Fill in the Blanks to Reveal Why People Love You!

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It's no secret that you are loved, but have you ever wondered what it is that makes them love you so much? Fill in the blanks, and we will reveal the reasons you are lovable!

My nickname should have been ________________.

I would rather eat ____________ than to eat broccoli.

When I am angry, I am _______________.

I would take _________________ to a pot luck.

I should have been a _______________.

I text my _______________ the most often.

I am not great at _______________.

If my best friend were sick, I would _______________.

Alarm clocks are _____________.

I would liven up a party by _____________.

When I have a night at home alone, I _______________.

I have never _________________.

My favorite animal is __________________.

I think I may have been a ______________ in a former life.

My favorite Wizard of Oz character is ______________.

I would most like to meet _______________.

I really dislike ____________.

I would most like to visit ______________.

Right now, I would most like to have ______________.

I admire ______________.

My biggest pet peeve is ______________.

I could use more ______________.

I would like to build a house near ____________.

My favorite drink is ______________.

My friends think I'm _________________.

One day, I would like to _____________.

My grandmother was __________________.

My favorite meal is _____________.

My job is ________________.

I want to know ________________.

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