Dude: How Chill Are You?

Brian Whitney

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Lots of people try and act chill, but only a few genuine radical people truly are. So what do you think dude, are you chill, or are you just fronting?

How would you feel if you were caught outside in a massive thunderstorm?

How do you react if someone gets in your face and yells at you?

How easy is it to harsh your mellow?

Do you think it would be cool to live on a boat?

Do you plan out the future?

How often do you say "dude?"

Do people say you need to relax?

How do you react if someone flips you off in traffic?

Do you freak out when you lose your phone?

How long could you last at a house in the woods that didn't have electricity or Internet?

Do you ever try and pick out the best piece of pizza before others do?

Do people say you talk like you are from California?

How often do you argue?

Your best friend talked behind your back, what do you do?

Are you afraid of certain animals or reptiles?

Do you get upset at people that have different political views than you?

Someone broke into your house and robbed you, how do you feel?

Have you ever been down to your last five bucks?

How would it feel if you were down to your last five bucks?

Do you meditate?

Do you ever feel like you have bad luck?

Would you go to the store and get coffee in your pajamas?

What do you think of "The Big Lebowski?"

How often do you yell?

What word might your friends use to describe you?

Have you ever thought of joining the military?

Does waiting in line bother you?

You don't feel well, what do you think about it?

How well do you get along with your parents?

What do you do when you see a famous person?

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