Which State Matches Your Personality?

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You're a multi-faceted person, we know. You are truly an onion of layers that can be peeled back to reveal more and more of the beauties of your hidden depths. You may come across at a first meeting as very different from the person you truly are; indeed, you may simply suffer from crippling shyness or be really bad at social situations. You may also be someone who is very bad at expressing what you actually want, and thus your boundaries get crossed all the time even by decent people but without them knowing, meaning that your true personality is largely hidden.

Fortunately, America's states include many places that are enormously varied, and thus able to cater to your needs no matter what they are. Like people, America's states are multi-faceted. They can contain a very large cosmopolitan city only a few miles away from a great, empty wilderness. They could be home to some of the warmest people you'll ever meet, but still not be the easiest place to arrive as a newbie. They can be challenging in their topography, but very comfortable once you get to know them. That's why, whatever your personality, there is a state out there that is right for you!

How ambitious are you?

Do you trust outsiders?

Do you like being around rich people?

How traditional are you?

Do you love big sky country?

Can you sleep in a noisy neighborhood?

Do you go mad if you don't have access to noodles at midnight?

Do you adapt well to new situations?

Can you be out of touch without feeling antsy?

Is a house a home without a dog?

How much time do you spend on the internet daily?

How important is money?

How important is having your choice of at least two dozen churches?

Are you a vegan?

Do you have at least five snappy comebacks ready at any one time in case a creep bothers you in the street?

How house-proud are you?

Do you mind if your state government is woefully underfunded?

Which holiday do you love most?

Do you think the Great Gatsby is actually quite aspirational?

What drink calms you down?

What sort of person can you absolutely not bear to be around?

What sort of clothing is your idea of dressed up?

What sort of party do you like to attend?

How important is fine dining?

Do you like to go out to a club often?

Do you like to travel overseas?

How hot a summer is too hot?

How big a car is too big?

Do you like knowing everyone in town?

How important is being in touch with nature?

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