Take This Quiz And We'll Guess Which Canadian Pop Star Matches Your Personality!

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Our neighbors to the north are known for lots of things: maple syrup, Nutella and saying "eh," to name a few. On top of that, they've also heavily contributed to the entertainment industry, not only in their country but also in the USA and all across the world. But sometimes it's hard to know they're Canadian unless someone points it out, or unless they open their mouths. 

Did you know that the two hottest Ryans in Hollywood (Reynolds and Gosling) are both Canadian? Did you know that our favorite comedians, Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen, our favorite gal from "Sex and the City," Kim Cattrall (Samantha), and our favorite movie mogul, James Cameron, are all Canadian? 

But we aren't speaking about actors today. Today, we want to find out which Canadian singer you're most like. Will you be the guy with the most swag in the game, Drake? Will you be making ladies around the world scream like Justin Bieber? Will you have people rocking out with you like Avril Lavigne? Or will you command respect from audiences around the world like Celine Dion? 

If you want to find out which Canadian singer matches your personality, take our quiz. It should be fun, eh!

What genre of music would you sing?

Which of these would you be best at?

Which of these cities would be your favorite to perform in?

While on stage, what drink would you want between sets?

Which other performer would you look up to?

What would you be known for, on stage?

How often do you listen to music?

Can you live without music?

Do you think you can handle the pressure of being a pop star?

Which of these scandals are you most likely to get into?

What part of Canada are you from?

Which maple-flavored food is your favorite?

Which Canadian celebrity would you date?

Which of these pop stars is your favorite?

What's the best thing about Canada?

How do your friends describe you?

Who has the most fun?

Which of these things are you most likely to do after work?

If you really wanted to get your heart pumping, which of these would you do?

What's your sense of style like?

What kind of colors make up the most of your wardrobe?

How would you describe your love life?

How do you handle breakups?

Are you more of a dog or cat person?

What season does your birthday fall in?

What's a typical birthday celebration like for you?

What's your favorite holiday?

Who is your best friend?

What do you admire most in others?

But what about yourself do you need to work on?

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