Do you really remember "The Amityville Horror"?

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This film, supposedly based on a true story, scared '70s audiences worse than gas rationing and a second Carter administration! Find out how well you remember this horror shocker with our quiz!

In what state was (and still is) Amityville?

It sounds like it should be in Pennsylvania's Amish country, though.

What was thought to be the cause of the Amityville haunting?

Both the Indian-tribe story and the Devil worshiper story have been questioned, but there was no doubt about the murders.

What gave the house its sinister look, as seen on the movie poster?

The windows of the real house have since been redone, giving it a far more normal appearance.

What was the name of the young man who murdered his family in the house?

He shot his parents and his four siblings in their beds.

What is the name of the family who moves in?

This was the real name, not changed for the novel or the film.

Who played George Lutz?

Brolin was hesitant about taking the role until he read the novel.

Who played Kathy Lutz?

Kidder, like Brolin, later expressed skepticism about the Lutzes' story.

Why did the priest, Father Delaney, come by the house?

Oddly, he doesn't announce his presence to the Lutzes, who are out playing in their back yard.

Who played Father Delaney?

His foil is "Father Bolen," played by the younger Don Stroud.

What kind of insect does Father Delaney encounter in the upper bedroom?

Honey was smeared on Steiger's forehead to attract them to him. Gross!

What was the name of the family dog?

The real Harry was a Lab-Malamute mix; he looks purebred in the film.

What do the Lutzes hang in the living room?

The film doubled down on Catholic motifs and imagery, probably because of the earlier success of "The Exorcist."

Father Delaney develops bloody red marks on his palms. What is the theological term for this?

Stigmata are marks on the hands and feet resembling Christ's wounds; they are believed to appear spontaneously on the bodies of the very devout.

At what time does George Lutz repeatedly wake up?

This is shown with an old-fashioned digital clock rolling over the minute.

What is the name of Amy's not-so-imaginary friend?

We know Jody is around when the empty rocking chair rocks.

What happens to Father Delaney's car as he's driving?

Actually, this can easily be explained: he was driving an American-made car from the 70s!

What yard activity does George Lutz repeatedly engage in?

He also obsessively sharpens the ax blade.

Why is George Lutz so intent on chopping wood?

Of course, this also illustrates his deteriorating state of mind.

What happens to the babysitter who is watching Amy?

The scariest part about this scene is the "headgear" orthodontic device she has to wear.

What prevents Kathy from talking to Father Delaney, early in the film?

An irritated Kathy refers to "Ma Bell," the 70s term for monolithic Bell Telephone.

What happens to one of the boys at the window?

Later, Kathy finds it odd that none of his fingers were broken.

What does Kathy scream when she wakes at 3:15 a.m.?

Usually it's George who's troubled at 3:15, but not here.

What part of the house is Harry the dog obsessed with?

Harry continually scratches at one of the basement walls.

In the "break-in" scene, which two doors are ripped from their hinges?

George Lutz understandably thinks there's been a break-in.

What is unusual about the way the basement door was ripped from its hinges?

The police sergeant who responds to the call points this out to George Lutz.

What happens to Father Delaney as he is praying in the church?

A figure carved into the church roof begins to crumble as he prays, also, but he isn't crushed by falling plaster.

What happens to the toilets in the Lutz house?

Of course, this happens just when they're about to receive a visit from family.

What line of work is Kathy's Aunt Helena in?

She has a bad reaction to the house -- just like Father Delaney did.

What happens to Aunt Helena as she's driving away from the house?

Father Delaney had the same issue after trying to bless the house.

What disappears from the house on the day of Kathy's brother's wedding?

The money was for the caterer, to whom George eventually writes a check.

What is supposedly in the basement that's causing all the trouble?

The well is a portal to hell, a "sensitive" friend of the family says.

Why does George run back in the house as the family is leaving?

In the remake, George kills the family dog with an axe. We like this version better!

Since the Lutzes moved out, what has happened at the Amityville house?

Ronald DeFeo's defense attorney once said that he and the Lutzes made the whole story up "over several bottles of wine."

Which of the following is NOT an "Amityville Horror" sequel?

For a movie with generally negative reviews, "Amityville" spawned a huge franchise.

Who was nominated for an Academy Award for "Amityville Horror"?

A rumor that the score was originally intended for "The Exorcist" has been debunked.

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