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How well do you remember this quirky curly haired girl from Seinfeld? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

What famous person did Elaine meet on the subway?

In the episode, Roker was on the cover of TV Guide.


What was the real name of Monks?

This restaurant really existed in NYC.


Who was the only female character other than Elaine to be in almost every episode?

Elaine was essential to almost every episode, but originally there was no female character as part of the group.


Who won the “contest” among the four principals on the show?

This episode was controversial when broadcast because NBC thought that masturbation was not a topic suitable for prime time television. As a result, the word "masturbation" is never used in the episode.


What was the name of Elaine’s braless friend?

Sue Ellen was the heiress of the Oh Henry candy bar.


What is the key to Elaine’s secret vault?

Schnapps is liquor usually served in a shot glass.


What is the name of the hat Elaine placed on the cover of the J. Peterman Catalogue?

John George O'Hurley, the actor who played J. Peterman, hosted the game show Family Feud from 2006 to 2010.


What was the name of the “Soup Nazi’?

Soup Nazi has led to other similar terms in used today, such as Food Nazi or Rules Nazi.


What did Elaine call the man she sat next to returning from Europe?

Putty was sitting next to Elaine on the flight.


Who was responsible for the phrase “yada yada yada”?

When Julia Louis Dreyfuss hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016, she did a sketch based on yada yada yada with Larry David.


What brand of sponges did Elaine use?

Elaine ran around town looking for a store that still carried the contraceptive sponges.


What flavor of shaved ice id Bette Midler request:

Bette Midler was a popular figure on many NBC shows, but none more so than Johnny Carson, who adored her and slated her as the final guest on his Tonight show.


What movie does Elaine despise that others in the group really like?

The English Patient was movie that you could not be neutral towards —- you either loved it or hated it.


Who wound up with the fur jacket that Elaine threw out Joe Mayo’s window?

Newman was in one of the most famous scenes in the history of cinema — the interrogation scene of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.


For Elaine’s birthday, how much money did George give her?

Jerry gave her double the money that George did-$182.


Ping was only able to save a single dish after his wreck with ‘Elaine — what was it?

Ping played a delivery biker, still a popular job in NYC.


How much money did Jerry give Elaine for her birthday?

Elaine was unhappy with the gift.


What was on the cover of the TV Guide that Elaine took from George’s dad?

Al Roker was just starting to make a name for himself during the run of the program.


What name was suggested for a man’s bra?

Also called “bro,” but that term now refers to the relationship among men


What publisher gave Elaine a job interview?

Viking Press would up giving Jerry’s parents a room at the Plaza Hotel.


What kind of soup does Elaine order from the Soup Nazi:

Julia Louis Dreyfuss grew up in the D.C. area.


Who did Elaine send an erotic message to?

In Veep, her character has an extremely foul mouth.


What superfamous person asked Elaine out?

JKF, Jr. ran a magazine called “George.”


What’s the name of the man who Elaine gave a big screen TV to as an engagement gift?

As it turns out, the man was not going to get married.


What edifice was involved in Joe Mayo’s Party?

At the party, Jerry was given the job of telling the guest not to tap the glass of the aquarium.


What does the terrorist bomber ask for in the first place?

The terrorist hated adjustable hats, and wanted fitted ones. Like the players had.


Why does Elaine make fun of Jerry’s girlfriend Doloris?

Jerry cycled through dozens of girlfriends, but this one certainly came with built-in laughs.


When the group loses the car, what is Elaine carrying?

The car is lost in a parking lot.


What does Elaine scream while feeling good on muscle relaxers?

Stella is what Marlon Brando keeps yelling in a Streetcar Named Desire.


What does Elaine always order at the coffee shop?

In real life, Julia Louis Dreyfuss is a fitness nut.


What was the name of the Communist that Elaine dated?

In real life, Julia Louis Dreyfuss is from the famous Dreyfuss family, which of course is an extremely wealthy group (Dreyfuss fund).


What did Elaine receive from the Soup Nazi?

Elaine really can’t believe that the Soup Nazi gave her this gift.


What department store did Elaine insist had distorting mirrors?

In a Shark Tank episode, someone wanted to start a business of selling distorting mirrors.


Elaine sneezes on what food being eaten by an NBC exec?

Elaine is coming down with flu when she sneezes on the plate being served to Russell Dalrymple, played by Bob Balaban.


Elaine tries to order Chinese food but her address is out of the restaurants delivery bounds. What elaborate scheme does she come up with to get a meal?

Elaine is always thinking of funny ways to get what she wants!


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