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The 2012 movie, "The Three Stooges," is a modern-day version of the original trio. Think you remember the how the Stooges saved the day? Take the quiz to find out!

How many acts were in the movie?

There were three acts in the movie. They were titled, "More Orphan Than Not," "The Bananas Split," and "No Moe Mister Nice Guy."

In Episode 1, where were the Stooges living?

The Three Stooges lived in an orphanage in Act 1. The orphanage was run by a group of nuns, one of which is played by Larry David.

In the final episode, with what animal was Curly swimming?

Curly was swimming with a polar bear. A few kids were getting a lecture on the polar bear and they were very surprised to see a human swimming around in the tank.

Fill in the blank: The Three Stooges sang "___________________" with Sister Rosemary in Act 1.

The Three Stooges sang "This Little Light Of Mine" with Sister Rosemary in Act 1. However, Sister Mary-Mengele wasn't very happy to hear it.

In Episode 1, what jobs did the Stooges have at the orphanage?

The Three Stooges worked as janitors at the orphanage that they grew up in.

In Episode 1, where did Curly tie the rope to the bike?

Curly tied the rope to the back tire. Moe threw the rope and hooked it onto a car passing by. Since the rope was on the back tire it dragged the Stooges down the road.

In Episode 2, what did the Stooges do to come up with the money?

The Three Stooges played music on the side of the street to try to make money. They also had a sign saying that they would work for the money as well.

Is it true or false that Moe wanted to bring Larry and Curly along with him to his new home?

It is true that Moe wanted to bring Larry and Curly along with him to his new home. His adoptive parents didn't like the idea and they took him back to the orphanage.

In Episode 2, what did the trio do to get into Mac's hospital room?

The trio dressed up as doctors in order to get into Mac's hospital room. Even in their disguises, the receptionist recognized them and unsuccessfully chased them down!

Is it true or false that Larry, Curly and Moe paid for the new orphanage?

It is true. Larry, Curly and Moe paid for the orphanage by starring in a reality television show. The show was called "Nuns vs. Nitwits!"

In episode 2, what did the three stooges put inside of Mac's cast?

The three stooges put dynamite in Mac's cast, Mac tried to hide from them, fearing they were trying to kill him again, but Moe knew his trick!

In Episode 2, after breaking into a building, what happened to Moe?

Moe was cast on a reality show after breaking into a building. He unknowingly had a fight with Larry and Curly on a theater​ stage and after they left, a casting director offered him a part.

In the final episode, after sneaking into the zoo, what animal's cage did Mac end up inside of?

Mac ended up inside of the lion's cage after sneaking into the zoo. The lion wasn't able to attack Mac, because it was on a chain.

In Episode 2, who did Larry, Curly and Moe meet from their past?

Larry, Curly and Moe met Teddy after they escaped from the hospital. After catching up, Teddy invited them to stay at his place until they were able to find another place to go.

In Episode 1, what announcement did Mother Superior make to everyone in the orphanage?

Mother Superior announced to everyone at the orphanage that it would be shutting down. She said the children would be going to live in foster homes.

In the final episode, in what reality television show did Moe appear?

Moe was on Jersey Shore. He caused a lot of trouble on the episode. Teddy was watching the show on television when he saw Moe's face in the intro.

Where did Curly and Larry go after putting up lost signs for Moe?

Curly and Larry went to the orphanage after they put up lost signs for Moe. They found out that Murph was very sick and there was no medical insurance for her.

In Episode 2, what did Lydia ask the Stooges to do?

Lydia asked the Stooges to kill her husband. She and her boyfriend wanted to kill him so they could have all of her husband's money.

In the final episode, from who did Larry and Curly ask for the money?

Larry and Curly asked for the money from Mr. Harter. He told them that he could only help them if they were looking to sue the orphanage.

In Episode 2, what happened to Mac?

Mac was hit by a bus. He then suffered from a few other painful hits until an arrow that Larry had shot earlier hit him in the leg. The Three Stooges thought they had finished the job.

In the final episode, how did The Three Stooges get inside of the anniversary party?

After being turned away from the party the first time, the Stooges posed as balloon men in order to get into the party. When Curly gave a little girl a handful of balloons, she floated away!

In Episode 1, who did the Harter's first adopt from the orphanage?

The Harter's adopted Moe from the orphanage. The boys had to say a heartfelt goodbye to each other when it was time for Moe to leave, but it wouldn't be long before they were back together!

In the final episode, who was the mastermind behind Lydia's plan?

Mr. Harter was the mastermind behind the plan. Mr. Harter became rich by marrying his wife, but after she died, she left all of her money to Teddy.

In Episode 1, how long did the Stooges have to make $830,000 to save the orphanage?

The Three Stooges had 30 days to come up with $830,000 in order to save the orphanage in which they grew up. Everyone doubted that they would be able to do it!

In the final episode, after Mr. Harter and Lydia held everyone hostage, what happened to the car?

Mac drove the car into the river. Curly had let his rat out and scared everyone in the car, making Mac accidentally drive into the river.

Is it true or false that Teddy gave the $830,000 the orphanage needed?

It is false that Teddy gave the orphanage the money needed to save it. He couldn't agree with giving money to something that gave him away to someone who didn't care for him.

In Episode 1, what hit Sister Mary-Mengele when she went to tell the boys they had to talk to Mother Superior?

The bell that the Stooges were working on hit Sister Mary-Mengele! The boys tried to help her, but their ladder was ruined from the chainsaw.

In the final episode, who did Teddy and Ling ask to adopt?

Teddy and Ling asked to adopt Murph. Murph didn't want to go alone, as she knew Peezer had already lost his brother. Luckily, Teddy and Ling also picked up Peezer's brother from another orphanage and adopted all three.

What song do The Three Stooges sing along with Jennifer Hudson during the credits of the movie?

The Three Stooges sang "It's a Shame" by The Spinners with Jennifer Hudson. It was played during the credits of the movie.

Fill in the blank: "The reason that Murph was sick was because there was too much ____________ in the water."

The reason that Murph was sick was because there was too much metal in the water. The Three Stooges were surprised to see her doing a lot better when they went to the new orphanage.

Is it true or false that the Stooges' parents passed away?

No one is sure what happened to the their parents. The Three Stooges were dropped off at the orphanage by a car passing by.

In Episode 2, what did the trio try to sell?

The trio tried to sell salmon. They spread the salmon out across a golf course and watered them with a watering can. The police tried to arrest the Stooges, but they got away.

In the final episode, what did the little girl with the balloons fall into?

The little girl with the balloons fell into the anniversary cake. Moe shot the balloons with a shotgun, causing the little girl to fall. Luckily, she was OK.

Is it true or false that the newly-built orphanage had a pool?

The newly-built orphanage near the old building had a pool. The kids had a great time participating in sports and other activities.

In Episode 1, in what were The Three Stooges dropped off at the orphanage?

The Three Stooges were dropped off at the orphanage in a duffle bag. The sisters were very excited to have them until the boys grew up!

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