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Are the spirits haunting you? With accounts that helped create "The Amityville Horror," Ed and Lorraine Warren are two demonologists who have seen it all. Have you seen it all in "The Conjuring"? Find out with this quiz!

At the beginning of the film, what do Camilla and Debbie work as?

At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to two friends and nurses, Camilla and Debbie, who are talking with Ed and Lorraine Warren about a spirit that has taken over one of their dolls.


What is the name of Camilla and Debbie's doll?

When Camilla and Debbie go to Ed and Lorraine at the beginning of the film, they tell them about their doll, Annabelle, that they believe is possessed.


How does Debbie try to get rid of the doll?

When Annabelle and Debbie are talking to Ed and Lorraine, we see a clip of the girls' experience with the doll. We watch Debbie grab the doll and throw it in a trash bin, but it makes its way back into the house.


What year does the main story of "The Conjuring" take place?

When the "The Conjuring" begins, we see 1971 flash on the screen as the Perron family moves into a new house.


What state is​ the Perron family moving to in "The Conjuring"?

At the start of the film, we see the Perron family moving into a new home in Harrisville, Rhode Island.


How many children do the Perrons have?

When we see the Perron family moving into their new home in 1971, they are moving into a large home.


What kind of pet does the Perron family have?

When the Perron family moves into the new house with their five daughters, they also move in with their dog that refuses to enter the house.


Which daughter finds the Jack-in-the-Box?

The first day the Perron family is in the new house, April finds a jack-in-the-box by the lake near their house. It later brings to life an "imaginary" friend for her.


What game are the girls playing when they move into the house?

When the girls move into the house, they play Hide & Clap. One player has to be blindfolded while the other players clap to let them know where they are.


When Carolyn wakes up from their first night in the house, where is her first bruise located?

When Carolyn wakes up on their first morning in the house, she notices that she has a bruise on her shin. Her next bruise appears on her shoulder blade.


What does Roger Perron do for a living?

Earlier in the film, we hear Roger on the phone talking about a job. He has to drive to Florida but mentions that he's being paid half of his usual rate.


At what time do all the clocks in the house stop?

On the first morning in the house, Carolyn wakes up and realizes that all the clocks in the house have stopped at 3:07.


Which actress stars as Lorraine Warren?

Vera Farmiga stars in the 2013 film, "The Conjuring," as Lorraine Warren, a clairvoyant who helps rid houses and people of conduits and evil spirits.


Which actor stars as Ed Warren?

Actor Patrick Wilson, who is no stranger to films about paranormal beings, stars as Ed Warren in "The Conjuring."


What's the name of the Perron family dog?

When the Perron family moves into the new house they move in with their dog, Sadie. After Sadie refuses to enter the house, she dies during the first night while sleeping outside.


Which daughter sleepwalks?

One of the Perron's younger daughters, Cindy, is prone to sleepwalking. She constantly comes into her sister's bedroom and bangs her head on her armoire.


Which member of the Perron family falls down the cellar stairs?

One night, Carolyn Perron hears weird noises and goes to investigate. When she sees the cellar doors are open, she walks in and the door closes on her, knocking her down the stairs.


Which of these is not a stage in demonic possession?

When Carolyn is convinced that something is happening in her house, she shows up at one of Ed and Lorraine's lectures. They talk about the three stages of demonic possession: infestation, oppression, and possession.


Which popular 70s show are the girls watching when Ed and Lorraine go to the Perron house?

When the Perron family is first visited by the Warrens, we see the young girls watching "The Brady Bunch" before meeting them.


How many of the girls are baptized?

When Ed comes to the house, he asks Roger how many of his children are baptized. Roger tells him that they're not very religious and none of the girls have been baptized. This also comes up later when the priest has reservations about performing an exorcism ​since they're not members of the church.


What is the name of April's imaginary friend?

When April finds the jack-in-the-box by the lake, it gives her an imaginary friend named Rory. After turning on the music, Rory appears behind you when the music stops.


When Lorraine steps outside of the house to stand by the lake, what does she see?

When Lorraine steps outside to stand by the Perron family's lake, Ed goes out to join her. When she turns around to look at him, she sees a woman handing from a tree.


What is the name of Ed and Lorraine's daughter?

In the film, we see that Ed and Lorraine have a child of their own, a daughter named Judy who is often away from her parents due to their job.


What's the name of the spirit taking over the Perron's house and family?

When Lorraine does research on the Perron house, she finds out that a woman, Bathsheba, hung herself in the house after sacrificing her 7-day-old baby.


What is Lorraine doing outside when she notices a spirit in the Perron house?

While Lorraine is hanging up laundry in the Perron yard, a sheet flies out of her hands and takes on the shape of a person. When the sheet flies to a second story window, she then sees the spirit standing there before it takes possession of Carolyn.


For how long was Lorraine traumatized after the Warren's last case?

When Ed is explaining his last case to Roger, he mentions that Lorraine saw something that changed her forever. She was unable to speak, eat, or sleep for eight days.


Which Perron child does the spirit lead into the armoire?

When Ed and Lorraine set up cameras to capture the spirit, it starts taking pictures of Cindy. It then leads her inside the armoire where April said Rory hides.


What does Lorraine find in the armoire?

After they find Cindy in the armoire, Lorraine goes in there to investigate. She finds the noose with which Bathsheba seemingly hung herself.


What does Lorraine leave behind in the cellar?

When Lorraine plummets into the the cellar after going into the armoire, she sees the spirit of Bathsheba. She then gets scared and accidentally leaves her necklace behind.


What does the spirit do to Nancy in the living room?

When the Warrens and Perrons are running around the house because of the spirit, it latches on to Nancy's hair and drags her around the house.


Who does Lorraine see floating in lake?

After Lorraine accidentally leaves her necklace behind in the cellar, she sees a vision of Judy floating around in the lake.


Which of these people does a possessed Carolyn take back to the house?

When Carolyn is fully possessed, she takes both Christine and April back to the house because the spirit is possessing her to sacrifice her children.


Whose face does Bathsheba take chunk out of?

While everyone is trying to subdue Bathsheba, who is now possessing Carolyn's body, she takes a bite out of Brad's face.


Which daughter gives Lorraine her necklace back?

After April is rescued from Bathsheba, she returns Lorraine's necklace to her. It was a gift to her from Judy.


At the end of the film, what object do we see moving in the Warren's paranormal room?

After the Warren's are able to free Carolyn of the demon, Ed takes the jack-in-the-box to put in their room of paranormal objects. When he walks out, we see the box playing music as it spins and spins.


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