Does He Like Me?

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Some guys can be so confusing! One minute your crush is sliding into your DMs, the next he's blowing you off to go party with his friends. When you see him the next day, he avoids making eye contact, but then he follows that coldness up with a series of flirty 2 a.m. texts. What are you supposed to think? Does he like you or not?

If you're tired of playing guessing games with that special someone, this quiz can help. We know you're sick of pretending not to care, so we've come up with a series of questions designed to determine whether he's just being nice or if he's hiding a big fat crush on you. It's possible that his hugs and compliments are signs that he's been in love with you for years, but it's also possible that he merely likes you as a friend or is stringing you along because he likes getting attention from you. 

Don't put up with this painful uncertainty any longer. You deserve love in your life, whether it's from him or someone new. If you're ready to find out what his mixed signals actually mean, it's time to take this quiz!

Does your crush know of your existence?

Has he ever acted hostile to guys who flirt with you?

Are you and your crush close?

When you two are going to the same event, does he text you several times to make sure you're coming?

How long have you known your crush?

How often does he text you?

Have you ever caught your crush staring at you?

Does your crush tease you?

Is your crush already in a relationship?

Has your crush ever given you a gift?

When you post content on social media, does your crush like it?

Is your crush really flirty one day, then really distant the next day?

Does he ever compliment you?

Has your crush ever talked about what it would be like if you two dated?

Does your crush remember random facts about you, like your birthday or your pet's name?

When you have plans with your crush, does he ever cancel them at the last minute?

Are you always the first one to contact him?

Have you met his friends?

When you're sick or in a bad mood, how does he act?

Does he go out of his way to do special favors for you, like changing your oil?

Are you interested in the things he's interested in? Be honest!

Does he talk about his other love interests with you?

Is your crush always finding silly, random excuses to touch you?

Do his eyes bug out when you wear revealing clothes?

In dangerous situations, does he behave protectively toward you?

Has he ever mocked you in a way that was cruel, not cute?

Do you think your crush respects you?

Have you and your crush ever hung out one-on-one?

Do your friends think he likes you?

How do you feel when you're around him?

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