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Sha la la la, folks! Test your Family Ties knowledge with this quiz.

Family Ties ruled the American airwaves during which decade?

The show debuted in 1982 on NBC.


Family Ties centered around which quirky but stable all-American family?

This American sitcom featured the middle class struggles of the Keaton family.


Where was the Keaton family based?

Columbus is the largest city in Ohio.


The Keaton parents, Steven and Elyse, were both this type of people during their youth.

The free-spirited Keaton parents often struggled to exist during the conservative ‘80s.


In contrast, the ex-hippie Keaton parents had this kind of kids.

Only the first two Keaton kids exhibited conservative leanings.


What is the name of the eldest of the Keaton kids?

Originally, Matthew Broderick was being eyed for the role of Alex, which he rejected.


Alex P. Keaton is a feisty young man who is an unapologetic and proud follower of this political leaning.

Alex was a fan of Reaganomics during the '80s.


Being a young republican, Alex always dresses up conservatively, which sees him sporting one of these fashion items (his trademark).

Alex also tries to influence his baby brother to dress and think the same way he does.


Alex’s father, Steven, also had a kind of fashion trademark visible from season 2 onwards. What was this trademark?

Actor Michael Gross, who plays Steven, sported a beard before season 2 started due to a role he played on Broadway, and decided to keep it for the show.


What is the name of the second Keaton kid, often touted as an airhead compared to witty Alex?

Mallory was played by Justine Bateman, the sister of actor Jason Bateman.


If the Keaton kids, namely Alex and Mallory, are avowed republicans, their ex-hippie parents are naturally of this political leaning.

The show was actually marketed to TV networks using this theme, with the tagline “hip parents, square kids."


How long did the series run?

Family Ties became one of the most popular TV shows in the US during the 1980s.


Because of the show’s popularity, and due to Alex’s cute conservative leanings, this US president was once rumored that he wished to have a cameo in Family Ties.

Reagan was the US president during the whole span of the show, from 1981 to 1989.


Michael J. Fox’s popularity on the show also crossed over to film, and his film fame also increased the popularity of the show, especially after this trilogy film was shown.

Back to the Future was directed by Robert Zemeckis.


Michael J. Fox’s Back to the Future co-star also guested in Family Ties. Which actor was this?

In the show, Glover played Alex’s friend Doug who wanted to take him to a drinking trip in another state.


What is the name of the third Keaton kid?

Jennifer was played by Tina Yothers.


One of Alex’s love interest in the show turned out to be Michael J. Fox’s love interest in real life, eventually marrying her. Which actress was this?

Fox and Pollan got married in 1988 and now has 4 kids.


What character did Fox’s real-life wife, Tracy Pollan, play on the show?

Contrasting with Alex’s sexist character is Ellen’s feminist artist persona.


This future Friends female lead had a recurring role as Alex’s love interest in this show. Which Friends actor was this?

Cox and Fox were rumored to have been dating at the time of the show, which they both denied.


This future Castaway and Philadelphia star had a recurring role in the show as Elyse’s brother Ned. Who was this celebrity?

Hanks appeared in 2 seasons of the show.


Tom Hanks played Alex’s uncle with a serious personal problem. What was this problem?

In one season, Ned’s character botched a job interview by being drunk.


Steven Keaton is a manager of what kind of company?

Steven works in WKS, a local public television station.


During the 1980s, the show was brave enough to present controversial issues like sexual harassment, especially between an older man and one of the Keaton kids. Which kid was this?

Season 1 found Mallory being kissed against her will by a family friend they call Uncle Arthur.


In a Christmas-themed episode, the Keatons adapt the famous tale of “A Christmas Carol” featuring Alex as the Scrooge character. Who authored “A Christmas Carol?"

In this episode, Jennifer played the ghost of Christmas past and Mallory played the ghost of Christmas future.


In a school-related episode, Jennifer wanted to do a book report on a controversial racially-charged book banned by her school. What book was this?

In this episode, Jennifer gets suspended for writing the book report.


Elyse Keaton holds this professional career.

Meredith Baxter played Elyse. She came out as a lesbian in 2009.


Because of Alex’s obsession on economics and wealth (and getting wealthy), this is his favorite newspaper.

Aptly enough, the show’s finale sees Alex leaving for New York to pursue a job on Wall Street.


During the first two seasons, Alex was preparing for college as he really wanted to attend this Ivy League school, but failed his interview. Which school was this?

Alex opted to help Mallory in a personal crisis instead of finishing his Princeton interview.


When he failed to get into Princeton, Alex got a scholarship to this university instead.

Leland University is a fictional school.


What is the name of the youngest addition to the Keaton clan?

Andrew was played by Brian Bonsall.


This future 500 Days of Summer heartthrob appeared as a guest in the show.

Child actor Gordon-Levitt played Andrew’s kindergarten friend in the show.


Child actors Christina Applegate and David Faustino had separate guest appearances in the show. Later in their teenage years, in which show would the two co-star in?

Applegate and Faustino played brother and sister in Married With Children which premiered in 1987.


This 1980s teen heartthrob had a guest appearance on the show, playing the role of Jennifer’s classmate.

Feldman appeared in films like The Lost Boys, Gremlins, Stand By Me, and The Goonies.


Another ‘80s and ‘90s teen sensation, who appeared in Stand By Me, also had a guest appearance on the show. Who was this actor?

In the show, Phoenix played a math genius who tutored Alex and had a crush on Jennifer in the process.


The show’s popular theme song, which ends with the unforgettable line “sha la la la…” was sung by Deniece Williams and Johnny Mathis. What was its title?

The song was sung by a different pair, though, during the first season.


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