Dress Someone of the Opposite Sex and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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About This Quiz

How well do you know what the opposite sex wears to a soiree, a beach vacation, or a first date? You might be surprised at what your style says about your relationship status.

Your fashion sense says so much about you, whether you're always making suggestions of hot kicks for your friends or designing your own wardrobe. But can it say so much that your relationship status is a giveaway? Style is subjective, but what it says about you might be more scientific than you think. Do you remember what your sweetie wore on that first date, or did it fade into the background as their personality made a bigger impact? How much does style impact the way you view dating - do you do the shopping in your partnership, or do you expect them to buy for you? Are you an accessory maven, or are you trying too hard to stick out of the crowd?

This quiz will help you learn which parts of your style are envied by everyone around you, and what you might want to think twice about before you buy. Learn more about classic style, the importance of accessories, and whether you should build a future of dressing the opposite sex or keep working on your own wardrobe before you head into somebody else's closet. 

On your first date, it's dinner and drinks. How do you dress them to impress?

What's the best item to bring on a beach vacation?

What is the most stylish hiking outfit?

Winter coats: what's the best choice?

Is there such a thing as a functional sandal?

What color basic tee?

Denim cuts matter. What's your preferred cut?

What hat is the best hat?

What do you wear to a black-tie wedding?

What pattern do you buy?

Glasses aren't just for vision, they're for fashion! What frames do you prefer on the opposite sex?

If not jeans, then...

Time for a workout! What do you put them in?

Sweater weather has arrived - cable knit or not so much?

What kind of jewelry do you throw in the mix?

What's good to wear at bedtime?

What sneaker is the perfect sneaker?

What haircut do you want the opposite sex to have?

How do we feel about hair dye?

Tie-dye: yes or no?

Are you into someone of the opposite sex wearing vests?

Those pants are too big! What belt is the way to go?

What kind of phone case do you want to see?

Gloves, mittens, or withstand the cold?

What's under all that?

What's on your printed tee?

Cosmetics can help or hurt. What do you say?

What's that thing around your neck?

What socks are everyday socks?

How do you feel about earrings?

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