Fill In the Blanks and We’ll Guess Your Cuddle Style

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Some people love cuddling so much that they almost don't mind who they cuddle. They'll cuddle anyone, even if that person has dubious hygiene, they've only just met or the person isn't necessarily the greatest person. Such people simply have a real faith in the restorative power of touch, and they derive pleasure from the closeness of another person.

Other people are wired to avoid the touch of another person as much as they humanly can. A handshake here and there, a fist-bump, maybe a high-five, and they're all set on contact. These folks may eagerly cuddle just about any dog they meet, and the friendlier cats, but they simply don't yearn for the touch of another person. Perhaps they'll cuddle if it's someone they know and trust really well, but they don't miss it if they have to go without it.

Most of us are somewhere between the two extremes. Wherever we tend to be on the cuddle spectrum, of course, we all have our own idiosyncratic approaches to cuddling. Some of us like little gentle touches all the time, a sort of simmer setting for cuddles, while others prefer short, intense bursts. As long as you and your boo can find a pattern that works for you, you're probably going to be just fine. Of course, identifying your own cuddle style up front is very helpful in finding such a pattern - and this quiz might just help point you in the right direction!

I always put on my ____ first in the morning.

I really can't believe ______ is famous.

I have never tried _____.

I am a total sucker for ______.

Every time I see a puppy, my first reaction is to ______.

My idea of a hot day is anything over _____.

If I eat more than one ____, I feel sick.

Two foods that should never be combined are bacon and ____.

I feel _____ when I have to hug someone I don't know well.

If I feel anxious, _____ always cheers me up.

My ____ is very ticklish.

The one place I'd love to visit is _____.

Everyone should try _____ at least once.

The instrument I'd most like to be able to play is ______.

Everyone else loves _____ but I hate it.

I'd just die if my friends heard about my habit of _____.

I can never remember my _____.

The body part I'm most proud of is my _____.

I'd most like to have a _____ as a pet.

I was _____ years old the first time I kissed someone.

I read _____ so many times, my copy fell apart.

It's clear that _____ is the best kind of comedy.

People who _____ are the most annoying people in the world.

When someone cancels plans on me, I secretly feel ______.

Dating is hard because I'm so ______.

When I get out in the sun too much, I always _____.

I tend to prefer to watch _____ on TV .

____ would certainly be my dream house.

The sight I recognize the most easily in the night sky is _____.

The space in which I feel safest is _____.

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