, their intelligence and perception make them highly trainable and top performers as a guide, service and even a bomb detection dog.

Otterhounds are extremely rare breeds with less than 10 new litters being born each year between Canada and the U.S. They are a fun and loving dog known for their strong snoot and stamina. They were originally bred as otter hunters.

Black Russian Terriers are extremely intelligent and trainable which makes them excellent guard dogs. Their temperament is playful enough for children, yet probably one of their best qualities is that they are neither shedders or barkers. While attention is important to these dogs, they will shy away from strange dogs and people until they are comfortable.

Giant Schnauzers are strong, loyal and don't fear much. However, it may take some time to train them and they crave attention. While they were bred in the 17th century as a drover, they were eventually moved into the city to protect breweries, butcher shops and stockyards. They were also an effective military dog during both world wars.

Poodles are well-known for their beauty as show dogs. However, they are also considered the second most intelligent dog behind a Border Collie. While they are excellent performers, many people don't realize they are also excellent hunting dogs, especially duck hunting.

Bloodhounds are renowned for their ability to smell. While an excellent hunting dog, bloodhounds are used by law enforcement to track escaped prisoners, missing people, and even other lost pets. They have the ability to track a human scent for large distances for days and sometimes weeks after a person has been missing.

The German Wirehaired Pointer was developed in Germany during the 19th century for hunting. The breed is a mix of five other breeds: Griffon, German Shorthaired Pointer, Deutscher Stichelharr, Deutscher Kurzhaar, and a Hunting Pudelpointer. The breed works well in cold and rough terrain as a hunting dog.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback was developed in colonial South Africa by crossing the colonist's dogs with the Khoikhoi's (Hottentot) ridged hunting dogs. They were also known as African Lion Dogs for their ability to keep a lion at bay while hunting until its master arrived.

The Borzoi are similar to greyhounds and renowned for their speed as well as their luxurious coat. These dogs were so prized in Russia that for centuries they could not be bought or sold, but were only allowed to be given out as a gift from the Tzar or Russia.

Despite their popularity, German Shepherds are considered a new breed of dog, first appearing in 1899. While originally developed as herding animals, due to their strength, intelligence and ability to be trained, they were quickly used as service dogs​, in law enforcement and are commonly used in movies.

St. Bernards are known for their strong and broad massiveness. They are able to handle the rough terrain and cold of the Swiss Alps where they were developed and have been known worldwide as an effective rescue dog. In fact, the dogs are such good rescuers they have been immortalized in film and media for their bravery. One St. Bernard, "Barry," is noted for saving at least 40 people.

Monks first developed and bred the Bouvier des Flandres which in literal translation means "Cow Herder of Flanders." It was originally used as an all-around farming and herding animal. Nowadays they are more common as family pets who also make great guard and police dogs.

The Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as a French Mastiff is a massively strong animal known and utilized for its power throughout history. Due to its size and excellent guarding abilities, the French Mastiff was also a popular animal for guarding high-level European nobility at the castles.

Salukis are beautiful animals with deep chests and long legs that help make them excellent runners. They were often used by nomadic tribes in Northern Africa to hunt gazelle, hare, fox, and jackal. They have an elegant and royal appearance.

Bracco Italianos are gun dogs bred from German Shorthair Pointers and Bloodhounds, although having little resemblance to either. They have a need for companionship, especially with humans, particularly children and make great pets.

Doberman Pinschers are known for their intelligence, loyalty and tenacity. They make excellent guard dogs, yet can be stubborn and owners need to take great care in training and attention. Unlike many breeds, a Doberman's personality ​can vary greatly from one dog to the next.

Schnoodles are playful animals known for a game of running in circles which people often refer to as the Schnoodle 500. They were bred by two other breeds - a smaller schnauzer and a poodle - which vary so much in size that Schnoodles can range from 20 to over 80 lbs.

The Briard was well-known because of the people who owned them. Popular figures such as Napoleon, Charlemagne, Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette all owned Briards. They were used widely by the French in World War I as sentries, messengers and search dogs and were nearly extinct after the war.

Chow Chows are from Northern China where they are referred to as "puffy-lion dog." The dogs are well-documented in ancient Chinese art and believed to be the model for the traditional stone guardians in front of Chinese monasteries, temples, and palaces. They are only one of very few ancient breeds still in existence.

Scottish Deerhound were used by the Scots and Picts before recorded history. They were often found depicted in artwork as hunting dogs primarily for hooved animals such as deer. They have the ability to outrun a greyhound as well as the durability and size to excel in the damp and cool environment of the Scottish Highlands.

The Bullmastiff is a large and powerful dog with lineage back to the ancient Roman Molosser breed. They were developed as guard dogs in the 19th century by breeding English Mastiffs and the now extinct Old English Bulldog.

When you think sled dog, you might think of a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute. However, the Chinook was developed as a unique sled dog from New Hampshire by a man named Arthur Treadwell Walden. The dog was bred from a Husky from the Peary North Pole expedition and a Mastiff-like male. All modern Chinook come from one stud named "Chinook."

The Tibetan Mastiff was originally a guard dog which traveled with nomadic groups throughout Northern Asia. Due to their size and courageousness, they could protect sheep from strong predators such as wolves, leopards, bear, and tigers.

The Cane Corso is also known as an Italian Mastiff. They were bred as large Italian guard, hunting and companion dogs. While they are still strong and broad, they are not as bulky as many of the other Mastiff breeds. They are well-balanced and athletic animals, although they do need a lot of attention and training as pups. They tend to be indifferent and calm unless they sense danger. This makes them good family pets.

The exact lineage of the Catahoula ranges from the 16th century when Native Americans bred their dogs with DeSotos Molossers and Greyhounds to the 1800s when French settlers introduced Beauceron to North America. The Catahoula makes an excellent family pet, especially with children for which the breed assumes they are responsible. They are used for their tracking and hunting skills, and have an ability to track miles away from their prey.

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