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A pair of pants turn out to be the glue that holds four best friends together during their first summer apart. Think you know each of their adventures? Take the quiz to find out!

What did the girls find while shopping that fit them all perfectly?

The girls all found a pair of jeans that fit each one of them perfectly. The jeans kept them together while they separated for the first time in their lives during the summer!


For how long did each girl keep the pants?

Each girl kept the pants for one week. After their week was up, they would ship the pants, along with a letter, to the next girl.


Where did Carmen go for the summer?

Carmen went to South Carolina to spend the summer with her father, with whom she said she had never spent more than four consecutive days.


What did Carmen throw at the window?

Carmen threw a rock at the window of the house. She was hurt when she saw that her father, his fiancée and kids were all happily eating dinner without Carmen, instead of looking for her.


Who was Kostas?

Kostas was a boy Lena met during the summer. Their two families didn't like each other, but the two kids fell in love.


What illness did Bailey have?

Bailey had leukemia. Tibby was unaware of this for a long time before Bailey's neighbor told her about Bailey's illness. Unfortunately, Bailey wasn't able to overcome it.


Where did Tibby meet Bailey?

Tibby met Bailey while she was at work. Bailey had fainted and Tibby got help for her. Later, Bailey showed up on Tibby's doorstep to give her a package that had been wrongfully delivered to her house.


On whom did Bridget have a crush?

Bridget had a crush on her coach. Although it was a rule that the players weren't allowed to have relationships with their coaches, Bridget didn't care.


What news did Carmen's father have for her shortly after she arrived in South Carolina?

Carmen's father told her that he would be getting married. Carmen was taken aback, as she was unaware that her father was seeing someone.


What happened to Bridget's mother?

Bridget's mother passed away. Her funeral was shown near the beginning of the movie, where Bridget stood near her casket along with her father.


Is it true or false that the girls' mothers met at a yoga class before they were born?

Bridget was born first, and the other girls were born in the same week.


What did the girls come up with before splitting up for the summer?

The night before splitting up, the girls came up with a set of rules regarding the pants. Some of the rules included that each girl would keep the pants for one week and write a letter about what happened while wearing them!


To what country did Lena go for the summer?

Lena went to Greece for the summer. She went to stay with her family. She brought the pants along with her first since she was going to be going the farthest!


Where did Bridget go for the summer?

Bridget went to a summer camp. The camp was for soccer, and it was located in Mexico. Bridget was assigned to be on the red team.


Is it true or false that Tibby worked at a department store?

It is true that Tibby worked at a department store. She was spending her time working there, even though she was less than enthusiastic about it.


Who saved Lena when she fell into the water and her pants got hooked on a piece of metal?

Kostas saved Lena after she fell into the water and got her pants hooked on a piece of metal. Kostas let Lena dry off on his boat and gave her some clothes.


Why was Lena forbidden from seeing Kostas?

Lena was forbidden from seeing Kostas because their families didn't get along. When Lena's grandmother found out about her time with Kostas, she made Lena swear that she wouldn't see him ever again.


What was Tibby making over the course of the summer?

Tibby was making a movie. She called it a "suckumentary." When Bailey found out about it, she wanted to help Tibby make it.


Can you fill in the blank? Kostas works for ______________.

Kostas works for his grandfather, who owns many boats and employs fishermen to catch and sell fish and sell to their customers.


Who did Tibby and Bailey interview for their movie?

Tibby and Bailey interviewed a man who plays the game "Dragon's Lair." They didn't get to finish the interview because they became so interested in the game he was playing.


Someone who was not one of the four girls tried on the traveling pants. Who was it?

Bailey was very interested in the package that Tibby received. When she asked about it, Tibby said that she didn't care if Bailey tried on the pants. When she did, the pants didn't fit her like they fit the other girls.


What role was Carmen going to be fulfilling at her father's wedding?

Carmen was going to be a bridesmaid at her father's wedding, along with her soon-to-be stepsister. Carmen had enough of Krista and Lydia at the dress shop and told them to just forget about her.


What happened when Lena and Kostas went out dancing?

When Lena and Kostas went out dancing, they were caught by Lena's family. Her family was enraged and they dragged her back home.


How did Carmen tell her father how she really felt about him?

Carmen finally worked up the nerve to call her father after Tibby encouraged her, and she told him how she felt about the way he had treated her.


What did Tibby give to Bailey while she was in the hospital?

Tibby gave Bailey the traveling pants while she was in the hospital. Lena had sent them back from Greece and said that they really were magic, so Tibby thought that they may help Bailey out in her time of need.


What did Bailey leave behind for Tibby?

Bailey left Tibby a video. She left a message for Tibby that talked about what she believed the purpose of living might be. Despite the sadness that Tibby was feeling, the small message from Bailey put a smile on her face.


What did Carmen and Tibby do when Bridget was feeling down?

Carmen and Tibby had a sleepover with Bridget after she started feeling down. She was upset about what had happened at camp, and about her mother's death, so the girls tried to comfort her.


Can you fill in the blank? When Bridget's dog took the traveling pants, she ran into _______.

When Bridget's dog took the traveling pants, Bridget ran into Eric. He was looking for her to apologize for what happened at camp. He told her to come find him when she was a little bit older.


Is it true or false that Carmen attended her father's wedding after all?

It is true. After the girls spoke with her, Carmen decided to attend her father's wedding. The rest of the girls went with her.


What did Carmen's father do in the middle of the wedding ceremony?

Carmen's father stopped the ceremony to ask Carmen to be a part of it. Although she was reluctant, she realized how sincere her father was being and agreed to go up with him.


Is it true or false that Carmen liked to play football with her father?

Carmen liked to play tennis with her father. It was fun for the two of them to get together for a game, although after an emergency, Carmen was left to play with her future step brother instead.


Can you fill in the blank? Carmen hit Paul with a ___________.

Carmen hit Paul in the head with a tennis ball. Fortunately, Paul was OK, although Carmen later questioned if he had gone to the hospital to get it checked out.


Who did Paul visit every month?

Paul went to visit his father every month. Carmen was envious of Paul's dedication to his father, who Carmen's father told her was an alcoholic.


Is it true or false that Carmen left South Carolina before the end of the summer?

It is true that Carmen left South Carolina before the end of the summer. She was tired of feeling ignored by her father and the family.


Can you fill in the blank? Kostas went to _________ before the end of the summer.

Kostas went to a university in Athens, and Lena went to see him off on the boat before he left.


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