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How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a movie based off of the story by Dr. Seuss about the Grinch and how he tried to ruin Christmas for all of Whoville. How well do you know the movie from 2000? Take the quiz to find out!

What is the name of the town in the movie?

The name of the town in the movie is Whoville. Whoville has been in the book Horton Hears a Who!, but its location was different than in this movie. In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Whoville is on a snowflake. In Horton Hears a Who!, Whoville is located on a speck of dust.


Who was the only person in the surrounding area of Whoville that did not enjoy Christmas?

The Grinch was the only person in the surrounding area of Whoville that did not enjoy Christmas. He lived up in a mountain just North of Whoville where he plotted out how to make Christmas miserable for the Whos.


What does one of the teens say the Grinch only comes out of his lair for?

When the teens venture up the mountain to where the Grinch lives, one of the teens tries to scare the others. He tells one of the girls that the Grinch only comes out to eat the flesh of the Whos. He then teased her saying that she was scared of the Grinch.


What happened when the kids went to touch the door of the Grinch's lair?

When the kids went to touch the door of the Grinch's lair, the door opened and a large replica of his face slowly burst through the door. The kids fell backwards and rolled down the mountain while the Grinch's dog, Max, barked at them.


What was wrong with the Grinch's heart?

The Grinch's heart was two sizes too small. The narrator says that the Grinch hates Christmas and gives a few reasons as to why that may be. This is when he talks about the size of the Grinch's heart.


Who is the actress that played Cindy Lou Who?

Taylor Momsen played Cindy Lou Who. Taylor Momsen has had a role in the show Gossip Girl and she currently is the lead singer of the band The Pretty Reckless.


What was in the Grinch's mailbox?

The Grinch's mailbox had nothing in it! Nobody sent anything to the Grinch because of his hate for Christmas. Cindy Lou didn't understand why no one would want to send the Grinch some love for Christmas.


What did Cindy Lou find in the mail room?

Cindy Lou found the Grinch's mask that he wore to disguise himself in Whoville. He hid above her in the corner of the ceiling where she couldn't see him!


What did the Grinch do to Cindy Lou after she said that he saved her?

The Grinch wrapped Cindy Lou into a present after she thanked him for saving her. A few seconds later her father came looking for her and found her wrapped up in red paper in the mail room.


Who's girlfriend did the Grinch have a crush on when he was young?

The Grinch had a crush on the future mayor of Whoville's girlfriend. All of the other kids made fun of the Grinch and said that she would never like him because he was 8 years old and had a beard.


Why does the Grinch hate Christmas?

The Grinch hates Christmas because of his horrible experience at school as a child. He had made his crush Martha May a present and the whole classroom ridiculed him causing him to hate Christmas.


Who did Cindy Lou nominate as the Whoville Holiday Cheermeister?

Cindy Lou nominates the Grinch as the Whoville Holiday Cheermeister. All of the Whos became shocked when Cindy announced her nomination. The Mayor tried to explain to her why the Grinch does not qualify, but she held her position!


What did the Grinch do when Cindy Lou invited herself into his house?

The Grinch tried to scare Cindy Lou when she invited herself into his house. Cindy had taken the Grinch by surprise and he tried yelling and acting scary to frighten her away.


What does Cindy Lou leave behind in the Grinch's lair?

Cindy Lou leaves behind an invitation to the Whobilation. After the Grinch kicked her out of his lair, Max picked up the invitation that she accidentally left behind. The Grinch decided if he really wanted to attend or not.


What does the Cheermeister have to do?

The Cheermeister has to participate in the holiday activities. The Grinch had to taste pudding, join in a kanga line and join a stocking race. All he wanted to do was get his award and leave!


What did the Cheermeister (The Grinch) receive in the gift exchange?

The Grinch received an electric razor in the gift exchange. This brought back bad memories from when he was young and made fun of for having a beard. The Grinch used the razor to shave the hair off of the Mayor's head.


What did the Mayor give Martha May at the gift exchange?

At the gift exchange, the Mayor proposed to Martha May. He bought her a large diamond ring and offered her a new car if she said yes. The Grinch scratched the car before she could give her answer!


What did the Grinch burn?

The Grinch burned the Whoville Christmas tree. After talking about how much he hates Christmas, the Grinch decided to ruin Christmas again for all of the Whos by demolishing their tree.


What was Max doing when the Grinch returned from the Whobilation?

When the Grinch returned from the Whobilation he found Max dancing to Christmas music and wearing a Santa Clause hat. He was very surprised and threw him outside into the snow.


Who did the Grinch dress up as?

The Grinch dressed up as Santa Claus. He made himself a suit and built himself a sleigh to carry out his plan of ruining Christmas for the Whos for good. Then he set out for Whoville!


What did the Grinch forget about when setting up his plan?

The Grinch forgot that he needed reindeer to make his plan work. He said "if I can't find one, I'll make one." He turned Max into a reindeer by tying an antler to his head and had him pull his sled down the mountain!


What happened when the Grinch tried to go down the chimney?

When the Grinch tried to go down the chimney he got stuck. He tied a rope around his feet so that he could be pulled back up and jumped in. After a couple seconds he was able to budge through and get inside of the house.


What did the Grinch release into the house to get rid of all the stockings?

The Grinch released moths inside of the house to get rid of all of the stockings. Moth larvae are actually the ones who do damage to clothes by eating them. They eat any natural fibers.


What did the Grinch do inside of the Who's houses?

The Grinch stole all of the Who's Christmas decorations. He used a vacuum to suck all of the presents and decorations into a large bag to ruin the Who's Christmas. He then took them back up to the top of the mountain.


Who caught the Grinch in the act of stealing all of the decorations?

Cindy Lou caught the Grinch in the act of stealing all of the decorations. She thought that he was Santa and asked him to make sure that he didn't forget about the Grinch on Christmas. Even after that the Grinch carried on with his plan.


How did the Grinch get the sleigh back up the mountain?

When the Grinch's sleigh broke down, he had Max pull it all the way up to the top of the mountain. Max managed to pull it all the way up, but instantly lied down when they got there!


What did the Grinch tie to the back of a police car?

The Grinch tied the Mayor's bed to the back of a police car. When the officer realized that Whoville had been robbed, he jumped into his car dragging the sleeping Mayor in his bed behind!


What did the Grinch hear as he was pushing the sleigh off the mountain?

The Grinch heard the sound of the Who's singing while he was pushing the sleigh off of the mountain. He was expecting to hear the Who's crying because of their misfortune but they had learned the true meaning of Christmas from Cindy Lou that day.


What happened to the Grinch once he realized the true meaning of Christmas?

When the Grinch realized what the true meaning of Christmas was, his heart grew three sizes bigger. He told Max he needed help because he was "feeling." He then started to cry.


What did the Grinch say to Max after he started to experience good feelings?

The Grinch said "I love you" to Max after he started to experience good feelings. This is the first time he had really expressed his love to anyone since his school experience.


Why did Cindy visit the Grinch on Christmas Day after he stole all of their presents and decorations?

Cindy went to visit the Grinch on Christmas because she said that nobody should be alone on Christmas. This warmed the Grinch's heart even more and he tried to save her and the presents from falling over the side of the mountain.


How did Martha May and Cindy's mom try to stop the Grinch's sleigh?

Martha May and Cindy's mom tried to stop the Grinch's sleigh by stretching a string of Christmas lights in front of it. It didn't work and dragged them along behind the sleigh through Whoville.


Who actually stopped the sleigh?

Cindy's dad stopped the Grinch's sleigh. While the sleigh was causing terror throughout Whoville because it was unable to stop, Cindy's dad stepped in to stop it by putting his hand out while standing in front of it. He was successful!


Why didn't the Grinch go to jail after stealing Christmas?

The officer did not put the Grinch in jail because he apologized for stealing Christmas. The Grinch thought he would be going to jail and the Mayor insisted that he did, but the officer acknowledged his apology and saw that everything that was stolen was brought back to Whoville.


What did Martha May give to the Mayor on Christmas Day?

On Christmas Day, Martha May finally answered the Mayor's proposal. She gave him the ring back and told him that her heart belonged to someone else. That person turned out to be the Grinch!


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