Does Your Partner Find You Attractive?

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It's hard to have any kind of meaningful relationship without attraction. Obviously just being physically into someone shouldn't be everything, but it has to be something. After all, why would you want to be with someone if there wasn't something about them that you were into? The simplest way that attraction works is just thinking someone else is hot and being into that basic, physical part of them. Then you get to know someone and that can deepen. You can be attracted to their mind, to who they are and how they make you feel. That's a much stronger kind of attraction and it's definitely the one most of us want. But the thing about attraction is it can come and go. Someone seems awesome at first and then, after a while, maybe they display some unattractive qualities. 

Now the crazy thing to think here is what if that's happened to you? What if your partner isn't as attracted to you as they used to be? How do you really know? Well, if they're not being open about it it's not the easiest thing to figure out, but we can try to help. Answer a few questions and we'll help you figure out if your partner finds you attractive or not.

It's date night! If you leave the whole thing up to your partner, where do you think the two of you will go?

Does your partner have one word they use most often to compliment you?

When you first met, was it a love at first sight sort of thing?

Not all celebrity couples are train wrecks! What celeb couple is just like you and your partner?

Say you and your partner are playing a board game. Do they ever let you win or do they fight to the finish every time?

If we went through your partner's phone, how many pics of you would we find?

Do you and your partner have the same friends or different friends?

Say your partner was a Taco Bell menu item. What would they be?

Has your partner ever bought you any clothing as a gift?

How much time do you spend texting with each other?

Pick a pet name!

Does your partner ever point out a specific feature about you that they love?

What happens if you're out together and your partner catches someone else checking you out?

Straight up, is your partner the jealous type?

On a hot summer day is your partner the kind of person who would suggest heading to the beach?

Do you ever catch your partner checking out other people when you're out somewhere together?

If your phone died and you needed to use your partner's would they give it to you without hesitation?

This is the suckiest feeling in the world but do you ever feel like your partner is embarrassed to be seen with you?

How long did it take your partner to introduce you to their family?

Before you two hooked up, were your looks something people complimented often?

Are you guys down with PDA?

Do you guys ever cook food together?

Say its a Saturday night and you two are watching some Netflix. When does the chill come in?

If your partner was a pizza topping, what would they be?

You may not think of this often but why not do it now? Do you kiss them more than they kiss you?

Everyone likes presents! Does your partner ever surprise you with gifts for no reason?

Would you consider your partner your best friend?

If your partner was a small woodland creature, which one would they be?

So how attracted to your partner are you? Be as honest as you like.

We promise this is really important, Harry Potter, GOT or LOTR?

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