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Home Economics was first offered in colleges and high schools as Domestic Science so women could efficiently run their homes and have time for other pursuits. As time passed, some people misunderstood the purpose of the courses, and many places of learning dropped them or changed the name to "Family and Consumer Sciences." Do you know enough about Home Economics to run a well-organized home? Find out by taking this quiz.

Before preparing food, you should always do what?

You should wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and running water. In addition to washing your hands before you begin cooking, you should also wash them immediately after touching raw meat.


What is the first thing you should do before washing a load of laundry?

Sorting laundry by color (whites, darks, lights) protects colors from bleeding onto other colors. In addition, some clothes are delicate or hand washables. Finally, you need to sort clothes that have special care instructions (such as hang dry or dry clean only) from the rest.


Which is the best tool for cleaning windows?

Wiping dust from the window or mirror with a clean, dry cloth before using window cleaner and a squeegee gives it the best clean. You should never wash windows on sunny or hot days because the cleaner will dry too quickly.


Which of the following is not a tool for diapering a baby?

Both paper and cloth diapers are available for infants. Modern cloth diapers use a diaper cover that is similar to a paper diaper in the way it covers and fastens, eliminating the need for pins.


Before doing any electric work, such as changing a ceiling fan, you should do what?

Before doing any electrical work, you should always shut off the power. Approximately 1,000 people die each year from electrical injuries.


How often should the filters on your furnace be changed?

Furnace and air conditioning filters need to be changed every 1–3 months depending on the type of filter you use and the air quality in your home. Pets and smoking can decrease the life of the filter.


When a newborn is riding in a car ...

The safest place for any child is to ride in the back seat of a vehicle. Never use a car seat, carrier or booster seat that has previously been in an accident.


Where does the dinner knife go when setting the table?

The knife is placed on the right side of the plate and closest to it. Its edge faces toward the plate.


What is the safest and best way to dispose of bacon grease?

In the United States alone, cooking fat, oil and grease causes around 15,000 sewer backups each year. Worldwide about 50% of all sewer overflows and floods are caused by fats found in the system.


Where are water shut-off valves for a toilet usually located?

If you are replacing the toilet or parts of the toilet tank, you will need to shut the water off using the water shut-off valve near the floor by the toilet. If you are replacing the valve or if the toilet does not have one, you will need to shut off the main shut-off valve for the entire house.


How often should the batteries in your smoke detectors be changed even if they are wired to the house?

Even hardwired smoke detectors have backup batteries. Alarms should be tested once a month and replaced every ten years. It is important to have both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms.


When you are shopping, how should you dress?

Shopping can be a long endeavor and wearing comfortable clothing can make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable. If you are shopping for clothing, make sure to wear items that are easy to take on and off so you can try on the items before buying them.


When you file your nails, what is the proper method?

You should never use a sawing motion to file your nails. The sawing motion actually weakens your nails and can shred them.


Spray starch is best used for which household task?

Starch solution initially took several days to make and was used by dipping the clothing in the starch and allowing it to dry flat before ironing it. Spray starch was invented in 1960.


What can you place in your refrigerator to help remove odors?

Baking soda can absorb and neutralize acidic odors. Other items that neutralize odors are silica gel, cat litter, activated charcoal, and fresh coffee grounds.


Before touching a newborn baby, you should?

Newborn babies have a very weak immune system and can become sick with diseases that do not affect healthy adults. Everyone should wash his or her hands before touching newborns.


When guests are lingering at a dinner party, what is the proper way to let them know it is time to go home?

Frequently, when the host or hostess stops offering refreshments, his or her company will understand it is time to go. However, saying something like, "What a great night this was," can also help them realize it is time to go.


How often should you vacuum dryer vents to clean out the lint?

Lint builds up in dryer vents and can become a fire hazard. It is important to inspect vent hoses for holes and clean built up lint at least once a year.


Which is the best way to clean?

Since dirt falls downward, you should always start at the highest point when cleaning and work your way down. This prevents you from having to clean areas twice.


On a sewing pattern, what symbol is used to tell you where to match two pieces of fabric together (such as the sleeve and body of an outfit)?

The diamond on a pattern depicts notch marks. The marks help you line up the sleeves and other pieces of fabric so they are sewn on in the correct position.


Before shopping, you should?

When researching sales, make sure you are comparing the same product and size. Also, check other retailers to make sure that one store's sale isn't the regular price at another store.


What is the best item to use to drain spaghetti?

A colander is sometimes called a pasta strainer or kitchen sieve. It is also used to rinse vegetables.


When sewing a four-hole button back on a shirt, you should?

When making clothing, an "X" through a four-hole button is standard. However, when you are reattaching a button to a previously constructed shirt, you should follow the pattern the makers of the shirt used.


What would be the best fabric to wear for an everyday item?

Muslin is a lightweight cotton cloth. Generally inexpensive, it can be used to create everyday items as well as mock-up test garments for fittings.


What does R. S. V. P. stand for?

R. S. V. P. stands for the French phrase "Respondez, s'il vous plait." The phrase means, "please reply," and when written on an invitation, it means one should let the host or hostess know if you are coming to the event or not.


What is the best way to get out grass stains?

Grass stains come out best when treated with a pre-wash stain remover, a paste of enzyme-containing dry laundry detergent and water, or enzyme-containing liquid laundry detergent. Some stains should also be soaked in hot water and laundry detergent for a couple of hours before washing in the hottest water the fabric can take.


Dentists recommend you floss your teeth?

Although brushing removes surface bacteria and plaque, a special interdental cleaner such a dental floss is needed to remove the buildup between teeth. Several tools, such as pre-threaded flossers, tiny brushes, dental picks and water picks are other devices that can be used to clean between teeth.


What does baste mean in sewing?

Quick basting stitches are frequently used to hold fabric in place. The stitches can be done by hand or with a longer stitch setting on a machine.


What does baste mean when cooking?

You baste meat by using a basting brush or basting bulb. In addition to allowing the meat to remain moist, basting adds flavor and helps the meat to cook more evenly.


At what temperature should your refrigerator be set?

The refrigerator should be kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve foods. It is best to buy an appliance thermometer and keep it in your refrigerator to ensure it is operating at the correct temperature.


When ironing a shirt you should start with the ___________?

Professionals begin ironing with the collar and move to the sleeves. The body of the shirt is done last.


When choosing a wall color for a room, which of the following is not important?

Choosing colors for you home can be intimidating. Many experts recommend painting several 2 x 2 test patches of the new color in the room to be painted (one across from a window, one next to the window and one next to accent colors) before committing to a color.


How much sleep should you get each night?

Adults need 7–9 hours of sleep, but children need more: newborns (14–17 hours including naps), 1–2 years (12–14 hours including naps), 3–5 years (10–13 hours), 6–13 years (9–11 hours), and 14–17 years (9–10 hours). Although some people say they do fine on fewer hours of sleep, studies show they do not perform as well on complex mental tasks.


How often should you balance your checkbook?

It is important to record banking transactions as soon as they happen, whether you are writing a check or using your debit card. Also, make sure you list automatic payments on your calendar, so you remember to add them into your checkbook when they occur.


What are the two main types of screwdrivers?

The flat- or blade-headed screwdriver is used on screws with one slot that do not require as much power to turn. The Phillips screwdriver and screw (with a cross-shaped slot) was invented when the automobile assembly line required screws that could handle higher twisting forces.


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