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Think you know Dumb and Dumber? Test your fan knowledge with this fun quiz that will bring back all your favorite Harry and Lloyd moments!

What date was Dumb and Dumber released?

Released on December 16, 1994. The film took advantage of traditionally strong holiday movie ticket sales finishing the final three weeks of 1994 at the top of the box office.


What was Lloyd's occupation?

Lloyd Christmas was a limo driver. His best friend Jeff Daniels' character, Harry Dunne, was a dog groomer before being fired fired.


Who does Lloyd Christmas fall in love with?

Mary Swanson is a wealthy heiress who Lloyd falls in love with after giving her a ride to the airport in his limousine.


What item does Mary Swanson leave behind at the airport?

After dropping Mary off at the airport, Lloyd sees her set the briefcase down and then leave it behind. Lloyd retrieves the case and ultimately vows to find Mary and return it to her.


Where are Lloyd and Harry from?

The two dumb-lucky men call Providence, Rhode Island home. At one point on their cross- country journey, Harry becomes so enraged with Lloyd that he decides to walk home to Providence from Nebraska.


Where do Harry and Lloyd ultimately find Mary?

Despite meeting several obstacles on their journey, Harry and Lloyd find Mary in her home town of Aspen, Colorado


During their cross-country trip, Harry and Lloyd sing an annoying version of what song?

After picking up Joe "Mental" Mentalino as a hitchhiker, Lloyd and Harry pass the time with many things, including an annoying version of the famous song, “Mockingbird”.


Harry’s van is decorated like what animal?

Harry’s van is decorated from front to back and top to bottom to look like a dog. Before being fired from his job as a dog groomer, Harry used his van as a mobile dog grooming studio.


What type of vehicle did Lloyd trade Harry’s van for?

After the two run out of gas money, Lloyd takes the van to a nearby town where he trades it for a moped. Lloyd then tracks down Harry and delivers this famous quote, “Traded the van for it, straight up. I can get 70 miles per gallon on this hog.


When Harry and Lloyd are pulled over by a police officer, what does the police officer find in the open beer bottles by Lloyd’s feet?

During their trip west, Lloyd really needs to urinate. Not wanting to stop, Harry tells Lloyd to relieve himself in some empty beer bottles. The two then get pulled over for speeding and suspected DUI. The officer takes a drink from one of the bottles and quickly realizes the bottles are not filled with beer.


What famous physical feature does Lloyd Christmas have?

Lloyd’s awkward appearance is enhanced greatly by a large chip in one of his top front teeth. The chipped tooth is actually genuine. Carrey had the tooth capped long before the film, but had the cap temporarily removed for his role in the movie.


Despite their parrot Petey’s head being off, what do Harry and Lloyd attribute the bird’s death to?

Unaware that Joe Mental killed the parrot, Harry tells Lloyd that Petey’s head fell off from old age.


Why does Mary Swanson leave her briefcase behind in the airport?

Mary leaves the cash filled briefcase to pay a ransom to her husband’s kidnappers.


How do Lloyd and Harry kill Joe Mental?

Joe Mental plans on killing Harry and Lloyd with rat poison and then take the cash filled briefcase to his boss. However, he learns that Harry and Lloyd are unaware of what they are caught up in and he decides to just take the briefcase once they get to Aspen and let the two go. In payback for a prank Mental played on the two, Harry and Lloyd trick Mental into eating hot peppers which irritate his ulcer. Instead of giving Mental his pills, Harry accidently feeds him the rat poison instead of his ulcer medication.


What do Lloyd and Harry replace the money in the briefcase with?

Harry and Lloyd use all the money to buy things in Aspen, including a Lamborghini, a luxury hotel room, and outlandishly expensive clothing. However, they account for every dollar spent with IOUs


What animal do Harry and Lloyd accidently kill while attending a preservation benefit in Aspen?

When Lloyd thinks that Harry has asked Mary out on a date for him, he opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Unknown to Lloyd and Harry, the cork flies across the room striking a prized snow owl.


How does Lloyd gain his revenge against Harry for going behind his back and asking Mary out on a date?

After discovering Harry’s betrayal, Lloyd secretly puts laxative in Harry’s tea prior to his date with Mary. Harry ends up needing to use what turns out to be a broken toilet at Mary’s house, creating one of the film’s wildest scenes.


What scene did Jim Carrey famously go completely off script and improvise?

Upon noticing a newspaper clipping hanging in an Aspen bar, Jim Carrey’s character, Lloyd Christmas shouts, “No way... that's great. We've landed on the moon!”


How much money was Jim Carrey originally offered to play the role of Lloyd Christmas?

Jim Carrey was originally offered, and accepted, $700,000 to play the role of Lloyd Christmas, a far cry from what he ultimately made on the film.


How much did Jim Carrey ultimate make in salary for his role in the movie?

Though he originally signed on the do the film for $700,000, after the box-office success of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective earlier in the year, Carrey received a hefty salary increase to $7,000,000.


How much did Carrey’s co-star Jeff Daniels receive for his role as Harry Dunne?

Jeff Daniels made just $50,000 in salary for his role in the film. The low sum was due to the fact that the studio, New Line Cinema, did not want Daniels in the film. At the time he was only known for his dramatic work. The Farrelly brothers and Carrey wanted him, but the studio would only offer him a low salary in the hope that he would turn the role down.


What famous actor turned down the role to play Lloyd Christmas?

Before it was offered to Jim Carrey both Steve Martin and Martin Short turned the role of Lloyd Christmas down.


Despite being largely set in Aspen, Colorado, where were the majority of the scenes filmed?

Most Aspen scenes were filmed in both Breckenridge, CO and Salt Lake City. This includes the airport scenes which were filmed at Salt Lake City International Airport. Many of the snow scenes were shot at Copper Mountain Resort, CO.


Which character famously licks a freezing metal pole getting his tongue stuck in the process?

While on a ski lift, Harry sees frost on a metal pole and licks the poll. The resulting scene ensues where Mary attempts to pull Harry’s head back stretching his tongue to uncomfortable lengths.


Besides Dumb and Dumber, what other two 1994 films did Carrey star in?

Incredibly, all three films debuted at #1, making Carrey the first actor to accomplish this record setting feat and propelled him to become one of Hollywood’s most popular actors.


Though Jeff Daniels ultimately received the role to play Harry Dunne due to both the Farrelly brothers and Jim Carrey wanting him for the part, who else was up for the co-star role?

In addition to Rob Lowe, Gary Oldman was strongly considered for the role.


Besides the “Moon Landing Scene”, what other scene did Carrey famously improvise?

As Lloyd and Harry are making their cross country journey, Lloyd asks Harry if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world. The scene was not in the script and many say you can see on Daniel’s face that he was surprised by the question.


What does Lloyd scam Sea Bass into doing at the restaurant?

After the scam, Lloyd tells Harry that he got the idea from a film he saw. The film is Something Wild (1986) and the scam was pulled by Jeff Daniel’s character.


In what other 1994 movie did Jeff Daniels play a character named Harry?

Daniels played “Harry Temple” in the blockbuster hit Speed, released June 10, 1994.


How many weeks did Dumb and Dumber spend as the #1 film in the United States?

After spending 4 weeks as the country’s #1 film, Dumb and Dumber relinquished its position to Legends of the Fall.


How much money did Dumb and Dumber gross globally?

The film was not only a hit in the US where it made over $127 million, Dumb and Dumber proved to be a global success with a $247 million gross box office total.


What was Dumb and Dumber’s title once changed to?

After making the original rounds through Hollywood, the original script was so widely disliked that the title was changed just so studios would not reject it at first sight.


In an alternate ending shot for the film, where were Lloyd and Harry offered jobs?

An alternate ending was shot where the hotel offered Lloyd and Harry a job. The two turned the position down, however, laughing at the thought of it.


How much money was in the briefcase?

There was $1,000,000 in the briefcase. The money was intended to pay a ransom for Mary Swanson’s husband’s release from his kidnappers.


What color tuxedos to Harry and Lloyd wear to the preservation benefit?

In one of the film’s most memorable moments, Lloyd and Harry arrive to the preservation benefit (a black tie affair) wearing comically outlandish blue and orange tuxedos.


Who spit in Harry’s burger at the diner?

Sea Bass, played by Cam Neely, spit in Harry’s burger after Harry accidentally hit him with a salt shaker.


Why was Harry not hurt when he was shot?

Harry was shot by Bobby’s kidnapper, Nicholas Andre, but is wearing a bulletproof vest and was unharmed.


At the end of the film, what job to Harry and Lloyd unwittingly turn down?

A bus filled with beautiful women who are on a national bikini tour stops and tells the pair they are looking for two oil boys to help them before competitions. Unaware the women are offering them the job, they point the women to a town further down the road.


At the end of the film, what game do Lloyd and Harry play as they’re walking along the side of the road?

When Mary returns to her rescued husband the two friends leave for home, playing Tags and Quitsies as they walk.


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