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"The Munsters" is an iconic family show with a monsterous twist.

What is the first name of Mrs. Munster?

Lily Munster was known as Phoebe in the original pilot, which was never aired.


"The Munsters" TV show inspired four films - "Munster, Go Home!," "The Munsters' Revenge," "Here Come the Munsters," and which other title?

"The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas" was produced by John Landis, who also directed "National Lampoon's Animal House," "An American Werewolf in London," and Michael Jackson's "Thriller."


What is unusual about Eddie Munster's ears?

Eddie uses his pointed ears to open tin cans!


What kind of creature is Spot, the family's pet?

Spot the dragon lives under the staircase of the Munsters' mansion. In "Underground Munster," Spot is scolded for tracking mud into the house, so he runs away to live in the sewer system.


What is the first name of Mr. Munster?

Herman Munster was created at the University of Heidelberg in 1815.


Lily Munster is what sort of supernatural creature?

In the episode "The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World," Lily opens a beauty parlor that fails, because her human clients don't want vampiric makeovers.


What is the title of the original pilot script for "The Munsters"?

"Love Thy Monster" was filmed in live action, but there had been some talk of producing it as a cartoon.


Lily Munster's brother is what sort of supernatural creature?

Lily Munster's brother, a werewolf named Lester, appeared in only one episode of the show, "Herman's Rival."


What is Lily Munster's pet name for her husband, Herman?

In the episode "Follow That Munster," Lily says, "Herman, I'm so sorry. I never should have blamed you for doing anything wrong, Pussycat. I'll never mistrust you again, in all my lives."


Which 2015 song features samples from "The Munsters' Theme"?

The popular song by Fall Out Boy features the lyric, "She wants to dance like Uma Thurman." "The Munsters' Theme" adds to the general vibe.


What is the real name of Lily Munster's father, known on the show as Grandpa?

Sam Dracula, born in 1367, became the proud father of Lily with his 166th wife! He met many famous people over the years, including King Arthur.


What actor played the role of Herman Munster in the TV show?

Fred Gwynne also starred in the sitcom "Car 54, Where Are You?" and appeared in films "The Cotton Club," "Pet Sematary," and "My Cousin Vinny."


In the episode, "Eddie's Nickname," what do the kids at school call Eddie?

To help Eddie grow taller, Grandpa concocts a potion. Unfortunately, the potion only makes Eddie grow more hair.


What actress played the role of Lily Munster from 1964 to 1966?

Yvonne De Carlo so embraced her role as Lily Munster that she had her Jaguar customized with coffin rails on top, spider web hubcaps, a gargoyle hood ornament, and a Dracula crest.


Where does Herman Munster work?

In "Herman's Raise," Herman is fired from the funeral home after Lily pushes him to ask for a raise. John Carradine played Mr. Gateman, the funeral director; the actor also played Count Dracula in two movies.


In "Just Another Pretty Face," what happens to Herman Munster when he is struck by lightning?

Fred Gwynne appears without makeup for this story line. Dr. Dudley, played by Dom DeLuise, is called upon to restore Herman Munster's monsterous appearance.


Who is Yolanda "Yo-Yo" Cribbins?

Usually, Mrs. Cribbins thinks her neighbors are strange and frightening. However, in "My Fair Munster," Mrs. Cribbins falls in love with Herman Munster after he drinks a love potion meant for Marilyn Munster.


When Beverly Owen left the show after 13 episodes, what actress replaced her in the role of Marilyn Munster?

Beverly Owen's final episode was "Family Portrait"; Pat Priest's first episode was "Grandpa Leaves Home."


What is the shape of the beauty mark on Herman Munster's forehead?

When Lily Munster has to describe her husband in "Follow That Munster," she doesn't mention the 5-inch lightning bolt beauty mark. Instead, she says his overhanging forehead "keeps the water out of his eyes when he's in the shower."


In "Herman the Rookie," which famous baseball coach tries to recruit Herman Munster?

Durocher was a coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the '60s. In the show, he is hit on the head by Herman's line drive from 8 blocks away.


In the opinion of all other Munsters, why can't Marilyn find and keep a boyfriend?

The lovely Marilyn can't seem to understand that her prospective boyfriends are terrified when they meet her monstrous family.


What does Eddie Munster carry around with him?

Universal Studios offered a 2-foot-tall limited-edition replica of the hairy Woof-Woof doll, complete with a coffin box. Only 2,000 were made and sold.


What is the address of the Munster mansion?

With some alterations, the Munsters' mansion has appeared on streets other than Mockingbird Lane, in many other productions, including "Leave It To Beaver," "Desperate Housewives," "Adam-12," "The Burbs," and "Sliders."


Why does Lily Munster wear a bat necklace?

In addition to her bad-luck charm bat necklace, Lily is partial to long dresses, hooded capes, and long dark hair with a dramatic streak of white.


Which actor in the show had to stop wearing a prosthetic nose after a few episodes?

Al Lewis, who played Grandpa with and without a prosthetic nose, was actually a year younger than Yvonne De Carlo, who played his daughter Lily.


From what was the body of the Munsters' family car, the Munster Koach, constructed?

The 3 Ford Model T's were joined to resemble a hearse, then painted Gloss Black Pearl. The Munster Koach is 18 feet long and has 10 carburetors.


What is unusual about Lily Munster's housekeeping?

Along with adding dust to the nine rooms in the Munster mansion, Lily spreads garbage about for extra style.


Where was Herman Munster born?

This is a trick question. Herman Munster wasn't born anywhere - he was made in a German laboratory by Dr. Frankenstein. The doctor later gave Herman away, complete with blueprints, at the wedding of Herman and Lily.


What is the name of Herman Munster's twin?

Charlie tries to con Lily Munster out of her inheritance in "Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie."


In "Herman the Great," what does Herman Munster do to earn money for Eddie's college fund?

With help from Grandpa, Herman wins the bout against his opponent, "The Strangler."


Who lives in the Munsters' cuckoo clock?

Charlie the Raven says, "Nevermore," inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe narrative poem, "The Raven."


How tall is Herman Munster?

Much of Herman Munster's 7-foot-plus height is due to his high forehead, but he also wears thick shoes, size 26C.


What is Lily Munster's favorite perfume?

Chanel No. 5 was the first perfume launched by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. She always felt that 5 was her lucky number. Presumably, Lily is equally drawn to the unlucky number 13.


Who or what is Drag-u-la?

This racing car was built by Grandpa to help Herman win back his own car, the Munster Koach. Drag-u-la featured a real fiberglass coffin, spider hubcaps, organ pipes for exhaust, and a marble gravestone.


What is the title of the final episode of "The Munsters"?

A teacher is concerned after reading Eddie Munster's essay, "My Parents: An Average American Family." This final episode of "The Munsters" aired on May 12, 1966.


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