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Dimples is a young street performer who lives with her grandfather, a pickpocket. Dimples wants her grandfather to stop stealing and goes off to live with the Drews. How well do you remember Dimples' story? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Dimples' job?

Dimples was a street performer. At the begininng of the movie, she performed a song for everyone passing by on the street and she collected the money when she finished.


What did the street performers believe the professor did after their performance?

The street performers believed that the professor had stolen something from another man after their performance. Dimples defended the professor and tried to tell the others that he wouldn't do that, but they didn't believe her!


What did Allen and Betty want to have the street performers play at?

Allen and Betty wanted the street performers to perform at their wedding. They were considering it before they even heard the kids play!


Where did the guards find Dimples when the Drews were robbed?

The guards found Dimples stuck in a banister after the Drews' house was robbed. A woman ran down the stairs screaming after the robbery, and all of the street performers got out of the house. They left Dimples behind!


What did the Drews offer to Dimples?

The Drews offered a cake to Dimples. They offered her vanilla or chocolate cake. Dimples loved the cake so much that she asked for more later!


What did the professor do with all of the items he stole from the Drews' house?

The professor scattered the clothing all around the Drews' house. He knew that the police had Dimples inside with them and scattered the items around the house, hoping to get them both out of trouble!


Who found the professor outside of the Drews' house?

The police found the professor outside of the Drews' house. They heard him yell as he pretended to fight the robber and he was able to fool them. Caroline even invited him inside!


What did Dimples ask for, when Caroline offered to give her whatever she liked?

Dimples asked for another piece of chocolate cake when Caroline offered to give her whatever she wanted. The professor was hoping that she would get some money out of it!


What did the professor steal while everyone was occupied with Dimples and the cake?

The professor stole a cuckoo clock while everyone was occupied with Dimples and the chocolate cake. He was able to sneak the clock out of the house in his hat!


Why was Dimples upset with the Professor?

Dimples was upset with the professor because he stole the cuckoo clock from the Drews' house. He then lied to Dimples about taking the clock, which made her more upset.


What did Dimples do the day after she found out about the professor stealing the clock?

After finding out that the professor really did steal the cuckoo clock from the Drews' house, Dimples returned the clock the next day. She even took full blame for stealing the clock, although it was the professor who did it.


Where did Allen tell Dimples to have her grandfather take her?

Allen told Dimples to have her grandfather take her to the National Theatre. He gave her the name of a woman to talk to when she arrived!


What did Betty say she wanted to do when she spoke to Caroline at the Drews' house?

Betty said that she wanted to call off the engagement when she was speaking to Caroline at the Drews' house. Allen agreed, and Caroline found out about Allen's interest in an actress.


After Caroline found out about Cleo, what did Allen do?

After Caroline found out about Cleo, Allen decided that he would move out of the house. Caroline did not approve of him being with an actress and she told him that if he left, he wouldn't be welcome back.


What did Caroline ask from the professor?

Caroline proposed that the professor let Dimples live with her because it would be better for the child. She offered the professor $5,000 and said that he could visit Dimples whenever he liked.


What did Allen use the money he had left to do?

Allen used the money that he had left to produce a play. The play starred his partner, Cleo, and he wanted Dimples to play the role of a little girl!


What interesting talent did the professor have?

The professor's talent was being able to do bird calls. Dimples asked him to do them for Allen and Cleo when they went to speak to him about his play.


What did Allen hire the professor as?

Allen hired the professor as his assistant. The professor accepted the job and started to handle Allen's money. Allen didn't know that the professor was a thief!


What did the professor buy with Allen's money?

The professor bought a watch using Allen's money. He was conned by a man who told him that he would give him $15 if he got the watch that another man was selling for him. When the professor got it, the man pretended like he didn't know him.


What did the professor promise to Dimples?

The professor promised Dimples that he would not steal anymore. She was upset when she heard about what had happened with the watch.


Why did Cleo decide against marrying Allen?

Cleo decided against marrying Allen because she found out that he no longer had any money. Allen realized that the money was what Cleo wanted all along, after he'd left his house and family to be with her.


What did Dimples decide to do after she found out her grandfather was stealing again?

Dimples decided to live with Caroline after she found out that her grandfather was still stealing from people. She said that she had to think about her future.


Who came to see Dimples after dinner?

The professor came to see Dimples after dinner at the Drews' house. He also came to collect the $5,000 that Caroline offered him to let Dimples live with her.


Why was Dimples upset when the professor came to visit?

Dimples was upset when the professor came to visit because she was feeling homesick. She missed the professor while she was at the Drews' house, but she was going to stay there so that her grandfather wouldn't have to go to jail.


What did Dimples suggest that Caroline do?

Dimples suggested that Caroline should marry the professor. She said that if she did, the Drews' household wouldn't be so lonely and that she would love to stay!


What did the professor sell to Caroline?

The professor sold his watch to Caroline. He told her that it belonged to Napoleon and that it was worth $5,000. He told her that he would be willing to sell it to her for $1,000, just enough money to get him out of trouble!


Who showed up at Allen's play?

Betty showed up at Allen's play. Allen had been looking for her the whole time and Dimples saw her at the door. She told him that she wanted to forget about the past!


Where did Caroline go to find the professor?

Caroline went to Allen's play to find the professor. She knew he would be there, and she wanted him to be put in jail for scamming her.


What happened to the professor at the play?

The professor was arrested at the play. Dimples saw that he was being arrested and wanted to go along to jail with him. He asked her to finish the show and she agreed to.


What did Caroline do after watching the play?

After the performance, Caroline had a change of heart and asked the officers to let the professor go. Although she hated the theatre before, the performance changed her mind.


How is the professor related to Dimples?

The professor is Dimples' grandfather. He also teaches her and the other street performers and takes care of them as well.


What was the name of Allen's play?

The name of Allen's play was "Uncle Tom's Cabin." At the end of the movie, the play was shown to be in its 53rd week and celebrating its success.


How did Jasper find out that the watch was a fake?

Jasper read the date on the watch and found out that if the story was true, then Napoleon would have been dead for 20 years. He told Caroline and she realized that she had been scammed.


What did Caroline buy for Dimples when she came to live with her?

Caroline bought Dimples a dress when she came to live with her. Dimples said that Caroline was also going to buy her three dolls as well!


What did the jeweler offer the professor for his watch?

The jeweler offered the professor $1.50 for his watch. The professor tried to expand the value by telling the jeweler that the watch belonged to Napoleon, but the jeweler wasn't buying it.


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